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Previously, Naruto has been taken to Rune Midgard to be a warrior of Odin, of course, in turn, Naruto became the most feared Lord Knight, master of the blades and arts of combat, now, his adventure is about to begin as he steps in his new classroom!

Naruto: Rise of the Sword-Master Fox!

Chapter 2: Newcomer!


Buzz and rumors filled the classroom like wildfire as they chatted about the new student.

"I wonder who this new student is?"

"I hope that the new guy is awesome."


"Hm? My bugs feel a little off… Must be the newcomer."


"I think that guy will have no chance in beating Sasuke…"

The murmurs stopped as Iruka came into the classroom. "Good morning, class." He greeted.

"Good morning, sensei." The students replied quickly.

"I'm sure you guys have heard of the new student here?" Iruka received nods in reply. "I see, and he's right outside, I'm pretty sure you guys know him." He turned his head on the open door and called him in.

"Alright, Iruka-sensei, I just hope these guys still know me after leaving Konoha for a while." Naruto came in and everyones eyes practically bulged outside of their sockets.

His once spiky blonde hair now went down with the left half of his face covered (until to his mouth.), revealing his sky-blue eyes, the whisker marks are still there, and his black and gold lined armor shone from the sunlight as he did a woman-killer smile as he greeted. "Hey, missed me?"

Most of the girls squealed at his look, who knew that the once scrawny looking kid before turned out to become so 'hot', as some of them would say.

"Ay, Ay, please quiet down!" Iruka yelled, effectively shutting them up. "Would you like to introduce yourself, Naruto-kun?"

"Of course 'scarface'!" Iruka winced a little at the name-calling but he let it slide, seeing he's the only one who can call him that. "Okay you newbies, the names Naruto U. Namikaze-Lacrowe."

"N…NARUTO!" everyone (except a select few) yelled in shock. "Is that really you!"

"Hey, who's the only person in Konoha that has blonde hair?" Naruto asked them with a grin on his face.

'I just hope that Naruto isn't as emo as that Sasuke.' A boy who smelled of dogs, thought.

'No wonder my bugs are going a little berserk, his chakra is… massive.'

'N…Naruto-kun…' a lavender eyed girl thought, while blushing.

'I wonder if he likes cloud watching?'

"Anyway, Naruto-kun…" Iruka started, "We are just about to begin our Taijutsu sessions, and since you are new to thi-"

"Ding dong, you are wrong." Naruto cut Iruka off with a sing-song voice, which certainly pissed a certain Uchiha. "I actually know all about it, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, that stuff." He finished lazily. "And sorry, please go on."

"Alright, and since you are quite experienced about this, I wonder if it's okay for you to pick one of these guys for you to share your experience with." Iruka said, pointing to one of the students.

Naruto pondered for a minute. "Okay, Uhh…" Naruto raised his finger as he was about to point to a feral looking person. "I choose…"

"No." a boy whose hair looks like a duck's ass spoke. "You fight me."

"Hmph…" Naruto scoffed. "Are you sure? Your aura speaks of over-confidence."

"He's damn sure!" a pink haired bans- err… girl, yelled out in reply. "Sasuke-kun will easily beat you!"

"Ah!" Naruto winced in pain covered his ears, "Damn it banshee, are you going to break my ears or what?" Damn, even for a half-Valkyrie like me, I still can't stand these types of people!

Everyone laughed at Naruto's remark, even Iruka, who chuckled a little.

"I will beat you, because I'm an Uchiha." Sasuke told Naruto, who chuckled a little, then did a full blown laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Just because you're a damn Uchiha doesn't mean you can't beat me. You might be all bark and no bite!"

"Hey!" the feral looking boy yelled, "I'm offended when you said that!"

Naruto stared at the boy, and replied with an apologetic smile, "Sorry Kiba, I didn't mean you."

"Heh, you really are Naruto." Kiba grinned as he gave him a thumb up. "Knock him dead dude!"

"Alright, alright, we're wasting time here, let's go outside, file outside now class."

Training Area 3

"Okay, Naruto, you know what you are doing right?" Iruka asked Naruto. Who only nodded with a grin. "Naruto Uzumaki-"

"Lacrowe… sensei." He spoke.

"Ehh… Naruto Lacrowe vs. Sasuke Uchiha will both contestants step forward." Iruka shouted out as he takes on the role of the proctor.

Sasuke scoffed at Naruto. "I'll beat you easily, dead last. Becau-"

"You're and Uchiha blah, blah, blah, get your tampon out of your ass. It takes skill not name."

Sasuke growled, "Hmph, I bet you're all nothing inside that metallic piece of junk."

Naruto smiled, rather evilly. "Oh really now? Iruka-sensei." He turned around to face said teacher, "May I borrow your vest for a few minutes? It won't take long."

"Well, I'm not supposed to do this, but since you asked Naruto, I'll let you borrow it." Iruka plainly stated as he took off his jacket and gave it to Naruto, in reply, he walked a few steps away from Iruka as he faced Sasuke. "By the way, weapons are allowed, no ninjutsus or genjutsus."

"So, what do you want out of my armor?"

"Everything." Sasuke roughly replied.

Naruto laughed, "Okay, your grave." He unlocked his armor, the upper plates falling down with a massive thud, the ground burying it from its weight, he stabbed his giant sword to the ground, creating a small quake, and the rest of it all were unbuckled as soon he removed his armor, gone his baby fat, in came his lean muscles, with a 6 pack abs to boot, and he only wore a pair of steel woven shorts and the borrowed chunnin jacket. Which caused majority of the girls to have a nosebleed. He turned around to face Sasuke again and took on a casual stance. "Bring it."

Iruka then went forward, swung his arm in a chopping motion as he yelled, "Hajime!" and jumped back, who was thinking he felt naked without the jacket.

Sasuke did the first move as he threw a few shuriken to Naruto, whom in turn, smirked as he casually ducked.

"I spy a zeny." Naruto joked, "Man you're so slow. You'll be dead by the time you're in an actual battle."

"Shut up! I'm an elite and you're just a commoner!" Sasuke yelled. Naruto shook his head as he stood back up and took on a stance.

"Psh, whatever." He dashed around the arena, practically unseen. He saw Sasuke look around in confusion. "Aww, the duck ass can't handle my speed?"

"Shut up!" Sasuke threw his kunai at a random direction, who was lucky enough to almost hit Naruto, almost as he held the kunai in between his fingers. "What?"

"Well, well, that was a lucky shot." Naruto grinned devilishly. And felt wires behind him. 'Clever bastard eh.'

"You're in my trap!" Sasuke quickly flipped handseals and yelled, "KATON: RYUUKA NO JUTSU!" the wire behind Naruto exploded, sending him aflame.

"Naruto!" Iruka yelled in shock, hoping that his student did not die.

Sasuke smirked at the results, only to be dismayed as Naruto appeared unscathed by the attack. "You know, that could have killed me, if you did it in full power." He taunted.

"What the?" Sasuke blurted out, surprised at the failure of his attack.

"And now, I'm really pissed. You tried to kill me, you broke the fuckin' rules, now It's my turn to play dirty." Naruto faced Iruka as he signaled his sword, Iruka tried to lift it, but it was too heavy for the man to bear. "Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell that thing is six hundred pounds, or even more." Naruto quickly appeared to the sword and lifted it with ease. Which shocked Iruka.

'Does this kid have some godlike strength?' thought another teacher who was watching the match. 'He's a good candidate for master… hehehe…'

"Now, prepare yourself!" Naruto yelled as he pointed the giant blade at Sasuke "You'll be the first to taste Lighthalzen's first non-lethal attack!" he held back as he ran to Sasuke and swings his sword with great force. "BOWLING BASH!" Naruto yelled as he smacked Sasuke dead on, sending him flying on a tree, and practically 'bowls' away to the other trees. 'Damn, Bowling Bash does live up to its name.'

"W…Winner! Naruto Lacrowe!" Iruka stammered, still surprised by Naruto's show of power.

The pink headed girl snarled as she yelled at Naruto, "Damn it! Why you didn't let Sasuke-kun beat you?"

Naruto winced again, 'Damn, she's worse than the banshees I ran across Rune Midgard.'

Kyuubi, or Moonie to be exact, sighed in Naruto's mindscape. "I feel your pain."

"Sakura Haruno, am I right?" Naruto rhetorically asked, "Honestly, Sasuke could beat me, but if he doesn't lose his lust for power and his oh so 'mighty Uchiha' attitude, he's worse than the dead last me."

"Don't compare Sasuke-" Sakura was cut off by Naruto's deadly glare.

"Him, to me? I have the right to compare him to me because it's the truth, get it in your head Haruno. Your fangirlish ways will be your downfall." Naruto stated as he wore his armor again and points his sword at some other girls. "While you other fangirls have great potential, I can see it in you that you can become great kunoichis, so I would suggest you girls train!" Naruto's voice wasn't as scary as before, but more like a teacher's voice.

The fangirls nodded and swore to themselves that they should train.

The boys on the other hand, cheered for Naruto for kicking Sasuke's ass.

"Damn Naruto! You we're awesome on that fight!" Kiba said with a grin on his face, while giving Naruto a noogie. "Can you teach me that if it's okay with ya?"

"I'll think about it." Naruto replied with a smile, while Kiba nodded in thanks. Just then, several people came to Naruto.

"Your power is most outstanding, Naruto-san." A boy with dark shades and bugs crawling around him said, "I am Shino Aburame."

"Heya! Choji Akamichi here!" a fat boy greeted with swirls around his cheeks. "That was an awesome fight there."

Several greetings here and there and Naruto seemed to make friends easily. A few taijutsu spars later, they went back to the classroom for their exams.

"Sasuke, let's see your bunshin ability."

Sasuke nodded as he did 10 bunshins with ease. 'Heh, let's see how you beat that, dobe.' Sasuke thought as he went back to his seat as Naruto was called.

"Umm, Sensei?"


"Is there no limit to the bunshin?" Naruto asked while tapping his sword.

"If you can, sure." Iruka shrugged.

"Okay, if you say so!" Naruto grinned as he did a hand seal and yelled, "Bunshin no Jutsu!" a great poof of smoke amassed the room as more than 50 Narutos were behind the classroom, all clad in the same armor.

"Whoa! 50 bunshins!" Iruka gaped in shock. "How the hell did you do that?"

"I have an awesome teacher."


"Achoo!" Anya sneezed as she sniffled a bit. "Someone's talking about me." She said as she tossed a key up and down in the air. "Time to see the Namikaze household!"


'Hmph, I expected this demon to fail, oh well, as long I can get that scroll, I will kill him! And be with my master… hehehe…' Mizuki, the previous teacher at the taijutsu spars, thought with malice.

"Shit." Moonie cursed inside Naruto's mind. "Someone here's leaking bloodlust on you Naru-chan… And it's that creepy teacher there."

'I'll take care of him, thanks Moonie.' Naruto said in his mind.


Class ended much as quickly as everyone left the classroom. Hinata on the other hand, was with Naruto, of course, she was previously in a blushing fit. But it was calming enough that her friends Kiba and Shino are with her.

Furashubakku no Jutsu!

"Okay class, you'll be assigned to your teams tomorrow, so have fun today." Iruka stated as the bell rang, majority of the class rushed out.

"Hey, Hinata." Naruto called out, said girl jumped in surprise.

"N-Naruto-kun…" she breathlessly called his name, stuttering and blushing, "I…Is there a p-problem?"

Naruto shook his head, "Naah, not really, I was wondering if you want to come with me to Ichiraku's. My treat."

'Naruto-kun… is t-taking me out?' Hinata thought as she blushed even harder.

"Heey! Naruto!" Kiba gave Naruto a slap on the back, "Hitting on Hinata I see?" he joked

Naruto blushed a little, "That ain't what it looks like dude, I'm just taking a friend out for some ramen, my treat anyway."

'A… friend…? Naruto thinks I'm his friend?' Hinata thought, and mentally smiled.

"Hey! I wanna have some free food too!" Kiba said with a toothy grin, "Can I go along?"

Shino stood up and walked to them, and for once, smiled a little. "May I join in too? I can't let a friend of mine have all… the fun."

"I don't see why not! The more the merrier!" Naruto grinned.


"Wow, that's a first time I ate a lot!" Kiba said as he gulped down 10 bowls of ramen. "You're really cool Naruto, I hope we can be team mates!"

"Yep! And this here's just an appetizer!" Naruto said with glee as he only ate TWO bowls of ramen.

"Hmm?" Shino asked as he took a helpful of noodles from the ramen.

"You see, back in Rune Midgard, Me and Anya crossed a man named Dante on our travels, and introduced me the awesomeness that is called… Pizza! Anya makes them for now, and I guess she's lounging around the new house now, and you guys are more than welcome to go there." Naruto said. "But sadly, we don't have any ingredients yet, how 'bout tomorrow?"

"W-well, I-I think its f-fine." Hinata stuttered out.

"Awesome, sure." Kiba replied.

"I shall try." Shino replied back in his monotone voice. "I must leave now, it's been fun."

"Same here Naruto. I gotta go back home, mom might kill me, heheh…" Kiba said as he left the ramen stand. Leaving Naruto and Hinata alone.

"Hey, Hina-chan, how 'bout I take you home? I can't let someone as beautiful as you walk alone in the middle of the night, ne?" Naruto asked with a smile on his face. Which caused the lavender eyed girl blush even harder.

"S…Sure." Hinata replied with a smile, even though she's still blushing.

'She has some confidence issues, I can smell it from here.' Naruto thought, 'Maybe I can help.'

"Let's go then." Naruto said as he picked up a small pouch full of Ryo and left it at the ramen stand.


Hyuuga Compound 11 PM

"We're here." Hinata said without a stutter for once, Naruto blinked at the sudden change. Suddenly, guards pointed their weapons at Naruto. "Naruto-kun!"

"Who are you and why are you with her?" a guard asked as he edged closer to Naruto.

"If you guys were looking, I just sent her back home…" Naruto calmly stated.

"Ah! Hinata, you are home." A voice boomed as Hiashi Hyuuga, father of Hinata, came out. "Guards, let the boy go." The guards grumbled as they returned to their posts. "Ah, Naruto, how are you after all these years, my friend?"

Naruto smiled at Hiashi, "It's been well, sir. I still owe Hinata a favor after she did save me before…"

Furashubakku no Jutsu!

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata saw Naruto beaten and bloodied, "You're hurt!"

Naruto shook his head in reply. "-cough- I'm okay, Hinata-chan, just… peachy."

Hinata involuntarily dragged Naruto back to her home as she called on her father to heal Naruto with some first aid.


"It's no problem, Naruto-kun." Hiashi said with a smile.

"I have to go now. I'll see you guys later." Naruto bowed in respect as he left.

"Bye, Naruto-kun."

Just as he left, Hiashi faced his daughter. "Hinata, I must ask of you, when will you stop wearing that shy mask of yours?"

Hinata smiled, "In due time, father. I just need to keep it on, until I can prove Naruto-kun I'm strong enough."

"Now, let us go train with Jin, your path of being a Champion grows near."

"Yes father."


"I… I finally have it!" Mizuki said with evil glee.

"Why are you doing this Mizuki?" Iruka asked as he gasped for breath.

Mizuki chuckled, "Simple, I don't want to be weak like you Iruka. I do this for power."

Naruto, who was damned lucky to be here on time yelled out. "Fool! Power doesn't come from a scroll! Strength comes for the people you care about!" he quickly swiped the scroll from Mizuki in a flash and held it in his arms. "Although…" Naruto opened the scroll, "I could use it." He found a single jutsu that piqued his interest, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Mizuki facevaulted and quickly stood up, "You're the fool, demon! I will kill you!" He charged at Naruto, only to duck and sweep kick Mizuki into a tree.

"Is that all? I could read Anya's Icha Icha Paradise books all day if you're so boring to fight with…!" Naruto's cocky attitude disappeared as Mizuki turned into an actual demon, his head formed two bison horns, and his eyes gleamed yellow as darkness enveloped him, a basic demon for some. "Well, well, well, would you look at that, we have ourselves a real demon." His smile grew wider as he stated. "Time for me…" he raised his hair that hid his left eye, only to reveal a gleaming eye that interchanges to red and gold. "To reveal my true power! The Valkyrie Bloodline!"

"Hah! What would a color changing eye would do to me? And you're the demon! Orochimaru-sama gave me this body!"

Inside Naruto's mindscape, Moonie gasped, "T…That's him. Orochimaru! He's the one who made me kill my Rose and my kits!"

Naruto was aware about what Moonie's trying to say. "Then I swear I will hunt him down for you."

"Orochimaru huh? Okay, I have one in my hit list!" Naruto said gleefully as he screamed "Aura Blade!" a flaming red chakra began to coat his Lighthalzen, and Naruto gripped the sword in a two handed stance. "Let's dance bitch!"

"Bring it on, Demon!" Mizuki yelled as he punched Naruto, who deflected his attack with his blade. "SOUL STRIKE!" five spheres of blood-red spirits appeared behind Mizuki and charged Naruto.

Naruto smirked as he drew a scroll from his blade and yelled, "Kyrie Eleison!", the scroll hummed a white light and a barrier formed around Naruto, boucing the ghastly attack at him.

"I'm not going to waste time anymore!" Naruto yelled as his left eye stopped changing colors and became red as he did a handsign, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he knew he can summon more than enough bunshins, but 7 was enough. The eight Narutos surrounded Mizuki. "Time to finish this!" Naruto and his clones stated as they brandished their swords and yelled, "Moonlight Blade!" And with perfect coordination, the Narutos swung their blades, blades of wind came out of their swing as it damaged Mizuki, and the eight Narutos dashed at intense speeds to the demon, slicing him from head to toe, a trail of wind blazing their wake as an asterisk symbol formed, and exploded, erasing Mizuki from existence.

Naruto panted, as he fell down unconscious. Thankfully, Iruka was not injured but he called on the ANBU's help to take the boy to the Hokage's office for a makeshift rest.

Naruto quickly woke up, "Oh, what the hell happened?" He asked as he saw with two eyes.

Wait… two eyes?

"Ah, right. I used my bloodline against him." Naruto summarized to himself, as he brushed his hair back down, deactivating the Valkyrie.

"What… was that Naruto?" Iruka asked, while aiding the boy.

"That was the Valkyrie Bloodline, the only one that gods had in Rune Midgard."

"What does it do?" a voice asked, as Sarutobi appeared in front of them in a flame shunshin.

Naruto jumped a little, "Don't pop in like that old man, anyway, the Valkyrie Bloodline has these effects: Increased speed, increased chakra reserves, and the impossible, half-immortality to the point someone has to cut my head off -not really... hehehe-."

The Hokage gaped in shock, speed and chakra reserves may be one thing, but half-immortality?

"Thank god Orochimaru does not know of your bloodline…" The Hokage muttered, "And that will be a problem in your side Naruto, since you had your bloodline, I forgot to ask if you-"

"Err, know my dad, the Yondaime Hokage, "The Yellow Flash" Minato Namikaze? Duh, why do I have the name old man?" Naruto asked Sarutobi, who replied with a whack to Naruto's head.

"Anyway, we'll have to talk about this, and your problem is the council."

"Ah, those people who caused my grief? I was wondering if I can kill them." Naruto grinned evilly.

Sarutobi sighed, "As much as I want to kill those fools myself, I can't."

"Hmm, I smell something fishy there anyway, let's talk about it tomorrow, but for now…" Naruto's eyes rolled above his head, his eyelids were shut as he plopped to the floor with an earth-shuddering thud.

Iruka only said nothing but, "How heavy is that armor anyway…"

Sarutobi shook his head as he sat down a chair and waited for the sun to rise, early bird does catch the early worm anyway.


"You!" A ninja called Anya. Where in turn said lady stared at them.

"Is there something you need?" Anya asked him.

The ninja revealed to be a part of ROOT, "Danzo-sama has heard of your abilities, he wants you to be part of-"

"Sorry, no." Anya quickly dismissed him as she began to open her Icha Icha Paradise book.

The Root Ninja snarled as he took out a kunai, "And he said that if you decline, you shall be taken by force."

Anya sighed, she stood up and grabbed her sword. "Fine, but, first, I see that you have a scroll that is actually an assassination mission given if either I or Naruto reject the offer, yes?"

"What the?" another ROOT Ninja asked in shock. "H-How did you know?"

"Oh, trust me, Odin is watching you fools." Anya replied, which wasn't really the right one. "Die in the name of Odin! Grand Cross!"

Screams were heard as most of the Konoha citizens only saw a powerful flash of light, and said light faded away.

"Now, let me take these~" Anya said gleefully as she took two scrolls from the skeletal remains of the ROOT Ninja. "Time to see Naru-chan's progress while I go back from my mission."


There's chapter 2 on the wrap!

Author's Notes

Moonlight Blade: Naruto's original Lord Knight skill, he sends a blade of wind to the enemy and quickly slices said enemy into half, or parts depending of Naruto has a Kage Bunshin.
Naruto's Moonlight Skill Lv: 1

Grand Cross: A Crusader's area of effect skill, attacks all enemies in a cross pattern with the caster on the center, very effective against undead and zombies, but works on Anya's targets.
Anya's GC Lv: 10

Aura Blade: A Lord Knight skill that infuses the sword with an aura, increasing attack power.
Naruto's AB Lv: 5

Bowling Bash: A single-target to mob skill that hits one enemy, and hits anything else on its wake, hence 'bowling' an enemy.
Naruto's BB Lv: 5

As the chapter progresses, so does the level of Naruto's skill. Will be explained later if I will publish an Author's Note 'chapter'

Also, Another poll for Chapter 3

Who will you choose to have Naruto's team mates? Depending on what you choose, Anya will be a second Jounnin Sensei where Naruto's team will be.

The Original Team 7 + Anya

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Team 8 + Anya

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Your Choice of 2 genins and Jounnin Sensei + Anya

Notes: If you choose either teams 8 or 10, they will be considered as a "Special Team" since it will be a 4 genin team with 2 Jounnin Senseis. And Sai will be added to Team 7 depending on the events that may occur.

Also, Chapter 3 again, will be written by June 20th here in the Philippines, due that June 19th is a special Convention day for me! Hehe~!

EDIT: I just drew Naruto as a Lord Knight, here is the link:



Omake: Hinata's queries

A red haired man who donned a red and white kimono drank a cup of water after their 2 hours worth of training to the ways of the Rune Midgarian Monks

"You have trained well, Hinata." Jin complimented as he sipped his water. "I'm pretty sure that Elesis will be jealous of your skills."

"Ah, Jin-sensei, what happened to your companions back in Bermesiah Continent?"

"They went their ways, although I heard that Arme might find a way to come to the Elemental Countries, she's been looking for a successor after all."

"Oh… I see, another question, sensei."

"Ask away, my dear student."

"Are chakra and magic and chi… one in the same?"

"In a nutshell…. Yes."

End Omake


Chapter 3 Preview

Naruto is now a genin among Konoha's ranks! Who will be his team mates and sensei, and how will he cope? Find out on Naruto: Rise of the SwordMaster Fox Chapter 3: Teammates!

Kiba: I hope I'm with Naruto, we'll be a badass team!

Shino: I concur.

Sasuke: Hmph, Whatever.

Kiba: What did Naruto call you again? Ass-gay, right?

*insert bloody screams here and mauling.*

Shino: /winces/ That… has to hurt.