I started writing this story a while ago, but 10 chapters in, I realized that not only was I not sure about where the story was going, I wasn't even sure who the character was. I've gone over the ten chapters and done a lot of rewriting. Now that I know who the character is and more or less where the story is going, I am finally ready to repost and continue with this, one of my first and one of my favorite stories. Enjoy.

It was just another job. At least, that's what it was supposed to be. Get in, set the bomb, and get out. Simple, right? As if anything in Midgar is ever simple…

When the train arrived at the station, a couple of the guys I was helping jumped off the roof and took down the guards. One of them was Biggs, a man with short, black hair and a red headband. The other was Jessie, a woman whose hair was more of a goldenrod color. After they took out the guards, Wedge, a man I thought looked sort of like a beach ball and a much larger man with a gun on his arm leapt from the train. The only ones left on the roof were me and another mercenary.

The man with the gun-arm, who was named Barret, turned to us. "C'mon newcomers. Follow me."

Then he ran off and the other merc and I jumped off the train. We started to follow Barret when a couple Shinra MPs showed up. The merc and I looked at each other and nodded. The guards hit the ground in a matter of seconds.

We caught up with everyone else. The black haired one, Biggs, turned to the other merc. "Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER all right! …Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE."

I had heard about SOLDIER a couple of times before. Something about using mako to enhance those who were already considered the best. It seemed a little strange to me. As for AVALANCHE, all I really knew was that they were supposedly a terrorist organization out to kill as many innocent people as they possibly could. AVALANCHE, however, claimed that they were just trying to protect the planet. Honestly, I didn't care either way, as long as I got paid.

I left my musings just in time to hear the former SOLDIER's name: Cloud. I took a moment to examine Cloud more closely. His hair was blonde and it spiked almost unnaturally. I thought that maybe if I shot him out of a cannon, I could use those spikes to impale an MP or two. His eyes had a faint glow, further confirmation that he did, in fact, have some connection with SOLDIER.

Barret showed up and started chewing everyone out for being in one group. Evidently the AVALANCHE policy is to be split up all the time. Not a very effective strategy, if you ask me. Sure, you could all be caught at once, but it also makes you harder to take down.

I followed Barret into the reactor and he asked Cloud and I if it was our first time in a reactor. Cloud shook his head, but I barely noticed. There was something about the reactor's interior that seemed familiar, even though I'd never been inside one before. I was brought back to Gaia when Barret began shouting at Cloud.

After Biggs and Jessie got us through a couple of locked doors and down an elevator, where Barret started preaching about the planet, we finally got to the core. It was there that we needed to place the bomb. Cloud was about to set it when something, I'm not sure what, happened to him. It passed after a few moments and Cloud set the bomb.

That was the first clue that something was amiss. If I was smart, I would've gotten out then and there. But even if I ran, I wouldn't have gotten far. By the time we were ready to leave, there was a Guard Scorpion right on top of us. Between Cloud's buster sword, Barret's mini-gun, and my katanas, the bright red scorpion robot thing didn't stand a chance. Who designs a security robot in the shape of a scorpion anyway? And who bothers to paint said scorpion shaped security robot bright red?

But that's beside the point. We only had ten minutes to haul our asses out of there. We barely made it, and Cloud had to help Jessie twice. I thought that if they were going to try something like this again, they should probably leave Jessie behind. You know, in case she falls off a ledge or something. Considering the height we were at, it would be a miracle if anyone survived a fall like that.