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Word: Clock


Jack watched the clock tick slowly, the rhythmic pattern of its hands taunting him and reminding him of just how long he had left until he could claim his prize. Bored of watching it move, Jack turned his head away from the gadgets hypnotic movement and toward the boy in the centre of the room.

Upset, he found that nothing had changed. Yusei was still tinkering away on his D-Wheel, occasionally checking the computer monitor beside him. Jack huffed, folding his arms across his chest.

"You done yet?"

Yusei looked up from his work, a thin layer of sweat glistening on his brow. For a moment, Jack was blinded by the sight. The signer looked wonderful, his T-shirt sticking tightly to his chest as it moved with every breath he took. Yusei's jacket lay discarded on the chair beside him, clearly not needed on the hot day, leaving Yusei's toned arms exposed.

"-Jack? Are you listening?"

The older signer shook himself from his musings. Why was Yusei talking to him again?


Yusei sighed, closing his eyes briefly.

"I said that I've already told you I'll be done at four"

Jack looked again at the clock, its face winking mischievously at him as he read 3:35. He sighed dramatically and dropped himself on the nearest couch, the springs creaking in protest.

"But you've been at it all day! Why not stop now?"

The black-haired male continued tinkering away, reaching for the spanner lying hazardously behind him. He spoke wearily, his bright blue eyes drooping tiredly.

"Jack, you know that I have to get these done if we want to enter the WRGP. I can't afford to cut corners"

Yusei yawned before tightening a few screws and placing the snapper down. He then turned to his computer monitor and began fiddling with the program. Jack's eyes softened as he watched the almost asleep boy in front of him. Yusei was working so hard, all so they could enter the tournament together. He deserved a break.

Jack's eyes glinted dangerously as he suddenly stood up from his seat and marched over to the unsuspecting boy. Wrapping his arms around Yusei's waist, Jack pulled the boy up from his work, ignoring his surprised yell of protest.

"Jack! What are you doing?"

Paying no attention to Yusei's question, Jack hoisted the boy over his left shoulder, moving him a bit to make it more comfortable.

Yusei squealed, the sound foreign as it fell from his lips. Adjusting to his circumstances, Yusei frowned in protest, banging his fists against Jack's warm back.

"Let go of me!"


"Let GO of me!"


The signer stopped his protesting, surprised at the authoritive tone of Jack's voice. This was something other than his usual demands. Jack's voice was deeper, his tone more intense. He clearly did not want to be argued with. Yusei sighed before laying limp over his friend's shoulder, not seeing the way Jack's eyes softened at his compliance.

"Why?" he asked softly, unsure of the other's actions.

Jack huffed before walking out of the room and entering Yusei's, depositing the boy onto his bed. Yusei looked up at him curiously, blue eyes looking deep into his own. The older boy felt his lips curl slightly. Who could resist those beautiful orbs?


Yusei tore his gaze away and looked at the clock beside his bed, the green numbers flashing 3:58. He turned to his friend, his eyes once again mirroring confusion.

"What about our duel?"

Jack walked toward him, kissing him gently on the forehead before pushing him down from his upright position. He then walked back toward the door and placed his hand on the knob, his fingers grasping the handle. Yusei saw them tighten before Jack finally spoke.

"You deserve some rest. It's painful to watch you work so hard. So just...please...sleep"

He then left the room, his heavy footsteps receding down the hallway, leaving Yusei lying surprised on his bed. The signer's mouth formed a soft smile as he crawled under his covers, letting his head hit the pillow gently.

"Thank you, Jack" he mumbled, before falling quickly into the realms on unconsciousness. That afternoon, his dreams consisted of only Jack.


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