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"Have I everyone's agreement on this?"

There were numerous nods with grunts of agreement accompanying them.

He looked at the one seated a few seats away from him evenly. "What about you?"

There was a moment of silence.

She sighed. "Yes, I approve as well."

"Then, it is decided. We shall visit Camp Half-Blood tonight."

[Percy's POV]

"Okay, sweetheart. Come on now. You know I'm busy," I heard myself saying gently.

I heard soft footsteps behind me, followed by an annoyed cough, but I didn't bother to turn. I mean, seriously. It wasn't everyday that I was allowed to use the phone. In the camp. I had to treasure this chance, and I certainly was not going to cut short my call because of a certain inconsiderate person who couldn't even wait a few more minutes.

"Peeerrrcyy! It's not everyday I get to talk to you! I miss you."

I smiled affectionately at the childish voice blasting into the phone. "You know I miss you too, Ann. I'm coming back at the end of summer so-"


"Yes, really. I'll be back so soon you won't even miss me. And then, we'll go hang out everyday just like we used to."


I hesitated. The Great Prophecy -about me- may already be over but you never know. Chiron might just suddenly throw me a quest when I least expect it. Of course, I could always reject it but, after months of normal - as normal as any half-blood's life can be - I think a little bit of excitement won't hurt. Okay, maybe it would. And I am not being arrogant. I simply long for some excitement once in a while. I thought back on the fun times I had with Ann, and the disappointment if I didn't come back after summer.

And I knew what to do.

"I promise, Ann. I won't let anything stand between us," I promised.

I simply blinked when I heard constant shuffling behind me. A tinge of annoyance wafted through me. Can't that person even wait?

"Okay, sweetheart" - I had made a mental vow to myself never to use the word 'honey' to describe or call anyone. It simply reminded me of a certain person I never wanted to see again in my life. So, I had settled on the word 'sweetheart'. 'Dear' and words like those really didn't suit the current situation. I used to kind of cringed whenever I heard someone use the word 'sweetheart' but it just seems natural calling Ann that - "I think I should hang up now."

"Already? But we just started talking!"

The disappointment in her voice almost sent me running to Cabin Three, pack up and go home immediately. Almost. "I told you. Phones are hazardous to one's health." I didn't know for the life of me why I had used that lame reason to excuse why I never call her often enough.

"Alright... Percy..."


"I love you. You're the best b-"

"I know, I know," I said quickly, a blush forming on my cheeks. "You said this before. And, well, yeah. I love you too, Ann. I'll see you soon. Bye." The words were out of my mouth before I lost the nerve. Man, it really didn't get any easier saying this. Saying it to Mom was one thing, but shouldn't the same be applied to her? I mean, she-


The shrill cry alone would have sent me running for cover if I hadn't recognized the all too familiar voice. I turned around warily and met the most fearsome face of all. In fact, I think I would rather face a dozen hellhounds than face her wrath.

Just a few feet away from me stood Annabeth, a deep, furious scowl embedded on her face.

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