A/N: This is a continuation of my fic Homophobia, as requested. I hope it's good enough… Rated for strong language and stuff… Riku's POV

Homophobia: Crushed

"Good bye, Sora." I squeezed his hand. "Have a nice day."

"You too." He smiled at me and then got out of the car.

I watched him walk into the building before pulling away. However, I didn't go far; just past the school under a large tree which blocked my car from view.

I waited until they came – the homophobic bastards. I got out and stood in their path.

"Alright, boys?" I asked when they approached.

"Shit," one muttered.

"So, you think it's alright to pick on people?" I asked.

"Err…It…It weren't like that, man," the tall one said.

I nodded sarcastically, "sure it wasn't. That's why you beat him up."


I cut him off. "How about we have a little match of our own?"

They shied away slightly.

"Really? But the odds are in your favour – don't you think you can take me on?"

There was a pause, then the blond answered. "'Course we can – we can give him exactly the same as his little bitch, can't we?"

They sniggered at the thought.

"I take it your bitch told you everything?"

"Yes, Sora did," I said, slightly agitated.

"You bet he's looking forward to it, boss?" the short one said.

"Heh, yeah. Now where are we doing this?"

I began to move and they followed like dogs. I led them round the back of the abandoned warehouse which was opposite the school. It was the perfect place; a river on one side and abandoned cargo boxes which meant there was only one escape – back the way we came.

"There's no one or nothing to help you now, Riku. You're pretty defenceless," the blond said. "NOW!"

His five minions rushed towards me, hoping for some sort of surprise attack, however my reactions were much quicker. I dodged the tall one and then pulled out my keyblade – I wasn't messing around today.

"Shit – where the fuck'd he get that?" one yelled.

I wasted no time; they would run soon. I slammed my keyblade into the back of the short one's knees and he fell to the ground. Using the blunt side of the blade I hit the one with the longest hair in the back. I gave chase to the others, hitting the tall one across the shoulder blades and forcing him to the ground. The other three had escaped round the corner, but they wouldn't get far. They seemed to forget that I also had friends and they were more than happy to help me silence these bastards. My three friends each took one and brought them back round.

"Still feeling smart?" I asked the blond.

His reply was a dirty look and an attempt to spit at me. My palm collided with his cheek hard and that shut him up.

When I walked past the tall one I put my foot on his head and gently pressed it to the ground.

"How does it feel to be pushed so low?" I asked.

Then I moved to the long haired one. I pulled him up by his locks and looked at his face; he looked like a chav just by his facial structure. Roughly I shoved him back to the floor.

"Don't you want to run?" I asked the short one. "Go on, I'll give you one chance."

He struggled to his feet, his legs wobbling at the knees. As soon as he stood up straight my keyblade made contact with the back of his legs again and he fell, crippled. My keyblade disappeared as I walked towards the final three – my friends had them against the cargo boxes.

"How dare you?" I said, directing it at the blond. "What on Earth makes it alright for you to beat someone up because of their sexuality?"

No response; I kneed him in the nuts.

"You arsehole, you know it's wrong."

TO vent my anger I randomly threw a punch at the guy to his left who had short black hair. My fist hit his stomach and he doubled over.

"Funny how you've all become awfully quiet…no gay jokes? No cusses? Nothing? Too scared?"

I pushed the short haired guy against the wall that separated us from the river.

"Why don't you go over that wall while you're there?"

Then I approached his last minion – probably the biggest of them all, which wasn't really very big.

"If I do this -"

I punched him in the stomach and then tripped him up so he landed on the floor.

"- he looks like he's ready to be screwed, wouldn't you agree?"

I got on my knees behind him.

"This is what you're always asking Sora about, isn't it?"

Then I slammed a fist into the guy's back and he fell flat on the floor with a groan.

I looked at the five crippled boys on the floor. "You're all so vulnerable right now, I could do you. But I won't – you're all scum! If I ever hear you looked at Sora wrong again I'll come and show you exactly what it feels like to have my cock up your arse. Now get out!"

As quickly as they could manage they moved out of the area.

I smiled at my friends who still held the blond. "Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you."

"Hey anything to torture a chav," Wallace said.

"On his knees," I said and they forced the blond down. "You disgust me the most. After all the things you said and you still tried it with Sora. It made me sick when he told me."

"I-I dunno what you're talking about." He spoke quickly.

"Oh, I think you do – let me re-jog your memory."

I dropped my combats and pants right there.

"Suck it. Or are you a pussy?"

I moved closer and pressed the tip to his lips. He moved his head to the side as he couldn't move back for Wallace held his head in place.

"So, you're a pussy?" I asked. "Say it."

He sighed. "I…I'm a…pussy."

"Well guys, I can take it from here," I said.

"Cool, see you later, Riku." Then they left.

Swiftly I slammed my keyblade across the blond's back to prevent a quick getaway.

"So, you're a pussy?" I said. "Excellent."

I pulled his trousers down and spread his legs as wide as I could while keeping him on his knees.

"Aren't you going to protest?" I asked.

"Heh, I saw what you did to the others – I don't want that key hitting me more than it already has."

"You have no idea," I laughed. "Now be a good dog."

Quickly and roughly I thrust a finger in his entrance, then two and finally a third. He cried out each time.

"Stop!" he yelled.

"I thought you wanted to know how it felt? Isn't this why you were bugging Sora?"

I pulled my fingers out and shoved them back in again.

"N-NOO!" he screamed.

"Now it's time to become a pussy," I said.

"What? No!" He tried to scramble away, but he didn't get far. I dragged him back.

Of course I had no intention of screwing him (well, not today at least), so I continued with my fingers – in and out until he was raw and blood had been drawn.

When I thought he'd been thoroughly punished I turned him over. His eyes were watering from the pain and his expression was one of fear.

"As I said, if Sora complains again, I will screw you and then beat the shit out of you. Got it?"

The blond just nodded eyes wide.

"Get out of my sight."

He picked himself up off the floor and began to walk.

"Ah, shit," he muttered. "How do you walk straight?"

"It becomes a pleasure."

Then my keyblade connected with the back of his knees – I found this one of the most effective ways to torture them.

I walked off and never looked back.


Sora told me that it took two days for them to recover – I'm glad I'd made an impact. From then on I never heard of those boys again and neither would Sora until I let my tongue slip years later.


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