Somebody Help Me

Chapter 23

Hinata pov

I see the powder that Mama threw on the candles starting to glow a bright blue then move them to show us a picture. First it shows the town called Blue Creek, and then the five miles away from the city to a cabin underground. It's huge and has several tunnels, but then my necklace starts to glow brighter, shaking. From the corner of my eye, I see Mama giving me a small smile; not a big grin like I thought she would be sporting like I am.

I mean, we finally gotten their location and Hanabi and Aina are like one hour away from here. Shouldn't she be showing how happy she is? It's her daughter that has been raped, beaten, and humiliated by Kabuto is finally found but I guess some people show their excitement differently.

"Sasuke, what's the plan?" Obito asks, in a serious voice. I look at Sasuke whose face is calm and collective, glance at me then turning his attention back to Obito.

"Easy, we have to wait until nighttime to attack," he simply states. My mouth drops; we're going to wait to get them? I stand up, feeling everybody staring at me. "Gomen but w-why are we're going to wait until it's nighttime? What if they change their location and Aina said that tonight is the night that Kabuto is taking her away. We might be too late," I say with what I think is good reason but Obito and Sasuke must think otherwise.

"Hinata, they're going to try to kill you and Hanabi. We don't have enough evident that says your husband is involved in Aina's kidnapping meaning only Kabuto will be in prison," Obito explains, taking a mint out of his pocket, popping it into his mouth. I truly understand that but Hanabi might die with them now. I can't let my little sister suffer in their hands no more; I'm responsible for her.

"Hinata, Dan will still be free and we need to catch him and Kabuto in the act of trying to kill you or Hanabi. If we do, we won't have to worry about Dan anymore," Sasuke says, getting up. "Miss, we'll be taking our leave. Come on Obito," Sasuke says walking away. Obito calmly gets up saying his goodbye as well and walks up the stairs and I follow their lead. As I walk up the stairs, Kyra runs up and hugs me from behind, surprising me.

"Don't worry both will be here soon, it's better not to rush," Kyra says to me. I give her a fake smile because I can't smile without knowing my sister is in danger. I quickly run up the stairs, going outside to see Sasuke by my car.

"Sasuke is there something wro-," he walks up and kiss me. He used to do this all the time when we were dating and I guess this is an old habit that is hard to break. He then breaks it off, boring deep into my eyes.

"Hinata, I've decided that we're going to the party."


I'm at home and it's near seven-fifteen. The party starts at eight and unfortunately, my husband is my date instead of Sasuke. I put my diamond earrings and necklace, and then look in the mirror satisfied at what I see. I'm wearing a Louis Vuitton golden sweet heart dress, black pumps, and a small black Gucci purse. My long violet hair is in a nice, elegant bun letting my side and front bangs show. I put the necklace that Aina's mother had placed a spell on, in my purse and walk out the bathroom, going downstairs.

Normal Pov

Hinata walks downstairs seeing Dan but not Kabuto or the fake Aina. Now that fake Aina got her worried, did she and Hanabi reveal too much information in front of her that might jeopardize the mission and the girls' safety.

"Dan, where is Kabuto-san and Aina-san?" she asks, not bothering to say hello or see how he's doing. That bastard cheated and he's still trying to kill her but she doesn't know why.

"Oh, Kabuto and Aina had an appointment and will meet up with us later. You look excellent as usual," he says dryly. Hinata resist the urge to roll her eyes and mumble a thank you. They leave out the door and go inside the limousine, quietly sitting next to each other. The limousine drives off and it wasn't until forty minutes of driving that Dan decides to break the eerie silence.

"Why are you distancing yourself from me Hinata huh? You're acting strange," Dan says as Hinata's left eye twitch. Did he really just ask her that? "I caught you cheating on me with another woman," 'Plus you're trying to kill me,' she thinks, not looking at him. Men are so stupid at times.

"I'm a man and I do make mistakes but I don't appreciate your lawyer calling me to sign some divorce documents," he grunts, fixing his tie. Hinata is being more distance as of lately and it's hard to track her down, as like she wants to disappear. "Now is not the time to be discussing personal matters. We are here on business," Hinata says dryly.

Honestly she doesn't have time for this man. In her eyes, they are separated and she and Sasuke are officially girlfriend and boyfriend; when she learned that Dan is trying to kill her and Hanabi probably for the greed of money, she was legally divorce. Dan peers through his wife, trying to keep his cool. The rest of the ride is silent because neither one want to lose their temper and do something they might regret. Ten minutes later, they arrive at the party arm to arm with smiles on their face as if nothing happened.

"Hinata!" her friend Tenten yells, dragging her fiancé Neji to greet the couple. "Hinata, I'm so glad that you finally made it," she says, hugging the younger girl. She quickly drags the Hyuga heir off, leaving the men to talk, and takes her to where their other friends are. For forty minutes, they talked about their boyfriends, job status, Ten-Ten's and Ino's wedding, plus the baby shower.

"No Forehead, we are totally going to have a stripper at the shower tomorrow!" Ino yells at Sakura. The five of them are sitting at a table together, all of them forgetting their dates-except Hinata. She's barely been paying her friends any attention, scared that Dan or someone else will strike to kill her before the night is over. Every time she heard a noise or if someone came behind her, Hinata jumped and quickly turned around to face them. Temari asked her if everything okay but Hinata just waves it off, saying she saw a scary movie and it still frightens her. Luckily for her, she brought the excuse but kept a close eye on Hinata which is fine with the girl.

Hinata has been feeling much better when she saw Sasuke come in with his date Karin fifteen minutes ago to help her. Hinata has a never been so happy to like the couple-since she hates the girl and Karin is clinging to her man. That sight made Hinata feel jealous of Karin since she can't spend time with him but it's alright, she's with her girls and away from her crazy ass cheating husband. As Sakura and Ino both come to an agreement with no strippers, Hinata spots both Aina and Kabuto who are hand and hand talking to Neji and Dan.

Hinata frown at the sigh, pissed at how this sly and scheming bastard is up here with a fake Aina while the real one and Hanabi are locked up beaten. The two girls lock eyes, 'Meet me in the bathroom,' Aina sends to Hinata in her head.

"Excuse me but I need to freshen up a bit," Hinata say and gets up. Temari was about to get up until Hinata smiles at her and put her hand up, shaking her head. She leaves her friends there and glances back at Aina, who is smiling with Kabuto.

Kabuto gently tug Aina away with him. She is wearing a short dark green and black halter top dress with her hair hanging down curly. Kabuto brought this for her to come to the party with him; he also gotten her make-up done to hide all the bruises and marks on her face and they did a pretty good job. Aina face is still a bit swollen but only if people stare will they actually notice it.

"Um Kabuto, I need to go to the bathroom," she whispers loud enough for him to hear. "You have six minutes and no longer okay," he says letting go of her arm. She nods her head and walks away to her destination.


Hinata is in the bathroom, washing her hands, waiting for Aina's arrival. She came but before Hinata can speak a word Aina puts her fingers to her lips, telling her not to say a word. 'He has me tapped to make sure just in case I see you, I won't give you any information,' she says going inside the bathroom stall. 'Just talk to me as if you were talking to the other girl that was pretending to be me,' she finishes.

"Aina it's so nice to see you again, I wonder where you were at when I didn't see you at my house," Hinata says putting on lip-gloss.

"My apology but Kabuto and I had business to attend to," Aina says. 'I contacted Sasuke earlier when I reached the party and Obito is at the hide-out with a few other cops, getting Hanabi. Stay calm and I only have about two minutes left in here,' Aina says, flushing the toilet. She leaves out the stall and washes her hands.

"Oh pity, have you seen Hanabi?" 'Yes and she's in horrible shape.' "I'm sorry but no." Hinata try to hold back her emotions but her voice is cracking.

"My father and I are worried about her because she hasn't called us," Hinata says as they walk out the bathroom.

"Oh wo-," Kabuto walks up to the girls putting up a fake smile. "Hello Mrs. Hyuga but I need my fiancé for a minute," he says, grabbing Aina by her hand. Hinata sees the pleading look in Aina's eyes but she can't help her yet.

"It's okay, we'll talk later bye," Hinata says leaving the two be. 'Sasuke wants you to meet him outside on the deck.'

Kabuto yanks Aina to the side away from everyone else and slams her roughly against the wall, spooking Aina. She glances up at his face seeing anger and frustration written all over it.

"You went to the bathroom and you knew that the Hyuga bitch was in there," he says accusingly. "Don't you lie to me Aina, if you do you know what will come to you and both of them," he hisses in her ear as he rubs her sides. "We have one hour left so behave your-self until then," he states, boring deep into her eyes. He snatches her by her arm, and they walk back to the party, both unaware that someone saw and heard the whole thing.