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For his last hunt, John Winchester came across a house that was old and haunted by the vicious spirit of a teenager, killed by his father while he slept. John found the boys grave in the town's cemetery and all he needed was to salt and burn, and he'd stop the poltergeist from killing those who passed by the house for ever.

John had arrived in this town with a three year old Sam and a recently seven year old Dean this afternoon. Dean's birth day had been last week, but John hadn't found the time to buy him a present until this morning. He had bought a full package of toy cars; they were in different sizes, shapes, and models. John had hid it in the truck and had planned with Sam to surprise Dean. Although Sam had never celebrated a birthday, he was smart enough to know what was happening. In fact it was him who suggested they should surprise Dean. John had agreed wondering when and where his son had learned these things. Probably T.V and countless questions he had asked Dean afterward.

John gave Dean twenty dollars and told him to buy any kind of candy he liked from the store near their motel room. He assumed it could also serve as a birthday cake.

"Sammy, you wanna come with me? I gonna go buy caaaandy." Dean said, putting stress on the word 'candy' to attract Sam's attention.

Sam was sitting on the creamy bed sheets, clutching his brown fury stuffed puppy with his right hand. He so wanted to go with his brother. It wasn't one of those things which happened every day, he knew he had to stay if he wanted to surprise Dean, but still it was hard to decide.

He looked at his father searching for answers. "You can go if you want." John said.

Sam thought for a moment considering his choices. "No. I wan' stay."

"You sure Sammy? You can choose any candy you want." Dean asked surprised. It wasn't like his little brother, who has a sweet tooth, to refuse a wonderful offer like this.

"Aha, stay wi'- daddy." Sam said firmly.

"Ook." Dean answered incredulously. "I'll be back." He said before closing the door behind him.

"You acted very natural Sammy." John smiled at his son.

Sam smiled back at his father proudly. John looked at his son's dimpled smile glowing like the sun in a hot summer day.

"Now wait here, I gotta go get Dean's present from the car. Ok?"

"Otay, dad."

John left Sam alone to go to the Impala at the parking lot. Sam sat there and started to rub his tingling nose.

"A… aa… Achewww." He sneezed loudly. "Big sneeze." Sam giggled with himself.

John came back to the room with the box of cars, a wrapping paper and tape.

He put them on the bed Sam was sitting on and they started to wrap the box with a blue paper. Sam was so excited, the most excited John had ever seen him.

When the box was wrapped neatly, John took out a marker and wrote 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON' on the box. He wrote it all in capital letters so his first grade kid could read it.

"I wanna w'ite." Sam said rising his hand and wiggling his fingers in the air excitedly for the marker. He could barely draw a circle, and didn't know the difference between writing and drawing, but sometimes John was surprised by how creative he was, if he could find a few moments to have a look at his son's drawings. The drawings he would draw on a scrap of paper Dean would give him and with a few small colored pencils which were too small for Dean to use.

So John gave him the marker. Sam bent over the big box and started to draw under John's writing. He drew a match stick figure and gave him a big smile that was even bigger than its face. "This is Dea. " he said, continuing to draw another sloppy match stick figure at the right side which was as tall as the first one. "And Sammy."

In his three year old mind, He wasn't small, he was as tall as his brother, a big, big boy. Sam then started to draw another match stick figure at the left side of Dean, sticking his tongue out from the side of his small mouth in concentration.

"Daddy!" He announced happily.

John Winchester's small family.

Sam sneezed loudly as he was admiring his handiwork, splattering saliva all over the present and the bed.

"Sammy you gotta cover your mouth when you want to sneeze." John said softly.

"Otay." Sam said sniffing his still itching nose. He sneezed again before he had time to cover his mouth. "Sowy." He apologized

John brushed up Sam's long hair from his forehead and put his palm on his forehead, Sam looked up at his father's hand with his childish curiosity.

He was a little warm, but not warm enough to be considered fevered. "You ok, Sammy?" John asked half sure that it was nothing.

Sam nodded. "Is fine."

"Does any where hurt?"

Sam thought for a moment, but before he could answer Dean burst into the room, "Look, Sammy! Candy!" He cried excitedly.

Sam jumped out of the bed and lifted Dean's present from the bed. It was both heavy and big.

"Happy bith'day dea-." Sam said happily.

Dean put the bag of candies on the bed closest to the door and hurried to take the present, Sam was holding up toward him with difficulty.

"Is it my birthday?" Dean said eyeing the present, still not believing it was his birthday. Dean remembered before his mom died he had a birthday party with many present all wrapped in colorful paper, but after his mom's death he never had a birthday. He had thought that maybe it wasn't his birthday yet, and when it was his birthday he would get a birthday party like the last one.

Maybe three years was the longest time a kid had ever waited for a birthday.

"Well, it was last week, but I thought you would still like this present." John said.

"What is it?" Dean put the present on the floor to unwrap it.

Sam shook his head, still pretending. "I don' know." Shrugging his tiny shoulder and putting on an innocent face.

"Hap- happy birrrrth day- happy birth day son." Dean spelled his fathers handwriting. "Thanks dad." He looked at John, his eyes sparkling with appreciation and happiness.

"You're well come. You deserve it son." You really are the best son a father can ask for.

"Look Dea-," Sam pointed to his drawing proudly, "Me, daddy, you."

"You're not as tall as me Sammy." Dean said while he was unwrapping his present. "You're smaller."

"'M not small, 'm big, very big." Sam said upset, looking at his dad for help.

"Some day you're gonna be as tall as Dean, don't worry." John assisted his youngest son.

"Someday 'm tallaw than yow." Sam said stubbornly.

"No way Sammy, the only way you can out grow me is if you kill me." Dean smiled, confident that it would never happen.

"I don't kill you Dea, I yave you." Sam said and to prove his point he put his arms around Dean's neck and pulled him down for a wet kiss.

"Ok, Sammy." Dean wiped his cheek with his sleeve, not wanting to be a softie even for his little brother.

"Wow, this is awesome." Dean said excitedly when he saw all the beautiful cars in the pack. He held the box up and took a moment to admire it.

"I'm happy you like it Dean."

Party was over. John went to pack what he needed for his salt and burn while Sam and Dean started to open the box and take out the cars one by one. They were so excited they even forgot about the candy on the bed.

"Daddy." Sam said thinking after a moment.

"Yeah, Sammy."

"When's my bithday?"

John was busted; he should have bought something for Sam too. "Well, you have to wait a little longer for your birthday."

"When we sleep an' get up, is it my bi'thday yet?" Sam asked curiously. He didn't know what a day or a month was, so he measured time with the number of times they slept and woke up.

"You have to wait a little longer, Sammy."

"Don't worry Sammy; we can share my cars until it's your birthday." Dean saved his dad.

Sam agreed happily, and went back to play with the cars.

John took a moment to watch his kids play, but he knew he didn't have enough time and he had to go.

"Dean." John called standing at the door, ready to leave.

Dean got up from the floor and went to his dad. "Yes, dad?"

"I have to go for a few hours; there are a few pieces of pizza in the fridge. You eat your dinner if I'm late. And don't open the door for anybody, ok?"

"Are you going to kill a monster dad?" Dean whispered quietly, so his brother couldn't hear him.

"Yeah, but don't worry it's a small monster, piece of cake." John reassured him. "And…"

"Take care of Sammy, I know sir." It was always his father's last sentence, a sentence which automatically turned him from a little kid into a responsible soldier.

John patted Dean's hair and left.

Dean locked the door and resumed his position in front of his brother to play.

"Where dad go?"

"He'll be back soon."


Sam took a black classic car out of the box to play with.

"Oh no Sammy that's mine. Black cars are mine." Dean said.

"No. I want this." Sam pressed the car to his chest and folded his arms around it. He wasn't that interested in the car before, he just knew he wanted to be like his brother and like what ever he liked.

Dean scratched his head thinking. "Look Sammy, if you give me that car I'll give you this… and this car." He picked a blue and a red car and held them toward Sam.

Sam thought for a moment. "Otay."

They played on the floor for hours.


When Dean looked outside from the side of the curtain after a few hours, it was dark and a cold wind was hissing in the wide space in front of their room. The place was empty and quite. Two cats were fighting beside a big trash can.

And no sign of their dad. A creepy feeling ran through Dean's chest and squeezed his heart. What if his father didn't come back?

He looked at Sam, who was still playing with the cars. He was moving a blue car in a road they had made by putting their colored pencils in two parallel lines. Dean summoned all the courage Sam's presence gave him. He had to be strong for his little brother.

"No, Sam! You shouldn't drive at the left side of the road. You should get a ticket." Dean went to his police car and pretended he was chasing Sam's car.

"No!" Sam said pouting. " 'M police."

"No no, you know I have the police car, so I'm the police."

Sam pouted more, he put his car down and climbed up the bed near the window and lay down on his stomach.

"You don't wanna play more?"

"No." Sam said tiredly.

"Ok, you can have the police car. Now come here."

"No. I's tired."

"Do you want some candy?" Dean held up some candy and shook them in the air to encourage Sam to take one.

Sam shook his head in the pillow.

"Why? Are you ok, Sammy?" Dean asked worriedly.

Sam answered after a pause. "My tummy hurt." None of the enthusiasm from before was in his voice any more.

Dean sat on the bed beside his brother after Sam coughed weakly.

"My throat hurt too."

"It's ok Sammy. I'm gonna take care of you." Dean rubbed small soothing circles on his little brother's back.

The vicious barking of a nearby dog echoed in the motel room. The wind blew faster, sounding like a screaming woman in the distant.

"When daddy's comin' home?" Sam said in a small voice.

"He'll be home soon." Dean sure hoped so. The silence and emptiness of the motel area was crawling into him slowly. They couldn't even hear the familiar sound of passing cars.

"I want Daddy." Sam's voice trembled as tears quivered in his eyes.

Dean looked at his brother who looked like a kicked muddy puppy under the rain, and prayed his father would come home soon just this once. This was something only their father could fix.


John Winchester was going back home, a one-roomed temporary home. He was bone tired after digging two graves and being thrown a few times in the air. He had dug a wrong grave the first time. Then he had to dig another one on the other side of the grave yard, and that was when the spirit had showed up and it hadn't gone down without a fight, a fight which had left John both tired and hurt.

He looked at his watch in the light of passing street lamps. 11:30, his kids should be asleep by now, warm and safe snuggled to each other.

John was freezing; the cold wind had blown constantly at him penetrating to his very bone. He didn't want anything but a hot shower to wash away his coldness, and a soft bed to sleep for three days and sleep away his tiredness.

It would have been possible if he hadn't been a single father of a small sick boy.


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