The Doctor sat in the arm chair in Amy's brother's living room, drinking a cup of tea. They'd come back after Amy said she'd wanted to see her family. Her nephew, James, was stood in front of the television, playing Wii Sports bowling. He'd managed to get the Doctor to play the first game, but had decided to remove him when it became apparent the Doctor would win every time, since he never stopped getting strikes.

The Doctor loved seeing Humans playing games like that; so basic yet so entertaining. Always made him laugh how excited they'd get over scoring and how frustrated they'd get if they lost.

As he thought about it, the boy moved over to the console and switched the game to House of the Dead Overkill. He pulled out a light gun which, on the boy, looked huge. He went to grab another one and held it out to the Doctor.

"No, thank you." The Doctor said "I don't do guns."

"It's just a toy…" James replied.

"Yes, well, I, uh…" The Doctor said, not sure what to say.

"He's just rubbish at them Jimmy." Amy said as she came in the door, obviously trying to cover for the Doctor "Go on, I'll play the game with you. I think John wants another cup of tea, isn't that right, John?"

"John?" The Doctor said, suddenly remembering he'd used his John Smith alias "Oh, right yes, I'm John. Must have another cup of tea."

He walked out of the living room and through into the kitchen. Amy's brother, Richard, was sat at the table, pouring over some papers with numbers on them. The Doctor quickly looked at them.

"You need to pay £450 a month to stay in the blue, that is the term now, isn't it?" The Doctor said, not waiting for a response before saying "If you allow for the 25% interest rate on that loan, you'll be in the clear in 12 months."

"What, how did you work that out?" Richard replied "My calculator couldn't even figure that out!"

"I'm a, uh, accountant." The Doctor said "Got a doctorate in it."

"Doctor John Smith, eh?" Richard replied "Now I understand why she likes you, she's tended to go for clever guys a lot the last couple of years."

"What, no, we're just friends." The Doctor said.

"Right…" Richard said "You may want to tell her that. She seems to have a bit of a soft spot for you."

"Really?" The Doctor said, grinning at Richard in his best attempt at seeming Human "Still got it then."

Richard chuckled for a moment before getting up and moving over to the kettle and turning it on. He turned back to the Doctor.

"You want another drink John?" He said "Milk, four sugars, right?"

"Yeah, that's me." The Doctor replied.

"Okay then." Richard said "So, where did you and Amy meet?"

"I told you, we're just friends." The Doctor said, before realising what Richard meant "Oh, you were making small talk. Sorry, it's just normally when someone's family asks that, they think we're together."

"No mate." Richard said "I get it, you're just friends. Just wondered is all."

"Okay." The Doctor said "We met at work, sometimes I do a little work with the police, anything to keep them from using guns. I don't like guns."

"I figured by the look of you." Richard said "Though I've got to ask; do you, you know, bat for the other team?"

"What?" The Doctor said confused "I wasn't aware I did bat for a team? What game are we talking about here?"

"You know, the dating game." Richard said "Do you bat for the other team? You know, go for guys."

"Go for guys?" The Doctor said "No, I don't go for people, I don't fight."

"Oh, that's funny." Richard said, thinking the Doctor was joking "I meant are you, you know, gay."

"Am I gay?" The Doctor said "No, I'm not, I don't do the whole seeing people thing. It tends to get messy."

"Bad break up?" Richard said as he turned around and made the tea, handing the Doctor's drink to him.

"You could say that." The Doctor said, taking a sip "She left. Still, life goes on."

"Yes it does." Richard said "That's what I told Jimmy after his grandfather died; he'd want him to keep living and know that life goes on."

"I'm sure he would." The Doctor said "I know from experience."

He froze for a moment, realising what he said. He looked about twenty five, tops, and he was talking about how a grandfather would want their children and grandchildren to go on. How would a guy of his apparent age have experience of what someone would want after death, much less a grandfather.

"I mean, that's what I remember my grandfather telling me on his deathbed." The Doctor said, deciding that was a suitable cop out as he downed the rest of his drink and regretted it "Ouch. Maybe I should have waited for that to cool down a little."

"Yeah, you should've" Richard said "Any way, did Amy invite you to the dinner our mum's doing this afternoon?"

"No." The Doctor said "Besides, I'm very rarely in town, I've got a couple of people to catch up with. Thank you for the drink."

"That's cool, you're alright." Richard said "You're welcome back any time."

"Thank you." The Doctor said, walking back into the lounge to see Amy and James still playing the game "Amy, I've got a couple of errands to run. I'll meet you back where we parked to give you a lift home."

"Sure, whatever." Amy said "See you later."

"Bye." The Doctor said, walking out the door.

He wanted to go and sort a couple of things out in the TARDIS anyway. When he reached the blue box, he opened the door and stepped inside. He moved to the controls and began to play around. As he did, the TARDIS made a clunking noise. It was refusing to leave the time zone. He looked at the monitor and began reading what was on screen. It was reading a dampening field, suppressing all kinds of transportation outside of average cars, planes and boats. Something was blocking the TARDIS.

He began running a passive scan of the environment. There was definite alien technology present, but he couldn't pin point it. He increased the scan sensitivity and it gave him a result; reading a frequency of 77259.4. He thought to himself for a minute.

"77259.4, that makes planet of origin… Sontar?" He said to himself "Sontarans? But that doesn't make sense, why would they be here after what happened before?"

He didn't take time to think about it, he just activated the TARDIS engines and laid in the temporal and special co-ordinates for the best place to use to start looking; UNIT's united kingdom headquarters.