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The first thing he noticed when he was slowly waking up was something cold on his forehead. The second thing was the hand that was pinching his nose.

"What have you gotten yourself into this time, Yuri?"

Okay. That probably wasn't exactly something he wanted to wake up to at all.

"Let go..."

His voice sounded a little hoarse and a little deformed because of his closed nose, but he did manage to glare in Flynn's direction, as weak as it was. The knight let go of his nose, instead looking worried down to his friend.

Yuri still looked pale and cold sweat stood on his forehead, even though he had felt the high temperature Yuri still had. He could see the shiver that went through Yuri's body and he frowned in disapprovement.

It had taken Flynn a while to get Yuri to talk about his changes and sudden attacks. It had been quite a shock for the knight that he hadn't noticed the changes himself. Then again, Yuri had the tendency to keep things like that to himself and was actually pretty good in it too. Flynn had been busy as well. He was commandant now, a job with many privilegs but just as much work to do. Still, Flynn wasn't happy that he didn't even had the time to notice these changes.
They had met associally!
He should have noticed it! At least by one of these meetings between the Empire and the guilds they both had been on. He had known Yuri since his childhood after all. He was disappointed with himself and with Yuri. Yuri should have learned to trust his friends by now; after all they had been through. Why would he still keep secrets like that to himself? Not even talking with Flynn about it?

It was a good thing Repede had come to get him. When he followed the dog back to Yuri, he had been burning like he was on fire. Even now, Yuri looked horribly feverish, even though he had put a wet and cold towel onto his forehead, trying to lessen the fever. He even casted some healing spells onto his friend, even if they weren't as effective as before. He still needed to train his skills and magic again, after the Blastia had gotten destroyed.


He knew he sounded awfully worried and frustrated when he said his best friends name. That's probably the reason why the dark haired man gave him a cocky smile, even though it looked a little tired. This frustrated Flynn even more. How dare Yuri cared more for others than for himself? Why couldn't he change that attitude of his? He was always so reckless in helping others that he didn't care for himself possibly getting hurt.

Not that Flynn was any better...

Even now, lying sick on his bed, he tried to reassure him that everything was alright with that smirk. Flynn wasn't even sure if Yuri knew he was doing it or not.

"You're such a mother hen, Flynn."

Alright, ... not only with that smirk.

Flynn's face turned bright red, if from anger or embarrassenment was a mystery.

"Someone has to worry about you! Because, obviously, you aren't doing a good job with that yourself!"

He huffed, but was relieved at the same time. If Yuri was able to joke around like that, than whatever it was that was happening to him wasn't as bad as he thought it was. Yuri was probably feeling better already, even if he didn't look like it.

There was a small, breathy laugh from Yuri's side, before he turned onto his side, his head pressing into the pillow and still slightly cool towel.

"I really am alright. Just let me sleep a little more and tomorrow we can have a match when you're free."

Sighing a little at the lazy looking picture, he nodded, but Yuri didn't notice anymore, because he was already knocked out. Shaking his head with a small smile on his lips, he took the towel away and placed it in the basin of cold water, before he placed it back on Yuri's forehead.

The black haired male let out a small sigh in his sleep, cuddling into the cool fabric, mumbling oh so silently.

Flynn leaned back in his seat, patting Repede's head when he whinsled a little. He made himself comfortable; this would probably be a long night.

When Flynn woke up sometime later, all he could see at first was darkness. It had become night while he had fallen asleep on the chair beside Yuri's bed. The second he was slowly waking up from this disoriented state, he noticed that his back and shoulders hurt like hell. It wasn't really surprising, because a chair wasn't exactly the best place to sleep on. At least the slightly cool air was helping a little bit...

Flynn frowned. He had thought that he had closed the window some time ago, but when he looked to the window it was certainly open.

He looked back to the bed where Yuri should be sleeping, just to notice that he was not there! The knight jumped up from his chair, looking around the room for any sign of his friend. There was none, of course. The room wasn't exactly big, so there was no place for the other male to hide.

Repede himself had woken up when Flynn jumped from the chair, silently confused why one of his owners was so loud while the other should be sleeping. At least he thought that till he noticed Yuri wasn't in the room anymore.


Flynn looked down at the questioning dog, frowning ever so slightly. How did Yuri manage to leave the room without even Repede noticing?

He got his sword and made his way to the door.

"Let's go Repede. We have to catch someone who should still be in bed..."

Repede made an agreeing nod and followed shortly after Flynn out of the door. The knight wasn't sure if it was a good or bad sign that he had seen Yuri's sword standing beside the bed, because normally, Yuri would never leave without his sword.

In the end, Flynn was sure that it had been a bad sign that Yuri had left without a weapon, the moment Repede let him out of the city, while following the freshest scent. No one left the city without a weapon, especially no one that should still be in bed! Most importantly not in the night!

He sighed frustrated and silently prayed that everything would be alright. Repede brought him out in the direction of the ocean and Flynn dreaded the thought that the black haired male wanted to drown himself, even though it was very much unlikely that Yuri would do that. (He had noticed a small desympathy of oceans and seas since the day of him falling down into the ocean.) Flynn was still relieved when Repede wasn't running to the ocean but instead turned and ran in the direction of the Aer Krene the party had found to be on the continent (near the city).

Frowning ever so slightly about the direction they were moving to, he moved on. What would Yuri want in an Aer Krene this late at night and in his condition?

Repede didn't stop in front of the entrance and neither did Flynn, both wanted to find the dark haired male. When they walked into the stone structure, everything seemed normal, until the two of them went deeper into the structure.


It sounded alarmed, probably even by normal ears and Flynn could understand it very well, because what they were seeing wasn't normal at all.

The Aer was reacting weird. It wasn't too dense for them, but it was slowly wandering to one point in this whole cave.

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