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These are only some snippets I wrote at work, while waiting for my current work to finish, before I started the new one. I only had some minutes to do so. That's probably one reason why some of them sound so cut off... the other would be that I don't seem to be good at writing real stories. I don't even have the time or enthusiasm to do so... but I wanted to get these stuff out of my head!

It's hard to concentrate when there are whole sentences or half sentences in my head that have nothing to do what's happening in RL... I blame it on me playing too much Vesperia and getting all these Artbooks and funny Doujin-Chronicles (Even though it started before getting the stuff already...)

Anyway... there even seems to be a half-thougth-off story behind some of them, but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to write it. Because... I confuse myself thinking about it. Pff... and always changing something that makes me even more confused. Anyway… I'll stop with the rant now.

On with the snippets.

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He only had moments to decide wether he should save the human falling from the tower of Zaude or if he should let him fall.

Yuri Lowell.

He was an interesting specimen of the human population. Someone Duke wanted to watch, till the end of the catastrophe would come. He wouldn't be surprised if the blackhaired young man would find an answer against the Adephagos, even though he was partly at fault for them rising again.
Not that a mere human would have been able to know about them. Mankind tended to forget certain details in their life over the years. The last catastrophe had been way in the past and only the Krityan and Entelexeia would still know about this.

Entelexeia. How many have died because of the humans not understanding their part in the world? Duke had been one of them in the past, fighting against Elucifers fellow Entelexeia to save humanity. Had he known what happened afterwards, he wouldn't have bothered to help...

Over a week has passed and there was still no sign of anyone looking for the sleeping dark haired male here. Had the Aer Krene been such a good hiding place? Even though it was never his intention to hide him in the first place? Had no one thought that he would be able to swim so far?

It was true. Had he not caught him in midair on Khromas back, then the warrior would have certainly been lost in the deep blue ocean. The waves licking on his body till he would sink deep into the bottom of the ocean. He had lost consciousness in midair. If from bloodloss or gravity, Duke wasn't so sure, but he would have lost his life either way.

In the end, it had been an easy choice to safe the dark haired male, because he still held Dein Nomos in his hands. A weapon Duke needed for his own plan to get rid of the Adephagos, even at the costs of all human life. They were creatures that shouldn't pollute his Terca Lumireis...

Duke had seen what happened on top of Zaude, right after Alexei had fallen.

It was the real characterism of humanity, attacking someone backhanded like that. Betraying the people around them for reasons so selfish. As far as Duke knew, he had saved the princess shortly before going to Zaude. How could a Knight try to kill the person, who was the only reason for the princess to still be alive? The princess that the knights should protect?
It was just like the time with Elucifer. They betrayed him even though he had saved their existence and promised to do nothing to them.

Duke would never forgive that. He would protect his Terca Lumireis for his fallen friend in every way possible. Even at the cost of the human life the Entelexeia had tried to protect.

It was their fault that the world had become what it was now. That most of the Entelexeia were dead and the world in chaos because of the Aer irregularity.

Still, he saved the dark haired male. On one hand because of Dein Nomos and on the other hand because he found the boy interesting. He had seen him do so many things from afar, had talked with him on many associations. Even though he himself hadn't said much on their meetings. The way the human was going, was a totally different way he was walking, but still... in the end it looked like the goal was somewhat similar.

His determination was something to admire, something he hadn't seen in a while. His way of thinking was still a little confusing for the white haired man, but it seemed to work alright for Yuri Lowell. It was his head after all.

Right now Yuri Lowell was nothing more but a sleeping human in an Aer crystal. His healing Artes weren't his most effective ones and surely not as good as the ones of The Child of The Fullmoon, but since the wound had been dangerous and he hadn't wanted the man to die such a useless death... So he had to use another method to heal the young mans wounds, inside and out. Condensed Aer was dangerous, but with Dein Nomos he could still use the Aer Krene to heal.

It was a dangerous method, because even though he could use Dein Nomos to manipulate the Aer, if the person he used this method on was weak it could still kill him or her. But he had faith that Yuri Lowell wasn't weak in the least. At least not weak enough to be killed by an Aer Krene that was stabilized and of no danger for humans around them. His thought were reassured by the steady breathing of Yuri inside the crystal. It was slow, but definitely there.

What he hadn't expected to see, were the small changes he could make out on Yuris body. His ears had gotten just a tiny bit longer and pointed. They weren't nearly as big as the ears of the Kritya but it was noticable if you looked more closely. Even his nails had grown a little longer and looked sharper than before and if Duke had been able to see Yuris eyes and inspected them more closely as well, he would have seen slightly slitted pupils. They weren't slitted enough for anyone to notice right away, without looking him deep in the eye, up-close. But they were slitted enough.

Duke couldn't see that and he probably won't look Yuri that deep in the eyes as well, otherwise he may have known what was happening to the human. Now he only knew that the Aer Krene was doing -something- to the dark haired male. He just didn't know what it was that was happening.

Another week had gone by and still no one found the dark haired male.
It was time for him to do something himself. After all, all these weeks he had done nothing about the Adephagos.

He looked up at the crystal again. Yuri was still sleeping. Of course, the Aer crystal was probably holding him asleep to do as minimum damage as possible.

Aer was highly dangerous in high concentration, even with it being already crystalized. It wasn't as harmful anymore as before, especially with Dein Nomos at your disposal, but it could still be dangerous.

He used exactly this sword to free the man from his green confinement, putting him on his shoulder and onto Khromas back to bring him finally back to where he belonged.

The wound was completely closed, but it could still hurt if Yuri were to wake up. Duke could feel the human breathing on his back. Now very much just sounding like he was truly sleeping and nothing caused by the loss of consciousness.
It was good that Khroma had been with the knights for so long, that's how he knew where the human lived. Putting him down on the bed and Dein Nomos beside it, he left in search for the book he wanted Yuri to read. Maybe then they would know what 'they' had done.

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