Ninja Arts and You!

101 household applications for your favorite ninja technique

Application 1: Sharpening

The other Genin of the Konoha Twelve would undoubtedly consider it a severe violation of their privacy if one of their sensei suddenly decided to invite themselves into their house through a window, but Kakashi considered it a special privilege, even responsibility, to visit his students whenever he wanted without the need to knock at the front door.

After all, one of his cute students might get the clever idea to make [i]him[/i] wait for a change, and that just wouldn't do.

Today it was Naruto's turn to get a visit from the masked jounin (which would normally end with a large portion of his instant ramen cups being replaced by disgustingly healthy food), but just when Kakashi was about to step off the windowsill and into the room, his ears were assaulted by a penetrating screech that made him wince and almost loose his footing if he hadn't grabbed onto the window frame in reflex.

Regaining his balance, he made his way through Naruto's apartment, searching for the source of this noise. What he found was Naruto, sitting on his couch with a few kunai lying on the table in front of him and another in his hand... that he was using a Rasengan on?

"Naruto? What are you doing there?"

The blonde in question turned around, the initial surprise on his face turning into a grin when he recognized his teacher. "Hi there, Kakashi-sensei!"

The jounin took a cautious step backwards, his sole visible eye following Naruto's hand like it was a hypnotist's pendulum. Leave it to Naruto to wave a greeting at someone with a deadly, A-ranked combat technique in hand.

"I've been training to use my Rasengan one-handed, 'cause making it with a clone in battle is awar... awka... - "


"Yeah, that. So I've been starting over from step one, to figure out how to make my chakra swirl the way I want it to 'n' all."

Kakashi stared at him dumbfounded, "By using it to sharpen your weapons?"

"Yep," confirmed Naruto cheerfully.

The silver-haired jounin barely managed to resist the urge to slap his hand over his face.

"Pencils, too," Naruto added as an afterthough, holding one up for his sensei to see.

Despite his best intentions, Kakashi's hand had somehow found its way to his face.