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Summary: He really did hate these insistent dreams. It was like they were telling him to find her again... inter-connected drabbles

Pairing: Kaiba/Kagome

Rated: T

"Seto-kun!" A young girlish voice called out, causing the boy to glance up and widen his blue eyes as the girl ran up towards him, practically knocking him down to the ground with the force she put into her hug. The boy stiffened, unused to such contact, but finally relaxed enough to awkwardly pat her on the back, "I haven't see you in a week!" The girl pulled back with a sweet smile on her face, "Where's Mokuba-chan?"

Seto, still uncomfortable with the girl's forwardness, mumbled something incoherently, "Mama even brought Souta today! I thought that Mokuba-chan would want to play with him, even if he's only two," She blinked thoughtfully up at Seto, "After you talk with Mama."

Seto sighed, a bit relieved when the girl finally backed back from the mostly one-sided embrace. She blinked up at him with her big blue eyes and he gave her a hesitant smile, reminding himself to lose his stoic nature because she was one of the very few people he could stand.

Kagome just so happened to be the daughter of Higurashi-san, the orphanage's counsellor who came every week to help deal with the tough emotions that came with being an orphan. And she always made sure to bring Kagome to help ease the tension and for reasons mostly unknown, Kagome had taken a great liking to Seto, much to his hesitation and slight (secret) gratitude.

It was different, but tolerable, because he had been on his own for the majority of his short life, taking care of himself and Mokuba – so, it was a big change for him to even consider liking another person, though he was gradually warming up to the cheerful girl.

"Maybe you'll get adopted this week!" Kagome's cheerful voice broke him from his thoughts and Seto gave another awkward pat on the back as she leaned into him, completely oblivious to his slight discomfort. The girl said that every single time and Seto knew it was less likely to happen as he got older. Of course, many people offered to adopt him, but he refused to be parted with Mokuba – the main reason he was still at the orphanage.

"It's too bad that Mama can't adopt you," Kagome suddenly pouted, giving him another bright smile that had his heart beating a little faster as heat travelled up to his cheeks, "Then, you could be like my Nii-san!"

He had no idea why a cold feeling suddenly decided to settle right in the pit of his stomach at the word 'Nii-san'...


Kaiba abruptly opened his eyes, feeling his heart beat almost frantically as he awoken from one of those dreams. He glared at the ceiling, his fingers travelling through his messy brown hair as his frustration grew. He rolled over in his large bed, feeling overly tired because of all the work he had been doing over the past week, though he knew he probably wouldn't get any sleep because of those dreams of that insufferable girl that made his days at the orphanage just a little brighter.

Higurashi Kagome

He was surprised he even remembered the girl's name and Kaiba felt a strange dark smirk twist at his lips, reminding himself to look her up and find her (otherwise, these sleep-depriving dreams would probably just continue on unmercifully).

"...'Nii-san', huh?"

Well, felt all nostalgic all of the sudden and since 'Blue Eyes' is on hiatus, this was born!