Phew. Random story. In this story Yuzuyu is still living with the Katakura's. She's about 6 in this fic. So is Shouta, although the fact that he moved is still in play here. It's as if Yuzuyu's mom (spoiler) never came to get her at the end of the manga. (end spoiler) Based on the manga.

Centered around Satsuki & Ayumi.

Oh, I'm also not sure about Ayumi's family…so I kind of just made up a family for her. Only child, with two parents who are rather busy. Yup.


"Kippei onii-chan, what's it feel like to be in love?"

Kippei was anything but prepared for this question from Yuzuyu, and so he, as a result, spit out the bit of orange soda he had been drinking onto the table cloth. His sister was furious, so she stood abruptly, slammed her hands on the table, and yelled at Kippei for a good minute or two. After she calmed down, thanks to Kippei's mother, Yuzuyu asked her question again, only this time she addressed it to all at the table.

"In love, Yuzuyu?" Kippei asked, better prepared for the question this time. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I think I'm in love!"

Kippei wasn't prepared for this and his head met the table, his blonde hair entangled in the (hot) curry. His sister started to yell again and threatened to dye Kippei's hair brown, in a hue the same color as poop, while he was sleeping. Kippei moaned and lent his head up, eyes resembling those of an old man.

"Why do you think that?" he asked in a raspy voice. Yuzuyu giggled a bit.

"I dunno. I just feel funny. And since you're in love, I thought you'd know!" The six year old Yuzuyu gave Kippei her widest eyes, as if to dare him to say she was wrong. He sighed.

"Well it's kind of hard to describe, Yuzuyu…." He glanced at Kokoro, who was looking away on the other side of herself. It was Satsuki who cleared his throat and addressed the question Kippei was too spineless to ask.

"Well, who do you think you're in love with." Satsuki asked, in a monotone. If the word who wasn't in the sentence, there would be no indication at all that it was a question. Yuzuyu moved her feet together under the table, her eyes moved to the table cloth, and she blushed.

"Shou-chan." She said.

"That kid who moved?" Kippei burst.

"We write letters!" Yuzuyu protested. "Remember, you mail one out every week?"

"I do no such thing!" Kippei stated, as if this was a court trial and his life was on the line.

"I was talking to Kokoro nee-chan." Yuzuyu said. Kippei looked towards Kokoro with tears in his eyes. Kokoro glanced back at him blankly but said nothing.

"Why didn't I know about this?" Kippei asked.

"You don't need to know everything. Besides, if Yuzu wants to send letters to her friend, she should be able to, right?" Kokoro said. Kippei knew he had lost but did not want to give up.

"Anyway!" Yuzuyu exclaimed, "How do you know you're in love?"

Kippei and Kokoro exchanged a glance, and so did Kippei's parents and grandparents. Satsuki and his sister said absolutely nothing. Yuzuyu puffed out her cheeks.

"No one wants to tell Yuzuyu?" She asked.

"Apparently not." Satsuki said. All the members of the table glared at him but he was not phased.

"Satsuki onii-chan knows! Satsuki onii-chan has a girlfriend too! Right?" Yuzuyu said. All at the table were so eager to turn the embarrassment of love away from themselves that they immediately started to join Yuzuyu's harassment of Satsuki. Which wasn't really working well anyway.

"Yes, I do." Satsuki said.

"You should invite her over! Ayumi-chan, that's her name, right? You should invite her over to dinner tomorrow!" Exclaimed Kippei's mother.

Satsuki nodded. "I suppose."

"She's a model, right? She's really cute, isn't she? So how do you feel about her, Satsuki?" Inquired Reiko. At this, Satsuki fell silent. Although he did start to eat his rice just a little bit faster than before.

"Satsuki onii-chan, do you love her?" Yuzuyu asked. The entire family was focused on Satsuki. Only Kokoro spared him, and she was busy eating.

Silence. All at the table but Kokoro leaned closer to Satsuki. Satsuki, in contrast, moved back.


"….I suppose…?" Satsuki muttered. The entire table apart form Kokoro froze, exchanged glances, and leaned back.

"You suppose?" Yuzuyu asked. "But isn't it a yes or no answer?"

"If I didn't love her, I wouldn't be dating her." Moment of embarrassment and claustrophobia gone, Satsuki cleaned up his dishes and headed up the stairs.

"Satsuki!" Hollered his mother. "Remember to invite Ayumi to dinner tomorrow. Tomorrow at six!"

Satsuki was silent, but his mothers' intuition told her that he had gotten the message.


"Ehhhhh? Dinner at your house?" Ayumi asked, a little flustered from the suddenness of Satsuki's invitation.

"If you can't go, I understa-"

"No no! I can definably, definably go! I get to meet your family, right? It's so nice of them to think of me. Should I dress up? Or dress casually? Do I need to bring anything?" Ayumi asked.

"You don't have a job tonight?" Satsuki asked.

"No I don't…do you really want me to go to your house? Or would you rather I didn't go and said I had something to do?" Ayumi asked, looking at her desk. Once the bell rung, Satsuki stood up and leaned on Ayumi's desk with one hand, lifting the other to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Although Ayumi's face lit up like a neon sign, Satsuki's was blank.

"It's not formal. You can wear whatever you want. And don't bring any food, my mom will make enough." He answered all and only the questions he thought needed to be answered. Ayumi nodded as Satsuki slipped out of the door.

"And Ayumi, I wouldn't have asked you to come if I didn't want you to. Tonight at six." Satsuki left, wondering why so many people asked such obvious questions. A couple of girls sitting next to Ayumi started to converse, in what they believed were hushed whispers.

"What does he see in her? Isn't she taller than he is? How weird~" It was as if their obvious jealousy had mouths. Ayumi smiled at the girls, waved goodbye as if they were friends, and exited the classroom, pretending that she heard nothing.


Satsuki sat on the couch at home, eyes focused dryly on the TV. Yuzuyu was writing something while lying on the floor, Kokoro was next to Satsuki on the couch, and Kippei was sitting next to Yuzuyu.

"What are you writing, Yuzu?" Kippei asked with a smile.

"A letter to Shou-chan~"

Kippei's face faltered for a minute. Yuzuyu looked at Satsuki, who looked at her back but otherwise made no motions as if he'd noticed her.

"Satsuki onii-chan, you have to answer my question tonight!"

"I already answered it."

"No no! The one about how it feels to be in love!"

"I already answered that one, too."

"No! 'I suppose' does not count!"

Satsuki sighed and turned back to the TV, as the woman on screen tried to teach those who were watching how to make a fancy dish. Yuzuyu pouted when she was ignored and hopped onto the couch between Kokoro and Satsuki, leaning herself onto Satsuki's lap.

"Why are you ignoring me?" She whined. Satsuki was silent. Kippei was reading the letter to Shouta as best as he could without looking too obvious. He was failing at not looking obvious, by the way, and when Kokoro pointed it out he flushed.

"Satsuki, do you know what kind of food does Ayumi like?" Asked his mother. Satsuki shrugged a bit.

"She said she likes Melons." Everyone turned towards Satsuki and exchanged glances. It was a bad habit everyone was forming, except Kokoro who was indifferent to everything.

"Melons? We can't only eat Melons…." Satsuki's mother said with a sigh. "How about…hamburgers? She likes those, right?"

Satsuki merely shrugged. "I guess."

His mother sighed and moved to the kitchen, where she started to prepare the dinner for tonight.


Ayumi stood in front of her mirror, examining her appearance. She didn't look too flashy today. Her hair was done in a high and elegant looking ponytail, and being that high risen, the last strand fell to just about her waist. She wore a white tank top over a black three fourth sleeved shirt, with a black flower on the white tank top to match the shirt. She had a pair of dark jeans for pants- she decided against a skirt for two reasons. First of all the practical reason- it would be cold when she came home. Second she thought she'd look…like she was a bad influence or a bad person or something in a skirt. Even though she was a model, she wanted to look conservative and modest for Satsuki's parents. A pointless reason she knew, but it still was a reason.

Ayumi smiled at herself, moving downstairs. Her parents were almost always out, and though her mother constantly forgot about certain things like putting something away or leaving a note, her dad never failed to. Ayumi examined the note. It said that they were going out, her mother needed to go shopping again. She laughed, and on the bottom of the page, wrote that she was going to her boyfriends house for dinner and expected to be home late, just in case they beat her home.

She sighed, smiling to herself. Saying Satsuki was her boyfriend still made her about five layers of happy. She opened the door to her house and slipped out, grabbed her bike, and rode towards Satsuki's house. She read the signs outside the gates- Satoshi, Sakura, Hikari- and finally found Katakura on the sign. So she parked her bike, talking long strides to the gate. She pressed the button on the side and stepped back.

A woman exited the building.

"Who are you?" She asked although this was just a formality; she knew who it was.

"A-Ayumi….S-Satsuki's g-girlfriend." Ayumi said, trying to hide her stutters as best as possible. Though since she was a model and not an actress it was difficult for her to hide and futile for her to even try. She still felt like she swallowed a brick of happiness when she introduced herself as Satsuki's girlfriend.

"Well, come in then!" Satsuki's mother called. Ayumi nodded and walked inside, slipping off her shoes at the door.


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