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Ayumi placed her shoes at the bottom of the step, and in the process, she noticed several other pairs of shoes. How many people lived here? She took a pair of indoor slippers and placed them on her feet, walking inside. The kitchen smelt good, and looking inside Ayumi noticed a bowl of what appeared to be white rice and something cooking in a pan. She smiled.

"Smells good." She said. Satsuki's mother moved out of the kitchen for a moment.

"Ohh, does it? I'm glad! Why don't you head to the living room, everyone is in there." Ayumi nodded, slipping into the room. Almost all eyes moved to her. She noticed many people: an elderly couple who were smiling, and on the couch two people who she could only assume were a couple. They looked kind of…punk to her. A blonde boy, and a bored looking girl. The boy had his arm around her shoulders.

"If it isn't Satsuki's girlfriend!" Said the boy. Ayumi nodded, giving Kippei a warm smile. On the floor was a little six year old, and she turned, wrapping her arms around Ayumi's leg.

"Ayumi onee-chan!" She said. Ayumi looked down, shocked, but gave Yuzuyu a grin.

"Hello! And who are you?" She asked. Yuzuyu pointed to herself.

"I'm Yuzuyu!" She nudged on Ayumi's pants, and pointed first at the elderly couple. "Those are our grandparents! And that's Keppei onii-chan and Kokoro onee-chan!" She said. Ayumi gave her polite nod to all of them, waving sheepishly as she did so.

"Hello, I-I'm Ayumi, I-it's a p-pleasure to m-meet you…" She was suddenly so nervous. She got to meet Satsuki's family! She needed to make a good impression! She hung her head down, face flushing. What if they got married? Then these would be her in-laws, and…

"Ayumi, what are you giggling about?" A familiar monotone broke her fantasies. Her head snapped up and she turned to him.

"Oh, S-S-Satsuki, n-n-nothing!" Ayumi said. Oh no, she was stuttering! She would leave a bad impression! This thought flustered her even more than before. Satsuki watched this display and sighed, reaching up to pat Ayumi's cheek gently.

"Oy. Calm down." he said. Ayumi blinked, looking into his eyes.


Suddenly there was clapping. Ayumi flushed again, and Satsuki blinked. Keppei cat-called, and Kokoro slapped his arm.

"Leave them alone." She ordered. Keppei whined, but obeyed his girlfriends order. Yuzuyu was leading the clapping now. The grandparents were also clapping slowly. Satsuki's hand lowered and he moved to the stairs wordlessly, going up to his room. Ayumi stared after him.

"Ayumi, Ayumi!" Keppei said, with a hint of teasing. Kokoro glared at him. "I think you should go up after him."

Ayumi noticed that the grandparents and Keppei seemed to be restraining giggles.

Yuzuyu blinked, and hopped onto Kokoro's lap. Keppei looked at her, and patted Yuzuyu's head. Ayumi couldn't help but notice they looked like a very young family.

"Really? W-Well I'll see you all at dinner, then…" Ayumi said, walking up the stairs after Satsuki. Once she was gone, the others all turned to each other.

"She seemed nice." The grandmother said.

"She was nervous, because Keppei kept teasing her." Kokoro said.

"I like Ayumi onee-chan!" Yuzuyu said.

"She's tall." Keppei said. Kokoro gently hit him. "She was taller than Satsuki, anyway." All of those in the room pondered this.

Ayumi reached the top floor and glanced around for Satsuki's room. "Satsuki?" She asked. She peered into one room. It was completely dark. She shut the door and moved to the next one. The sign said it was Keppei and Yuzuyu's room. Ayumi smiled. How cute. She turned to another spare room, and that one was dark, too. She moved to the next room and opened it.

This was Satsuki's room. The lights were on, and sitting on his bed, with headphones in his ears, was Satsuki. He heard her open the door and took out his earphones, raising his brow at her.

"Hello, Ayumi." he said.

"Hey, Satsuki." Ayumi said, stepping inside and closing the door behind her. Satsuki turned off his music player and sat up on his bed, his legs stretching over the side. Ayumi sat next to him, her legs hit the floor. Satsuki's didn't.

"What is it?' Satsuki asked. Ayumi shifted nervously in her seat.

"It's just that…well, I did come over for you…so I decided I'd rather be with you than downstairs. Plus you came up here all alone and…well, you'd be lonesome?" her tone was laced with what sounded like worry.

Satsuki's face didn't falter. He moved his eyes to his feet.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to try anything on you. You don't need to be so nervous." he said. Ayumi blinked, then her face turned red.

"N-n-no! I'm n-not nervous a-about that! No! I was just nervous a-about your family…I…I know you wouldn't try anything." Her voice faded, and she trailed off. Satsuki blinked, before he grabbed her hand.

"Do you want me to try something?"

Ayumi blushed even thicker. "W-What?" You couldn't, I mean, I-it's not like you need to. I'm fine." Satsuki shrugged.


"Wait!" Ayumi said. "I-I never said I didn't want you too…"

Satsuki moved his hand form hers and lifted both of his hands to either of her cheeks, and Ayumi blinked. He moved closer to her, and he kissed her.

He'd never kissed her before today. They'd held hands, they'd even hugged. (Well, Ayumi usually controlled most of that). But they'd never kissed. Ayumi had been waiting for this for as long as she could remember. She smiled against his lips, before she moved her arms onto his opposite shoulders, resting her elbows there. Her hands crossed, and she could feel his hair against the back of her hand.

"….Satsuki? Oy, Satsuki? Ayumi-chan?..oh…sorry to interrupt." A voice said. Ayumi blinked, and tilted her head to the side. She spotted Keppei, wearing a grin and leaning against the doorframe like a…like a pimp! Now she remembered the word she wanted to use to describe Keppei. He snickered.

"Dinnertime." Satsuki said, grabbing Ayumi's hand. Keppei puffed. "What? No comment for me, for interrupting you?"

"We can continue later, if we want too."

Keppei burst into laughter. Satsuki shook his head. Ayumi was in a daze.

They eventually arrived in the kitchen. Keppei had, in hushed whispers, told everyone at the table what he'd walked in on except for Yuzuyu. So both of the adolescents in question felt the snickers and glares of Satsuki's wonderful family.

"It's impolite to stare." Satsuki told them all. They scoffed.

Ayumi was completely red. Now they must think so lowly of her! She picked at her rice. "I-It's r-really good…" She said quietly. The mother smiled.

"Hm, thank you Ayumi!" She said. Ayumi ate in silence. So did the rest of the family. When dinner was over, Ayumi slumped into the living room. Her boyfriend sat next to her on the couch. Kokoro and Keppei were sitting on the floor now, playing a game with Yuzuyu.

"He's childish, isn't he?" Satsuki asked, pointing to his brother. Ayumi shrugged.

"I think he's just good with kids. He'd make a good father someday." She said. Satsuki tilted his head. Was that really what she thought?

"Do you want kids?' he asked. A little loudly. Everyone heard. The parents and grandparents lent their heads out from in the kitchen to hear Ayumi's reaction.

"W-Well…" Ayumi blushed. "I-I don't know if I could handle them." She said. "But I mean, maybe. In my future." Ayumi's hands were balled into fists in her lap. Satsuki reached over and grabbed one of her hands, which immediately loosened. She blinked.

"I don't really like kids." Satsuki said blankly.

"I'll keep that in mind." Ayumi said with a light giggle. Satsuki was looking absently at the ceiling. Keppei pulled Kokoro into a hug and whispered in her ear.

"Hm? Is Satsuki embarrassed?"

"It's none of your business, Keppei." Kokoro said.

The phone rang. Keppei's mother answered it. Moments later, she came out into the living room.

"Yuzuyu, it's Shou-chan." She said. "He says his mom just got the phone connected." Yuzuyu flocked over to the phone. Keppei gasped, holding his hand out to her.

"No, Yuzu!" He complained. Yuzuyu already had the phone and ran farther back in the kitchen for some privacy. Keppei sniffled. Kokoro patted his shoulder.

Ayumi stood outside the Katakura household. Her bike was ready to go. Satsuki stood next to her. The others were supposedly inside, although it was obvious they were peeping through the windows.

"Well, Satsuki…bye…" Ayumi said. She smiled at him. "It was fun today, an-"

"Did you have a problem when I kissed you?"

Well, he didn't beat around the bush, did he? Ayumi pinkened, and shook her head.

"No, I didn't." She said. "I..uhm…liked it?" She didn't think that the phrase was fitting. "But if you had a problem with it…"

"I'll kiss you whenever you want me too."

Ayumi smiled. "Then kiss me now."

He grabbed her hands and knelt up, kissing her softly. He was on his tip-toes. Ayumi smiled, and got on her bike.

"Thanks, Satsuki." She said. She drove off.

And then everyone in the entire household ran outside and jumped on Satsuki.

Good times.

Inside the house, Satsuki sat on the couch. Yuzuyu was next to him, in her pajamas. She looked up at him. He didn't meet her gaze.

"Satsuki onii-chan, what's it feel like to be in love?' She asked. Satsuki sighed.

"I don't know."

"yes you do!"

"No I don't."

"yes you do!"

"It feels like being a dog."


"I said it feels like being a dog."

Yuzuyu tilted her head to the side. "Why?"

"Because you'd do anything for them." Satsuki replied. "Like a dog."

Yuzuyu was slowly understanding. "Hey, Satsuki onii-chan, are you gonna have kids?" She asked. Satsuki sighed.

"I don't know."

His answer used to be no.


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