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"Hinata, we need more needles and sanitary pads a.s.a.p!"

"R-right away sir," Hinata said as she rushed as fast as she could to the supply closet. "Hinata we have a new patient in the asylum, prepare a room now."

"Yes sir, right away." Hinata gave the supplies that the doctor had asked for quickly then went to prepare the room for the new patient. Hinata is the new doctor at her family's asylum, meaning she is-to everyone-fresh meat. This also means she must follow all her sempai's orders.

'This blows like hell. Since I'm a rookie doctor, they can boss me around,' Hinata thought, 'I can't wait until a new doctor comes and take the load off of me.' A male nurse, that she know name, Kenji came running to Hinata out of breath.

"Hinata the boss wants you in his office right now," he puffs, looking up at the Hyuuga beauty.

"I will be there right away," she said walking away from him in deep thought. 'I wonder what do he wants. I know he is my husband but, he barely talks to me at work or even at home for that matter. Why father made me married a man like him. He seemed a little weird when we first met'.

Flash Back

Hinata went inside the room her father summoned her to, to find her father and a man talking and drinking sake. Hiashi look at his daughter then stand up, follow by this mysterious new man. The stranger gave Hinata a fake smile, not sincere.

"Hinata, I would like for you to meet your new fiancé, Dan, Dan this is your new fiancé Hinata" stated Hiashi introducing the two.

"H-h-how do you do," she said meekly, bowing to her fiance nervous as hell.

"I'm fine and you," he said repeating what she did. When she looked Dan in his black eyes, noticing he has this dark aura surrounding him. He has the kind of voice that gave people the chills and also this 'I'm superior than you attitude so bow down to me now, or you will die,' type of thing going on. He is a somewhat handsome man with his 6ft5 built and a small scar under his left eye. Hair is jet black that was slick all the way to the back. His face was like stone, something that seems so unreadable and he also look like the kind of man who had done so many sins in his life to get where he wants to get. 'This man is off, I don't know what it is but I will figure it out soon,' she thought as she shook his hand.

Flash Back Ends

As Hinata was still in mid-though, she accidently bump into someone.

"Oh gomen," she looked up and saw Sasuke.

"Hn" was his only respond as he walked away. Hinata blushes and looks as he walks away, 'S-S-Sasuke-kun, out of everyone here, I bump into Sasuke Uchiha!' Not that Hinata had minded. I mean, Sasuke was always a cute boy back in school, but now, he a sexy piece of ass as a man.

He is 6ft2 with a female kind of face. He is nicely built with a nice ass. He is one of the best doctors at the asylum and he is only 25 years old. The only two reasons why Dan was chosen to be the head doctor were because he been here longer and he's married to Hinata (whose father owns the asylum and is the future heiress to it). Hinata was 25 years old while, Dan was 35 and to everyone, that was a huge gap. This made everyone think why those two was married and not Sasuke and Hinata, whose Hinata's age and the girl know much better. Everybody was questioning it, but decided to drop it since they're scare to ask Hiashi why. Hinata stops in front of the door. Just as she was about to knock, a cold voice, that sent chills down her spine said "Come in."

"Well, let see what do he wants," Hinata sighted then turned the knob. As Hinata walks into his office, she saw the window open and notice how gloomy and dreary the weather is becoming. 'Hmm… must be a big storm that's coming tonight.'

"Hinata," his voice shook Hinata from her thoughts suddenly.

"I want you to know that I notice how well you are doing in the asylum," he said putting his hands under his chin. Hinata smile and glance at her feet embarrassed.

"Thank you, I'm trying my best to keep up with everyone and making sure I'm on top of my game," she said

"That nice, but I want you to do better from now on," he said, confusing his wife.

"B-but I thought you just said that I-," he raise his hand to cut her off inwardly pissing her off.

"Idid, but I expect more of you since you are my wife. I don't want to look bad in front of people because of you. Live up to your name Hinata," he sternly said and began to sign documents while Hinata was staring at him shocked.

'I-I-I felt like my heart just shattered into pieces. How can he talk to me like I'm some dumb animal? No wonder father chose him as my husband, he is just like him. I must not cry in front of him; I have to be strong!' In an emotionless voice, Hinata reply "Is that all you want to say?"

"Nope, I have more to say," he said not looking up from the documents. "Hinata, we need to get better acquisition. We've been married for 2 years now, but it's sleeping with a stranger. Tonight I have arranged a candle lit dinner for the two of us at the house at 8:00p.m sharp, don't be late."

"H-Hai, I will be there." And with that Hinata left. She went straight into the female's bathroom and sob there quietly. 'I don't know what to think. He praised me, then he criticized me; he brings me down and now, he wants to get to know me! This man is so confusing; I don't know what to do. I guess I better make the best of it tonight.'


"Eek!" she squeaked. She looked at the time and rolled her eyes. 'It's 5:45 so hopefully, this storm might pass by time I have to leave.'

Boom! Boom! Boom!

'I highly doubt it' Hinata sweat dropped and wiped her tears away. 'Well it's time to get back to work.' And with that she went back to work. The day had gone by pretty fast much to Hinata's chagrin. She had saw Naruto and had a conversation with him. He told her that he came to visit Sakura, and that he's taking her out to lunch. 'Lucky girl,' Hinata thought, 'I wished I had told Naruto how I felt about him before I got married.' She then had lunch with Hanabi, and starts talking how their day went. Hinata told her everything, except what went down in her husband's office.

"Hinata, I demand that you to divorce that emotionless bastard of a husband, and date someone around your age that has some life him," Hanabi said taking a bite out of her salad. Hinata drop her fork and stare at her sister. 'That came out of nowhere.' Hinata sigh and regain her composure.

"Hanabi, give him a chance you don't even know him," she said, trying to reason with the girl.

"You don't either!" the younger girl sneered. Touché.

"Hanabi please -," but was cut off again for the second time.

"No Hinata, you always try to please father. Take charge and please yourself once and a while. Hinata I care for you, I want to see you happy, and don't you dare say you're happy!" she yelled, stopping Hinata from telling her a lie.

"Hanabi that's so sweet of you care but… wait, what time is it?" Hinata ask. Hanabi look at her watch, face scrunched up.

"7:15, why?"

"I got to go Hanabi, I will call you later o.k," she said getting up and grabbed her purse.

"O.k. bye Hinata, don't drive to fast you hear, it's raining and storm hard right now," Hanabi waved still eating her salad.

"O.k. bye Hanabi-chan", Hinata giggled as she ran off. Hinata hit herself aside the head for letting Hanabi talk her into having a lunch with her this late.

'Oh no, I going to be late,' she thought grabbing her coat. When she ran outside, she spotted Kiba and Shino talking-well more like arguing.

"Evening Kiba-kun, Shino-kun," she said, out of breath.

Both of them turn around and smile at their shy friend.

"Hey/Hell-," they said but she ran passed them before they can completely said it.

"I would love to stay and chat but I'm in a hurry, please forgive me," she shouted back, still running to her car.

"Okay, just gives us a call later," Kiba yelled, waving goodbye to his friend.

"Don't worry I will," she said and got inside of her car, driving away quickly. 'Oh no I'm going to be late. Darned it! It's raining so hard I can barely drive!' All of a sudden Hinata came to a halt. The cars in front of her stop as well as there were police men and fire truck everywhere.

'What is going on here? I must find out now because I can't waste any more time.' Hinata got out of her car and talked to the nearest officer. She spotted one and went up to him and tapped the officer on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Umm, e-e-excuse me officer, is there a problem?"

"Yes there is young lady. That tree right there has fall into the middle of the road due to the wind, which cause this traffic. I advise you to take another route because this tree won't be move until the later on this night," he said, tipping his hat.

'You have got to be kidding me!' "Thank you sir I will, have a nice day".

"Right back at ya." Hinata ran back to her car and left the scene quickly to try to make it to her house. She took the route into the woods, it's a thirty minute drive but she has a solid excuse.

'Oh wow, it's 7:50 already. Damned! I hate taking this route home because I can barely see what's in front of me especially now that it's raining so hard.' As this being thought, a young girl walked out onto the road. She has caramel color skin with black hair that reaches her shoulders. She has on a white gown that covered her knees and eyes like Bambi. Hinata spot the girl a little too late and hit her breaks.

"Get out the way!" she yelled then hit the girl before the girl could look up. She was hit hard, and flew into the woods. Hinata scream as her car spun out of control until it finally slides off the road and hit a tree knocking Hinata out. The heiress woke up about fifteen minutes later, recalling everything that happened. 'I-I got to find that girl I just hit.' Hinata sat up and open her car, feeling a massive headache.

'Oww, I must have hit my head really hard for a headache and a bruise like this.' As Hinata got out of the car and close the door, she felt a present behind her. She turned around and saw it was nothing. Feeling relieved she turn around and saw the girl she hit standing up. The girl hair was flowing around her and her eyes were just staring straight at Hinata. Her clothes and her body looked like she never got hit before.

Before Hinata could even scream or even run, she blacked out.

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