Title: The Stress Manifestation

Pairing: Light Leonard/Sheldon (nothing actually happens, it's just established)

Characters: Leonard, Leslie

Rating: PG

Words: 324

Summary: Leonard Gets Sick at the Lab because of Sheldon and his father.

"Leonard? Are you okay? You don't look well." Rang Leslie's monotone across the lab. Leonard looked up from his laptop,

"I'm just not feeling great." Leonard shrugged, "I think I might have a cold."

"Symptoms?" She approached the side of his desk, looking analytical.

"Mostly nausea, headaches, fatigue." he didn't look up at her,

"Could be a sinus infection."

"No throat or nasal irritation."

"Could be stress." He didn't answer, "Penny?"

"My dad's in town and staying with us."

"The anthropologist?"

"Do I have any other father's I don't know about?"

"One point, Dr Hofstadter."

"I let him have my bed while I slept on the couch, only I didn't sleep on the couch." Leonard picked at his sleeve, "I slept in Sheldon's bed."

"Where did Sheldon sleep?"

"In Sheldon's bed." he looked up at the female scientist, daring her to say something,

"Oh." She said, catching on. Leonard was glad that she had enough tact not to rub the situation in. "So, you and Dr. Dumbass. I don't think I saw that coming." …Or not.

"Anyway, dad asked me about it and I didn't answer, I just left." Leonard looked back to his laptop, feeling dejected with a side of strong nausea this time. Hopefully it'd go away, even if it seemed unbear-

Leonard pushed himself out of his chair and shoved Leslie out of his way in his vain attempt to… not make it to the trashcan before pancakes and orange juice form that morning were all over the floor. Once his stomach had finished thoroughly emptying itself (had he really eaten that much?) he straightened and just looked at the mess wordlessly. He didn't notice Leslie approach until her hand clapped on the back of his shoulder jubilantly. "Fantastic job Leonard!" She smirked, "Don't forget to clean this up, it's unsanitary to make food in here until it's been thoroughly disinfected." She spoke, stepping over Leonard's breakfast and exiting the lab.