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Word: Remember

Every time Yusei walked onto the streets of Neo Domino city he was reminded of what they had been missing out on in all their years living in the Satellite. The streets were clean, the water fresh and no children were dying of hunger.

Thinking back, he knew that they had been lucky, no matter what others would say. At least they had had each other, him, Jack and Crow, always sticking together playing games and salvaging food wherever they could. He wasn't proud to admit that they had robbed a few food stalls in their time but he knew that it was something that they had had to do. Then they had all found Martha and their lives had started to change for the better. He never remembered having a mother despite knowing that he had to have had and Martha was the closest thing he could have imagined. Those had been joyous days.

He still remembered Jack giving him his very first Duel Monsters card. The boy had found it discarded on the floor and had given it to Yusei the second he had gotten back to the orphanage. He had explained how it had reminded it of him and that maybe Yusei could build a deck around it and become a duelist? Jack had looked so excited, a childish innocence that had long since disappeared. More so when Yusei got up on his tip toes and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek in thanks.

Junk Warrior was still one of his most prized cards.

That's how they had gotten into Duel Monsters in the first place. They had played for fun the three of them, Jack always beating Yusei and Yusei and Crow in tough competition. It had been a way for them to escape their less than perfect lives and that's how they had played away their childhood, growing into teenagers in front of Martha's very eyes.

Then the Duel Gangs had started up.

He remembered the first time he had seen a Duel Gang in action. He had barely been thirteen and he and Jack had been downtown searching for any stray cards that may have been blown away or discarded. He had found one that had fallen behind a trash can, discarded away without a second thought. Looking at the design he couldn't figure out why. It was rather cute.

Jack had asked to see it and he had handed it over, only for it to be blown out of his hand by the wind. They had chased it for what seemed like ages, until it had finally come to rest on the concrete when the wind had died down. However, before either of them had been able to get to it, it had been picked up by a tall male, his three friends beside him, who had simply sneered in their direction. Jack had retaliated, of course he had, and before they had realised what was going on the male had forced Jack into a duel with the card as the ante.

Needless to say, Jack had lost.

And when it was over the men had laughed, Yusei thought angrily, laughed at being able to beat a newborn teenager and had kicked his friend in the side and thrown the card at him stating that rubbish kids deserved rubbish cards.

But Jack had simply grinned and picked up the card as if it was the most precious thing in the world. And slowly, he had gotten himself off the floor and had given the card to him.

Yusei remembered looking at Jack in shock, after all the boy had just been brutally beaten in a duel but Jack had smirked at his expression and turned his head, presenting him with his cheek. Yusei didn't know what had possessed him to peck him on the lips instead.

"You're thinking again"

The acknowledged male spun around uncharacteristically, clutching at his chest in surprise as Jack Atlus strolled up behind him, two cups of steaming coffee in his hands. His expression went lax at the sight of his friend and the signer smiled, not at all bothered at being jerked abruptly out of his musings.

"You should try that more often"

Jack snorted, offering his lover one of the cups as he made his way closer toward him

"Hurry up and take it, it's hot"

Yusei made to comply, only to have the offending item wrenched out of his grasp. Looking at his boyfriend in exasperation, the blue eyed duelist noted the playful expression on Jack's face and gave a soft smile as Jack turned his head to the side.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

And what else could he do but laugh as he took Jack's face lovingly in his hands and kissed him firmly on the lips.

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