Hmm, I've been playing Ragnarok too much, and reading Naruto x Crossovers too much as well, and you know? I wondered, "What if Naruto was not a Ninja at start? But a Lord Knight?"

An inspiration from Rise of the Dragoon/Devil Fox by Hakureisaiga, and HuntersShadow respectively

Notes: Lord Knight Naruto, Powerful Half-God Naruto, Sasu and Saku bashing. OCs. Pairings undecided. Also my favorite… BADASS MURDERER NARUTO! HMHMHM…. AAAHHH HAAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Ahem, that Laharl laugh just failed. Also, expect our beloved Ragnarok monster, the Moonlight Flower, take on double roles as the Kyuubi no Kitsune!


Rise of the Sword-Master Fox!


Chapter 1: The Lord Knight arrives!

A young boy, roughly at the age of 5, sat on the ground, helpless as his whisker marked cheeks bled from being cut open by some villagers. "Why are you always after me?" he asked, "I never did anything!"

"Hmph!" a villager scoffed, "You bastard killed my family, and everyone else's! Demon! You shall die!" The villager stepped forward and raised a make-shift club made with a stick and nails and began to beat the boy senseless.

The boy screamed in extreme pain as he took the heavy blows on his scrawny body. Some ninjas came in the scene, only to watch to see the boy hurt with pleasure stricken on their faces.

"Help me… please… help." The boy screamed in his mind.

Just then, a mysterious looking woman, roughly age 16, her long, dirty blonde hair tied to a high ponytail, with some on her sides to cover her sharp, yet short pointy ears, her emerald eyes quickly switched to a group of people, her Crusader's Armor clinking with her step. She managed to get a glimpse that shocked her. A blonde five year old boy being beaten to death. Her eyes narrowed as she furiously stomped to the crowd.

"What, in the world are you doing to the boy?" She yelled, effectively stopping the villagers. A chunnin jumped in front of her, a kunai on his hand.

"None of your concern, gaki!" he shouted, "We're here to kill this demon brat!"

Her eyes shifted to the beat-up kid. She walked forward, and the chunnin before placed his equipped kunai on her neck. She harrumphed. "Would you mind? I'm going to help him." She said bluntly.

"A demon-lover huh?" the chunnin concluded.

"Hah!" the girl laughed as several looks were gained from the villagers that's watching her laugh. "Such fools, I see a demon, true. BUT! The boy is only a container, not the demon itself." She reasoned, confident of her intuition.

"Fool! I don't believe you!" the chunnin replied.

"No. You're the fool!" the girl yelled as she elbowed the chuunin, letting go of her supposed death, she drew a long sword as she said, "You pitiful ones are wrong! YOU are the demons, by hurting a frail child!" With insane speeds, she appeared in front of the elbowed chunnin and stabbed him in the guts with her blade. "Feel Odin's wrath." She whispered seductively at the chunnin. "MAGNUM BREAK!" a dome of flame blasted from the girl, burning the chunnin into dust. The villagers gasped at the sight.

"I knew it! No wonder she's helping the demon! She's a demon too!" a random villager said to the others, where said 'demon' girl grinned maliciously.

"I am no demon… I am a servant of God, expelling REAL DEMONS SUCH AS YOU!" she yelled as she decapitated the villager's head off.

Just then, the Hokage came into view and yelled, "Stop at once! ANBU! Arrest these villagers! Take them to Ibiki and tell him no holds barred." The ANBU involuntarily shuddered as they followed the man's orders.

"Please forgive me for making you intrude, Anya." Sarutobi said apologetically at the girl, who brought up an orange book, reading and looking at him at the same time.

"It's no problem, sir." Anya shook her head with a smile, she went to the wounded blonde as she closed her book and clasped her hands and spread them to the boy. "Odin, please cure this helpless one. Heal!" With a flash of green, the wounds from the boy closed, the blood dissipated.

"Did you just… heal Naruto?" Sarutobi asked in wonder, he only knew that Medic-nins are the only ones that can heal, not swordsmen.

"Yes, and like I said, I am a servant of Odin, a Crusader, basically." Anya explained quickly, 'And a Valkyrie actually…'

"A Crusader…" Sarutobi started, and his eyes widened in realization. "You're from Rune Midgard?"

Anya chuckled, "Yes, and I feel something off about this child." Her smile faded to a serious face. "Is it… The Moonlight Flower?"

Sarutobi blinked, "Moonlight… Flower?"

Anya sighed, "So much for being Hokage… okay, lemme rephrase that. KYUUBI."


"Ohhh…. Where am I?" Naruto mumbled.

"Oii, Are you okay?" A voice asked, in which sounded… feminine.

"What the fuck?" Naruto blurted out in surprise.

"Hey! Watch your language! You're in front of the Moonlight Flo- err… Kyuubi no Kitsune!" she roared out.

Naruto slumped down the ground, tears threatening to flow from his eyes. "The…They're right… I… I am a demon…"

"No, no, no! You are NOT a demon!" Kyuubi shot back, "It's my fault anyway… If that bastard didn't use that damn genjutsu on me… This… shouldn't have happened." She trailed off slowly.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked the Kyuubi. She sighed.

"Look, kid, someone freaky snake dude used a genjutsu on me that made me think my husband and my kids are enemies, I killed them off by accident, I broke it off, and I saw the Konoha headband, and… you know the rest." She explained.

"Oh… I… I see." Naruto said silently. "Umm…"

"Do you hate me?" Kyuubi asked.

"No… Actually, I found it in my heart to forgive you." Naruto grinned, "I know that feeling of loss, I can say that we can be friends!"

"I… I can't believe it…" She sniffed, as she began to form, turning into a girl who looked 14 years of age, with a golden furred fox hat-helmet, two thick golden fur that hid most of her essential parts, namely her busts and her… lower regions, and the rest are all skin, except for her arms and legs, which were replaced with paws. "You… want to be friends with me?"

Naruto nodded in reply.

"Thank you… oh…" Kyuubi stared above, seeing a glint of light slowly creeping in the darkness. "Time for you to wake up."

"Umm, how the heck should I get out of here?" Naruto asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Think or picture of something that makes you happy." Kyuubi said with a smile on her face, as she summoned a huge staff with a big, golden bell dangling from one end.

"Well…" Naruto gave an ear splitting smile, "You make me happy…?"

"Really?" she giggled, making Naruto blush, she went close to him and kissed him in the cheek. "Thank you."

"Oh… before I go…" his eyes closed as an image of a beautiful mansion appeared behind Kyuubi, and a vast valley with the sun setting.

Kyuubi whistled in amusement, which wasn't like of the most powerful bijuu. "You make an awesome place, Naruto-kun. Do visit?"

Naruto nodded, "Sure!"

"Also, that's Moonie to you!"


"Ah? I think he's coming to." Anya said to herself with relief. Naruto woke up, only to see the sight of Anya smiling at him.

"Gwaah!" Naruto freaked as he backed off of Anya, "W…Who are you?"

Anya giggled, "Silly, Don't be scared. I am Anya Lacrowe." She introduced herself.

"Did you save me…?" Naruto asked, Anya nodded in reply. "Thank you, Anya-sama." Naruto bowed in respect

"Just Anya. I don't like formalities." Anya replied. "I was wondering… would you like to go with me to Rune Midgard?"

Naruto tilted his head in confusion. "Loon Meatguard?" he asked.


Anya cracked up as she chuckled a little, then suddenly laugh loudly, as if she pulled a prank on someone. "Wow! That's one heck of a name!" and she quickly calmed down, "Silly, its RUNE MIDGARD, somewhere away from the Elemental Countries, as I was saying, I talked to your Hokage while you were asleep, I was wondering if you want to become a warrior of Odin?"

"OH WOULD I EVER!" Naruto yelled in reply, glee evident in his voice as he jumped.

"Great! Odin will like your kind." Anya replied, with the same amount of glee. "I'm going to give you a new set of clothes before we leave."

7 years later…

Anya and Naruto arrived at the gates, with a major difference, well, except for Anya.

"Anya… when will I be like that?" Naruto asked his mentor and friend, who isn't aged at all.

"When the time comes." Anya replied with a smile. 'You just can't wait to be half-immortal, ne?'

Furashuubakku no Jutsu!

"Anya?" Naruto called on his mentor, who still looked the same after 4 years of his training regimen as a Swordsman, now Knight.

"Yes?" Anya asked, finally wearing her Paladin armor, which was custom painted black for the plates of her armor, and pink on the linings.

"Why did you look like the same 4 years ago? You should be like… 20… right?"

"Very perceptive my dear!" Anya said to him, "It's because, I'm a half-goddess! I never age! Well… in a nutshell I'm 25 though… heheh…"


Naruto's on the ground, eyes exchanged with spirals.


"I also can't believe that Moonie-chan is actually a… er… 'monster' in your world." Naruto said to Anya, who was still uncomfortable with the word 'monster'.

"She isn't really a monster… she's just… lonely." Anya replied.

"I can tell, but at least it could be fun that she's contained in me." After that, their discussion ended as two chunnin called them.

"Name and reason in being in Konoha please." One of them requested.

"Anya Lacrowe and with my cohort Naruto U. Namikaze-Lacrowe visiting the Hokage and both taking positions as Shinobi. Err. Kunoichi on my side."

"Very well, accepted, shall I…"

"No need, we know this place." Anya cut him off kindly as the two walked in.

The quiet chunnin before began to talk to the first chunnin, "Is that Naruto? Doesn't look like him."

"Idiot, its him, it's obvious with the blonde hair and the blue eyes, the only thing different about him is…"


"Sheesh, stupid paperwork…" Sarutobi grumbled, "I'm going to kick Minato's ass for this."

Just then, screams of bloody murder were heard as Anya and Naruto came in the door.

"Hey old man." Naruto greeted, Sarutobi's jaw dropped to the ground.

"Naruto… is that really you?"

Naruto isn't that hyperactive blonde on his youth, his height now reached that a 14 year old's his formerly spiky hair went down and his left eye to his cheek is covered up with his hair, giving him an badass-emo look, his Lord Knight's armor had it custom painted, matching black plates with gold trim lines accenting it, with a black cape behind his armor. And a huge sword that is a thigh and a half thick, its length reaching to the ground, its special handle that resembles a rapier's hand guard behind his head. And a normal gracious smile on his lips.

"Who is the only person that you know have blonde hair?" Naruto coyly asked Sarutobi, as for the Hokage, he laughed.

"So… how's training for the past 7 years?" Sarutobi finally asked.

"Well, aside from the fact that my true bloodline activated, I had a few good beatings with my Knight masters and some of the gods, but I'll manage."

"I just can't believe that Urd-san has quite a liking to you before." Anya commented a little bit, "She did feel a little sorry for you. Heheh."

"Anyway…" Naruto grumbled out, "I want to be a part of Konoha's shinobi."

"And, I want to be a ninja too." Anya added.

Sarutobi was not so sure about heavy armored ninjas in Konoha's ranks, "Are you guys sure…? You two have really heavy armors, and…"

Naruto did a fast run around the office without breaking a sweat. "Old man, Heavy armors are nothing compared to me and Anya's bodies!" he told him with confidence

And to prove it, Anya took out her newest square shield that is extremely heavy (500 pounds) and lifted it single handedly.

"Wow. That is some skill, well, there's more that meets the eye right?" Sarutobi mused, "Alright, I'll send you guys in. Anya will be a special chunnin since her age and skill says so."

"No can do Sarutobi-san." Anya said, "I'm actually 32 right now, but I'm physically 16. And besides, Naruto's High jounnin level, while I myself honestly is beyond Sannin level."

Sarutobi's jaw went agape again, BEYOND Sannin level? That was impossible! "Well… special jounnin then I guess."

"Now Naruto, you should go to the academy, and they'll be at the shock of their life." Anya suggested.

"Got it Anya." Naruto nodded as he opens the window and skillfully jumps down. A heavy thud shook the ground a little.

"…Showoff." Anya muttered to herself. "Anyway, Sarutobi-san, I'm here to talk about Moonie, I mean Kyuubi."

"What about it?"

"She's not that bad. And also... about the Namikaze part."


It's going to be a long day for Sarutobi. Suddenly, a note flew around the place, Sarutobi caught it. And it read:

Old man,

Have you ever thought of using a Kage Bunshin for your paperwork?



Silence reigned for a few minutes, until a powerful scream that was heard all around the Land of Fire with random hollers of "BAKA! BAKA HOKAGE! WHAT HAVEN'T I THOUGHT OF THAT?"

End Chapter 1:

Well, that's that! I hope you guys like this! Leave your comments, and in a few days I'll write chapter 2.

Preview of Chapter 2:

Naruto comes into the Academy with a few surprises, Moonie on the other hand, seeks a decent mate for her best friend / host. How will things turn out for him? And he also meets his genin team! He wonders who will be his partners! Find out on Chapter 2: Newcomer!

Naruto: Heh! I'll wipe Sasuke's ass off the floor! Believe it!

Sasuke: Shut up dobe.

Naruto: NO. You shut up… Ass-gay.

*insert bloody screams here*


Also, who will be Naruto's partner for the rest of his adventures? A Harem is still on decision, but for now, here are the choices!

Moonlight Flower / Moonie / Kyuubi no Kitsune



Haku (Yep, she'll be a girl)



Author's Notes:

Magnum Break: A swordsman skill from Ragnarok Online, Requirements: Bash Lv 5. Effects: An Area of Effect skill that blasts a dome of fire from the caster's body, sacrificing a small amount of HP in the proccess, after casting the skill, there will be a temporary Fire Element infusion on the caster's sword for 10 seconds.

Heal: Self explenatory.

Naruto's sword is basically a Prime Knights (Sieghart 4th Job) sword from Grand Chase.

Since Naruto's height is roughly around 5"1 due being... looking 14 years old, his sword is 5"5 long, handle included. Pretty big isn't it?

Naruto's bloodline is the Valkyrie Bloodline, which will be explained later on the story

And expect Naruto's 'first' few kills next chapter... Heheh

I also decided that Rise of the Sword-Master Fox will be updated weekly, so, expect these updates every Saturday/Sunday (GMT +8) for the Asian readers or Friday/Saturday (GMT -8) for the American readers of this story.