At around noon, John takes Dean to the cafeteria of the hospital to have lunch. Dean is really hungry, he has missed last night's dinner and breakfast. He eats as fast as he can so he can go back to Sam as fast as possible.

"Dean, slow down." John says, "I know you're hungry, but you're going to make yourself sick."

Dean is really eating sloppy. He takes a big bite from his hamburger. There are ketchup and small pieces of food all around his mouth, and even on his nose.

"Wipe your face." John hands him a napkin.

Dean wipes his face quickly and resumes eating sloppily again, taking the largest bites he can. John shakes his head amused and continues eating as well.

A few moments later Dean puts the last bite of his sandwich in his mouth and jumps out of his seat. "Dad, can we go now?" He asks with his mouth full.

"Don't talk whit your mouth full."

Dean starts chewing then swallows the half chewed food with force. "Can we go NOW?" He asks with an almost empty mouth this time.

John smiles a little at his son's still naïve way of manipulating him. "Yes, we can."


When they go back to Sam, Shirley is standing with him. "Hey Dean, how was your lunch?" She asks with a smile.

"Good." Dean answers quickly. He doesn't want to talk about lunch; he wants to know how his brother is. "How is Sammy?"

"He is going to be fine. His fever is lower. If he continues to get well with this pace you can take him home tonight." Shirley says, the smile never falling of her face.

"Really?" Even John has doubt, because Sam still looks very sick. He is still as pale as the hospital cloth he is wearing, and his cheeks have still the same flush of before.

"Yeah his doctor was here a few minutes ago, as soon as Sammy wakes up and can keep some thing down, he is going to discharge him. Well of course the infection needs to run its course before Sam gets better, but you can take care of him at home."

"Thanks, Ms. Murphy."

"Call me Shirley."

"Thanks Shirley."

"You're well come. Dr. Wilson prescribed Sam another dose of anti nausea for his vomiting. I'll get it prepared." Shirley leaves to get the drug prepared.

"Sammy…" Dean's attention is with Sam. "You hear that, the doc says we can go home soon. Come on Sammy wake up, you sleepy head." Dean encourages his brother to wake up.

Sam slits open his eyes and looks around with an unfocused gaze. "Sam, don't worry, I'm here. Dad, Sam's awake." He tells his dad, but John has seen it himself. Sam continues to stares at them with glassy eyes, as if he doesn't know who they are, or even they are there.

"Hey Sammy. How you're feeling kiddo?" John says with the most affectionate voice he can muster, patting Sam's cheeks with the back of his fingers and knuckles gently.

This is the first time Sam is awake since they got to the hospital, but it makes Dean nervous, because his brother is not answering him or acknowledging him.

"Sammy…" Dean says nervously, patting Sam's arm, but the only thing he receives in response is a moan. Sam rolls to his other side and closes his eyes again.

Dean looks at his father with an obvious worried look, searching his father's face for an answer.

John reads the questions lingering in Dean's mind from his face. "He is ok, Champ… he just needs to rest to get better."

Yeah, every body just keeps saying that, but it doesn't make Sam get better any sooner. In fact it makes Dean more impatient to see his brother healthy again.

Moments later Shirley came back with a syringe that she injected into Sam's IV. "With this dose your son won't have any problem with his stomach once he is awake."

"I know." John answered tiredly, rubbing a hand on his face.

"You must be tired." Shirley says apparently just interested to make another small conversation with John.

At age seven Dean may not know of so many things that go on between men and women, but he definitely knows that there is a definite charisma between the two, and he knows what flirting is, he has even flirted himself with some girls in his schools himself. Right now he knows that this cute nurse is flirting with his father, and he doesn't like it. He wants his dad to pay attention only to him or Sam, especially when one of them is sick. He looks at them with an annoyed, disgusted expression, but none of the two adults is aware of it. They continue their conversation oblivion of Dean's annoyance.

Dean turns his attention to his brother again; Sam is trembling a little under the covers. Some times it looks like Sam can't stop shaking. This time is a little different because Sam does not stop trembling after a minute or two; in fact he gets worse in a few short moments. Seeing his brother shaking harshly under the covers, Dean knows some thing is seriously wrong.

"It's ok, Sammy." But apparently it's not. "Dad!" Dean calls anxiously.

A look at his sons' direction ad John knows immediately what is wrong.

"Oh my god." John practically runs to Sam. The first thing that comes to his mind is that Sam is having a reaction to the drug Shirley just gave him, because Sam's fever has been going down nicely. "What's going on?"

Shirley hurriedly shoves back the covers and rolls Sam on his back. Sam is shaking uncontrollably and the worst thing is that his eyes seem to be open, glancing to the emptiness above him.

It's scary and Dean's heart twists painfully in his chest when he thinks that his brother may be in pain. "Sammy." He sobs quietly and his suffered voice is lost in flurry of the moment. He feels completely helpless standing there. He doesn't remember being so helpless in his entire young life. He continues to stand there, completely lost and traumatized, he can still see every thing that is going on in front of him clearly, he just can't comprehend what is going on.

Dean watches Dr. Wilson, Shirley and John hovering over Sam, then his father talking to the doctor.

"Don't worry, Sam's not having a reaction to the drug, it was a febrile seizure, but it's not what you think of a seizure. It wasn't because of a high fever."

"So what was the cause then?" His father says worriedly.

"High fevers don't cause a seizure as far as there is not a sudden rise or fall in body temperature. In Sam's case it was because of a sudden fall of his fever."

"Is he going to be ok?"

"Febrile seizures are harmless, Sam will be alright."

"Oh, thanks god." John breathes in relief.

"Of course we are going to run some tests and keep him over night just to be on the safe side."

Dean is still watching his father and the doctor from where he is standing, he is so shocked that he doesn't even notice Sam has stopped trembling and shaking for a while now.

John doesn't notice Dean before he knows that Sam is perfectly safe, and when he turns his attention to him, he finds a shocked Dean looking at him with a wet face. He has several trails of tear on his cheeks and is looking at John with bleary eyes. Another silent tear slips on his dimple and falls to the floor at his foot.

John doesn't hesitate to bend and pull him in a hug. "Dean." He says not really expecting an answer. "Don't worry, your brother is going to be ok." He puts Dean's head on his chest and pats his hair gently.

The only thing Dean can think of doing right now is to sob his brother's name. "Saam." He chokes out.

"He is fine, I promise he is fine." John comforts him.

When Dean is able to grasp what his father is saying, he hugs back his father tightly and starts sobbing, not really knowing why he is crying, because Sam is safe.


Although it's one of worst days of Dean's life, but there is an end for every thing. They take Sam for numerous tests and Dean has to wait again to be with Sam. All the family spends the night in the hospital, Dean on the empty bed bedside Sam's which Shirley has prepared for him and John on a chair.

Next morning when Dean wakes up, he finds a very lucid Sam sitting on his bed with his stuffed puppy on his lap.

"Dea…" He calls Dean with a full dimpled smile, he coughs a few times, but as soon as the coughs are over he flashes another dimpled smile.

"Sammy." Dean jumps out of the bed.

"Look Dea- thisis an AV." Sam holds up his hand with the IV and points to the IV proudly. He wants to show his brother that how brave he is to have an IV in his hand and not cry about it like a baby.

"IV, Sam, not AV. Does it hurt?" Dean asks with his brotherly concern.

"Noo." Sam answers with a proud grin.

"You should rest." He pushes Sam down gently. Sam complies, lays on the bed and yawns. Dean pulls the covers up under his chin.

"Are you h're whe…(cough), (cough)…when I wake up?" Sam asks sleepily with slowly closing eyes.

"I'd be always here, Sammy. I'm not gonna leave you, ever."

This is the only thing Sam needs to here to succumb to the welcoming sleep, feeling that he is in the safest place in the world.


A few hours later when Sam is awake Shirley comes to pull out the now empty IV after checking his fever for the last time.

John and Dean are both sitting on Sam's bed, Dean beside Sam and John beside Dean.

"Can I see your hand Sammy?" Shirley asks.

Sam is a little scared, but he nods and holds his hand up.

"I am just going to get rid of these tapes and then pull out the needle, Ok Sam." Shirley asked as she started to undo the sticky tapes. "Can you keep your hand still?"

Sam again just nods silently, which is an indication that he is uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Shirley disconnects the IV line and pulls off the last piece of tape as gently as she can, exposing the needle.

Sam gets a little tense, but manages to keep his hand still when the nurse is pulling the needle out. Sam looks like he is going to burst out crying.

It hurts when the nurse pulls out not a very small needle from his hand, but Sam is not going to cry, because he doesn't want Dean to think that he is a baby. So he holds back tears when the needle draws a little blood out from the sore spot and when he sees the vivid bruises on the back of his hand. But God, he wants to burry his face to the crook of Dean's neck and start crying out loud.

Shirley puts a cotton ball on the back of his hand and holds it there for a moment. "All done, Sammy."

"It's ok, kiddo." Dean puts his arm around Sam and Sam leans closer to him, still fighting back tears.

"You are one little brave man, Sammy." John says and Sam can't help being proud of himself one more time.


Sam is well enough to leave the hospital, but he is still lethargic and a little feverish. John is doing the paper work, before they can leave the hospital.

It's during the visiting hours and the families of two other kids in the ward are visiting them. They all have colorful balloons, toys, and gifts all over their beds as well visitors and parents.

Dean is so happy they are going to leave the hospital that he doesn't notice Sam staring at other families and watching them closely.

There is one particular girl a few years older than Dean whose bed is the closest to Sam's. She has the most visitors and the most get well presents. Every body around her is trying to comfort her or cheer her in a way. Her father makes jokes and makes her laugh, and her mother is trying to make her drink a little more juice. She has even an uncle and an aunt and a few cousins and friends around her bed.

Sam and Dean can't help feeling a little lonely sitting by themselves waiting for their dad.

When the visiting hours are over the families start to leave one by one. The mother of the girl sits on the bed hugs her daughter and kisses her good bye. Seeing this moment of love between the two, Sam starts sitting on the bed. He looks at Dean and when Dean looks back, he knows what is coming.

"Dea- where is our mommy?" This is not the first time Sam asks it, but it doesn't make it any easier for Dean to answer it.

"Sammy, I've told you before she is in the heaven."

"Where is heaven?"

Dean sighs, once Sam starts questioning he won't stop easily, and who can blame him? Every little kid wants to know why their mother is not with them while others all have their mothers. "Heaven is in the sky."

"Why she's no't comin' back with us?"

"She can't Sammy."

Sam is quite for a few seconds, looking down at his lap. "Can we go heaven see her?" He asks in a sad low voice.

"No, Sammy. We can't."

Sam's heart is longing for some thing he has never wanted before. He has never felt how much he wants his mom to be with them. This is the first time he wants some thing so badly, some thing that deep down he knows he can't have.

Dean feels his heart ache, but not because he doesn't have a mother or he misses his mother, his heart is aching for Sam who doesn't remember any thing about their mother, Sam who doesn't know how it feels to have a mother that takes care of you with love and fondness every minute and moment of the day. Sam is way too young to understand that there monsters and evil thing that took away their mother for ever.

"Look, Sammy, do you want me to ask dad to get you some toys?" Dean tries to distract his little brother's mind from this painful subject. "How about a bear or a car…or even a plane, ha?"

"No." Sam says in a small voice, barely auditable.

The girl who is now alone is looking around to find a way to entertain herself, she sees the brother and notices that they are alone.

"Why are you here?" she walks closer and asks.

"My brother has flu." Dean answers, because the girl looks like kinda cute.

"Flu! I'll have a surgery tomorrow." She utters the word flu in a way like it's the most insignificant sickness in the world and there is a noble honor in having a surgery. "They want to take out my tonsils." She tries his best to show off.

Well Sam and Dean don't seem to be interested in a tonsillectomy, so the girl tries to find another way to show off.

"Your puppy is so ugly." She tells Sam who is cradling his puppy.

"No, i's not." Sam says cradling his puppy closer to show how dear it is to him.

"Yes it is, look at my animals, they are so beautiful and new, yours is so ugly and old."

Sam's puppy is white with big brown ears and a black nose and it's as old as Sammy. It looks cute, but when Dean looks at all the girl's fancy stuffed animals and dolls he can see that she is not completely wrong. Sam's puppy looks tattered.

"My parents bought all of these for me because they love me, where are your parents? Why you are alone?"

"Leave us alone." Dean says disgustedly. He is not going to let this spoiled brat insult them.

"You don't have a mom or dad?" The girl ignores Dean.

"We have a dad." Sam is obviously upset because of what the girl has said.

"Sammy, don't talk to her." Dean doesn't want his little brother to get more upset, and if she gets to talk more, she is definitely going to hurt Sam more.

"Your mother left you? It's so bad you don't have a mother. I pity you."

"I said leave us alone, go play with your ugly dolls and don't cry when one of your balloons bursts. Your teddy is so fat, it looks it's gonna burst like your balloons, and that doll's dress looks like puke."

"It's green." The girl said angrily. "You're just angry because you don't have a mother."

It is getting a heated fight. Dean opens his mouth to answer, but Sam cuts him off.

"I have a brother instead, you don' have a brother. My brother loves me so much. You are alowne." Sam says with a stern look and sheer determination.

And the girl finally shuts up.

This is the simplest greatest thank you Dean gets for being a devoted big brother, and seriously he doesn't need any thing else as far as he has his father and baby brother.

Sam puts his puppy down puts his hands around Dean's neck and kisses Dean on the cheek, making a wet loud sound. "I love yow, Dea."

This time Dean doesn't wipe his cheek.


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