This little one-shot is the result of taking a look at a shit-load at Disney stuff for the last few days. Truthfully, my favorite part of Disney's animation canon is, beyond a doubt, the villains. The heroes are good, the princesses are cute, the storylines are great, but the villains always sell the show for me. This is my reaction to seeing and reviewing Disney's House of Villains…AND IT SUCKED! So here's what I really think a union of Disney villains will be like.

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By Da Games Elite

As he traveled through the wavering seaweed colored stew of souls, his essence flickering in and out as the ripples traveling through the river of departed spirits of the dearly departed, all that the shade of Jafar, fallen Sultan, defeated greatest sorcerer in the world, and slain genie, could think of was his defeat, his body crumbling away into nothing, dissolving into oblivion entirely. That boy's face, that demon child's scent in his nostrils, and all of his damn friends. That accursed rug, that foolish Princess, the filthy lice covered monkey, that blubbering fool of a genie, and, worse of all, his traitorous parrot Iago! The traitorous fool deserved to suffer the boredom of this eternal descent down the pathways of existence. However long he was alone with his thoughts, be it for a few seconds or for a few millennia, he had no idea. Not like it mattered. Even a nanosecond in this hellhole was too long for a deity like Jafar.

When he felt spectral oxygen hit his ectoplasm nostrils, Jafar, at first, didn't realize what had happened. After all, he had never made contact with this bizarre substance that existed beyond the film covering his soupy prison. As he felt a long, thick black tendril wrap around his torso, dragging him into the air, he at first understood nothing of what had just happened. It wasn't until he came to his senses, seeing his feet dangling over the ghastly sea of damned souls did he fully grasp what had occurred.

There, resting on the cliff-like shore of the sea, was his savior. Her nautical appendages slithered around Jafar, almost caressing his slender face, as though she wished for nothing than to penetrate him out of lust. Of course, the hungry expression on this woman's blubbery face (a blubbery face that was in congruency with her rather wide body) did give more weight to that theory of desire, and yet, at the same time, Jafar felt little fear from this woman.

After all, he could kill her in an instant if he was truly in danger.

"Ah! So finally I found you," the strange creature cackled, a hoarse laugh in the pit of her jowl covered throat echoing through the lofty chamber, "You are a rather hard one to find, I'll have you know. Took a while to truly get a good grip on your body."

"I see. Now, tell me, what exactly did you accomplish by ensnaring me in your—whatever you call these phallic things?"

The woman laughed once again, stroking her cheeks with a pudgy palm. "Phallic? No, I don't think you truly understand the sheer beauty that I possess."

"I suppose I don't. Then again, pondering about whatever sort of beauty you might possess won't answer my question anytime soon. What is it you want of me?"

"What do you mean?" the woman asked, lowering Jafar to the Plutonian shore, staring down at the river, "Oh! I see! Hahahaha! No, take your mind out of the gutter, you foolish boy. No, I was sent here to pick you up."

"Pick me up?" Jafar repeated, raising an eyebrow at this. Was she some sort henchman? Some sort of herald of a greater power? Just what was this place?

"Yes, now come with me," the woman replied, gesturing for Jafar to follow her as she migrated forward, her tentacles pulling her forward down the path of the smoky hell-world.

Jafar pursued her, seeing nothing to lose. He was already dead, and, after all, he had spent however long dwelling in the dominion of death. What did he have to lose from needing to move his legs for a bit, pushing his mental capacity no doubt by deciding how to migrate from this dominion back to his home of Agrabah. Actually, seeing this new world, it opened up new venues of domination. It was very possible for him to dominate new worlds and realms, for, after all, perhaps there were other dimensions that he could learn about here. With that knowledge, he'd be able to migrate to new worlds, where, with his infinite cosmic powers, he could do anything!

After all, he didn't have a lamp to bind him any longer now that it was melted away.

But he couldn't let this woman see him plotting behind her superior's back.

"Tell me, woman, what is it I can call you, anyway?" Jafar asked.

The woman cackled for whatever reason at the sound of this question. "You can call me Ursula."

"I see, so why're you here?" Jafar asked, curiously, unable to deny the fact that he was grateful for even a bit of conversation after an eternity of silence.

"Well, I don't mind sharing with you that. I was this close, you see, THIS close, to dominating my world, all the oceans would've been mine! But then that foolish Prince and that damn girl turned the tables on me, and just happened to take me down! All my years of planning, all that time! And is this the thanks I get for matching her up her precious prince, even if it was for a little bit before I took that damn boy from her! I had even beaten that accursed Triton! I had everything in my hands!"

"I can't deny I've been in a similar situation in life," Jafar chuckled, "Twice."

"Twice? That's worse than me!" laughed Ursula, that irritating cackle making Jafar's ears bleed. If that woman was thrown back into the lake, he wondered if she'd be able to navigate through the ectoplasm stream. He wondered if she wouldn't simply drown under the weight of her own blubbery mass. He wondered if he could kill her a second time, and relieve eternity of that damn cackle.

His laughs were more wicked.

Hers were irritating.

At last, the two reached a large fissure in the wall that Jafar doubted that ball of fat could squeeze through. Despite his concerns, her body seemed to almost contort so she could squeeze straight through the fissure, her tentacle slapping the granite walls before disappearing into the darkness in a snap. Jafar walked straight through the crack without difficulty, finding it, in fact, less claustrophobic than he would have expected.

The chamber the crack lead into, however, was far more lofty and roomy.

The high vaulted ceiling was covered with mosaics of deities holding lightning bolts and planets, clearly the Gods of this domain. It took a fool not to pick up on the fact that the man in the center, a great man with large muscles and lightning bolts, the world under his feet, was their head, considering that all the bodies seemed to revolve around this one man. The seats in the chamber were structured like that of a dinner table, with thrones with high backs lining the table, each soul sitting on the oak surface clearly kindred spirits: souls with dark desires and hatred for those who sent them to an early grave.

Ursula had already taken a seat, and gestured to the one beside her. He struggled with his distaste for this oversized calamari for a moment before realizing that, if he were to overthrow the head of this meeting, and dominate everyone here, he would need to be tactful, resilient, and keep good face, just like he had fooled that stupid Sultan. He took his seat, and found himself squeezed between the nautical herald who had salvaged his soul and, to his mild surprise, a lion with a long, shaggy black mane!

And then, to his additional surprise, though his face betrayed none of this emotion, the lion spoke.

"So that's why you were gone for so long, Ursula? Retrieving this new man?"

"That's right, Scar. Hahaha! He's an interesting fellow, though I don't think he's got what it takes."

Jafar would have blown the sea witch to the winds, thrown her down to that accursed stream so she could drown in ectoplasm, or worse, banish her to the winds so that she'd remain in a new sort of Hell of Jafar's own creation. However, if he were to kill the fool now, then his plans might be ruined. So, rather than blow her away, he struggled to twitch his lips into a slight grin, his eyes glaring at the both of them. "Listen now, I don't understand what I require to have what it takes."

"Well then, tell me, have you ever killed your brother and convinced your nephew that he was the one who had sent his father to an early grave?" Scar the lion asked, chuckling.


"This is an outrage!"

Jafar glanced over his shoulder to see a newcomer in the room, being guided by a woman wearing black, horns piercing through the hood on her head, her staff held in her hand as she took her seat, her expression disinterested an insidious. Jafar felt a sudden respect toward this woman, as though she was just as intolerant of the fools in the court as he was.

However, it was not her who made the shouts of fury.

"There must be some sort of mistake. This place is a Hellhole! Is this my punishment for lust? Is this Purgatory?"

It was an old man, far older than any of the people already in the room, dressed in long black and purple robes, as though he were wearing the darkness of night on his frail body, his large dropping hat larger than Jafar's own turban. There was a madness in his eyes, a wickedness in his aura, that, upon even looking at this man, even he felt repulsed, as though he wanted to kill him then and there and felt no one would blame him if he did, rather they'd applaud his murder.

"Will you hold your tongue for even a moment, fool?" the woman who brought the old man in replied, her voice slow, fearsome, and, for all intents and purposes, filled with malice, "You've been speaking for the entire way here. Can it be too much for you to hold your tongue for even a moment?"

"My God! My aching ears hurt already…" Jafar became aware of a figure who had no doubt been sitting there for awhile now, a man dressed in flamboyant red attire, filled with frilly white and a hat that put any headwear the others in the room had on their head look frail and small in comparison. His one hand had been knocked off no doubt in combat, and had been replaced with a hook. This silly looking man was in sharp relief with the rest of the people here. Jafar could not for a moment appreciate him as a threat for his domination plans. In fact, if Jafar were to threaten his life, no doubt this man would just cry at his feet and go along with his evil plans.

A good pawn.

And yet, even his future pawn could not distract him enough from that old man's shouting. "You are all demons here to test me, aren't you! Well, rest assured that none of your deception will detour me from the proper pathway of justice. You shall all burn in the pit! Turn to bloodstained ashes and soot upon the underside of Hell! Eternal damnation awaits you!"

"Oh will you shut up?" spoke a gigantic sentient burlap sack. Jafar had lost any sense of awe of the others in this room after the talking cat compared his sins to a great Genie like Jafar, but even the former sultan couldn't deny that seeing a gigantic sack in the shape of a human, a mere parody of Jafar's former race, unsettled him. However, that voice erased all fear from his heart, and left only one thought in Jafar's heart.

He was another good pawn.

"Why don't you loosen up and just put all your worries in the dice, eh, old guy?" the burlap sack chuckled, tossing two six-sided cubes in the air, a small snake twisting through the holes on the sides.

"Gambling? What a sinful recreation," the man replied, refusing to sit by the others, "I shall hear what the man who sent me here wishes to say before accursing you all to the flaming pit!"

"What a swell guy he is," a large man laughed, his muscles bulging out of his red shirt. This man seemed seemly out of place amongst the rest. He didn't seem particularly threatening, silly, or irritating. He didn't even try looking fearsome. He looked as though they had just plucked an ordinary mortal from the batch of souls, and felt that he would be able to fill a seat at the table.

"Gaston, be nice to our new guest," Ursula cackled, that painful laugh filling Jafar's ears yet again. "I suppose we could just destroy him later. He seems to be a little obsessed with fire and brimstone though. Maybe we could just bring him to some firehole and just leave him there. Let him scream all his heart out then."

"What a blasphemous woman!" the old man shouted, "Damn all of you to the pit!"

"Damn us?" the man with the hook chuckled, "Damn Captain Hook? Damn my great crew? Now come now, surely you're joking around. I'm not even dead like you are."

"Neither am I," an old woman sitting at his side who looked as though she were a millennia past her expiration date replied, her feathery attire attempting, vainly, to make herself look larger than she was. In actually, she was frailer than the old man. Like the man named Captain Hook, Jafar couldn't take her seriously.

"Where did you get this guy, Maleficent?" the burlap sack man laughed, bugs sputtering from his mouth as he turned toward the woman all in black, whose expression was almost pained, as though she could simply name the places she'd rather be than this hellhole, this irritating dimension, and longed for nothing short than to kill everyone here.

Kindred spirit indeed.

"I had to wade through the deepest, foulest corners of the Underworld," the woman replied, who Jafar now knew by the name Maleficent, "He had committed sins that even I find mildly offensive."

"The sinful will always view virtue as sinful," the old man replied, his head held high.

At that instant, two new figures arrived. One was a woman who could only be referred to as a Queen, her robes trailing behind her, a crown on her head, a majestic appearance about her as she glanced at no one other than her seat at the table. Behind her was a man, or at least that's what Jafar assumed it was. It resembled a human in shape, in that it had arms and legs and a head. However, those horns that sprouted from under his grotesque, moldy hood, his mass fearsome and horrifying. From beneath the shadows of his hood emerged two glowing spheres that could only be eyes.

He was just as terrifying as the demonic man preaching virtue.

"Who's that guy?" the sack man asked the Queen.

"Oogie Boogie, meet the Horned King," the Queen replied, her voice a mere drawl as the monstrous man with horns took a seat at her side, with only the blubbery sea witch separating Jafar from that monster. Jafar knew she'd serve a purpose eventually.

"Hello," the Horned King said, his voice a raspy croak, as though it had emerged from the depths of hell, a whispery whistle from the depths of his vocal cords.

"What an assembly of freaks," the muscle bound man known as Gaston mumbled, plopping his feet on the table as he leaned back, stretching out his torso, "But I'm afraid none of you really look like you could beat me in a fight."

"Excuse me, sir, but I'm afraid that all of us could beat you," Scar replied, his voice sophisticated, high above Gaston's rank, "Except for that old woman, Yzma, over there."

"Hey!" the frail woman shouted, rising to her feet.

"Except that guy," Oogie Boogie laughed, pointing at a seat off to the corner. Jafar had been, until that moment, unaware that anyone had even been sitting there. There, sitting silently in the chair, was a man dressed entirely in animal skins, his head lowered as a great hawk remained perched quietly on his shoulder. At his side, he held a long, poorly constructed yet fearsome blade. Even when pointed out by the talking bag, he didn't respond. He was a warrior, a true fighter. Jafar was mildly curious what would happen if that man and Jafar even crossed paths.

"Shan Yu, don't be so antisocial. Tell Gaston here you'd kick his stinky behind into next week," Oogie Boogie cackled.

"I'm not afraid to take you on!" Gaston laughed, rising to his feet, a confident grin on his broad chinned face.

The hulk of a man chuckled to himself, glancing up at the challenge. "I'm afraid to fight you."

"Cowardly in the face of a true man? I see how it is."

"No. I'm afraid I'd be forced to clean up the mess."

Just as Gaston pulled his seat aside, ready to pummel the quiet boaster to the ground, there was a great explosion of blue fire and smoke from the head of the table. Jafar turned at this, a smile on his lips, clearly aware that their fearless leader, the man Jafar would need to overthrow, had arrived. There, standing in the smoke and fire, was a large figure, bald save for the enflamed locks that flickered over his hairline, burning with a great intensity as the chamber flickered with the arrival of the fire on his head. His blue skin was cool, chilling the chamber with an aura of relaxation upon his arrival.

"Sorry for takin' so long, I just had to take care of some business upstairs, ya know? There was this guy upstairs who was arguing with me about how to get rid of the big guy up on top, so I just needed to slap some sense into him. Ya know how these things are right, guys?"

"Are you the one who summoned us here?" Maleficent asked, her voice flat.

"That I am."

At that moment, Maleficent rose from her seat, and attempted to walk away. However, as she left the table, their leader appeared before her, inches away in a puff of flame, holding Maleficent back. "Woah—woah—woah—woo~oah! Let's not be too hasty here now. You leave now, and you'll go back to sailing on the river of empty dreams and boredom, okay? So what's it gonna be? Whaddya got t' lose now, lady?"

"I see. However, rest assured, if this offer of yours leaves me unimpressed, I'll show you all the powers of Hell!"

"Damned slime!" the old man snapped, drawing backward in disgust.

"Oh, I had a feeling you'd say that, kid," their summoner replied, waving off the old man's comments as he neared the frail old man. He wrapped an arm around the man's shoulders, drawing him close as though they were bosom buddies. However, the old man's expression clearly stated how much he's rather be doing more enjoyable activities, like sleeping on a bed of pins.

"Kid?" the old man repeated, unable to really comprehend this man's babble.

"Yeah, kid! I mean, I think I have a few billion years on ya already, so don't worry about, you know, authority or rank. I kinda had a few billion years to move up the ranks to Godhood."

"Deceiver of man!" the old man drew away from the fire-haired god, his eyes wide with hatred. "Tell us your name, enemy of God!"

"It's Hades, Lord of the Dead, hey, how're ya doin'?" the God extended his hand, a calm smile on his lips.

"Damn your accursed soul to the pits of Hell!" the old man pushed aside Hades' hand with a sharp slap, drawing back, his arms before him, his expression filled with unbridled hatred.

"Oh, whatever," Hades laughed, waving him away, "Well, would you all like a chance at resurrection?"

"I'm not dead," Captain Hook sighed.

"Nor me," Yzma replied, "In fact, I'm kinda getting bored of this damp hole. This moisture is not helping my arthritis, ya know."

"Yeah, well, I brought you two down first, and if it wasn't for me, old bag, ya'd still be caughin' up hair balls, so a little 'thank you' would be appreciated." Yzma fell silent. Hades drew up to the front of his table, clapping his hands together as he rubbed his palms together, a grin crawling up his lips, his jagged teeth glinting in the faint light. "Okay, that aside, you guys all have grudges, I suppose?"

"It is my grudge that no doubt brought me to Purgatory," the old man replied.

"Hey, Frollo, shut up! No one wants t' hear ya talk right now," Hades replied, "It was a rhetorical question anyway. You're supposed to just NOT TALK!" Upon Hades's sudden flare of anger, the fire on his head exploded upward, scorching the surface of their high ceiling.

"My God! A demon!" Frollo drew back, his arms across his face.

"Hahahaha! What a coward!" Ursula cackled, her jelly-like belly trembling in a sickening manor.

"But, anyway, all of you have a grudge for someone, right? Everyone has someone up topside they'd like to have a reunion with, am I right or am I right?" Hades paused a moment to let this sink in. Indeed, Jafar's thoughts for all his eternity in that river was how he wanted to slam Aladdin's head into the open jaws of a foul monster whose name no human should ever hear.

"I take it you wish to bring us back for revenge?" Jafar chuckled, "But tell me, as pleasurable as that idea is to hear, I doubt you're doing this for charity's sake."

Hades chuckled. "Ya know, I like ya, Jaffy—can I call ya Jaffy?—You catch on quickly. Yes, there is a catch for me helpin' you: you guys gotta help me."

"And what does that entail?" Maleficent asked, curiously.

"I guarantee none of you guys will be able to help out as much as I can," Gaston replied.

"Yes, of course. Because no one can gamble like Gaston, right?" Oogie Boogie laughed.


"Doesn't explain why you lost four out of four rounds of Blackjack, then, buddy ol' pal!" the sack laughed, elbowing Gaston in the ribs.

"That's because you cheated!"

"Guys, we have some discussion we need to work out here. C'mon! Let's get back on track here, guys!" Hades snapped, vainly trying to draw the two gamblers from their argument.

"Silence." Everyone was silenced as Shan Yu spoke, a small grin on his lips. "I want to hear this man's proposal."

There was a moment following that announcement before Hades continued, a smile on his lips. "Okay, cool. Reason I called you guys all down was because you're some of the best. The best of the best."

"I know I am," Gaston laughed.

"Your pride is a mortal sin worthy of damnation," Frollo replied, still standing apart from the table.

"What sort of ridiculous flattery is this?" the Queen grumbled, "Tell us what you want now, or else my attention span will be ran to its ends."

"Alright, tough crowd. Anyway, I want you to help me overthrow the guys up top so the entire Cosmos will be mine—er, ours—Whaddya say?"

That was his great plan? Taking over the world? Well, Jafar couldn't deny his objective was similar. Nevertheless, he saw a great opportunity for domination right then and there. If everyone of these weak willed fiends went along with Hades' plan, the moment that Jafar found Hades at his weakness and destroyed him, Jafar would find himself in charge of a legion of warriors ready to dominate all the worlds in existence. He grinned at this.

"So, let's backtrack here a bit!" Oogie Boogie laughed, "You want us all to follow you?"

"Well, kinda, yeah."

"Ha! Maybe I'll join ya. Don't see why I wouldn't. I mean, really, so long as you let me put up some gamblin' rings here and there, I'll be fine—!"

Maleficent rose to her feet, and turned away. She didn't give reason for this sudden movement, and even Oogie Boogie's words lost their impact upon this sudden movement. The horned woman turned toward Hades, glaring at him from behind her fearsome eyelids as she sneered slightly, smirking at his stupidity. "You honestly expect me to serve? The Mistress of all Evil? You must've taken me for a fool."

"Oh God, prima donas," sighed Hades.

"If those two mortals found themselves in the world of the dead, surely it'll be effortless to find an exit myself. If any trials stand in my way, any demons, I'll simply slay them. If you stand in my way, I'll throw you in that accursed lake where I was forced to remain within for only God knows how long. If any of you wish to join me, well, you'll need to acknowledge me as your Master."

"I am with Maleficent on this matter as well," the Queen replied, rising to her feet as well, "I have no true desire to take over the Cosmos. I see no point in universal domination whatsoever."

"What? Why wouldn't you want to conquer the world!" Hades stammered, "What's wrong with domination, anyway? I mean, why wouldn't you want to take over the world!"

"I can name a few reasons," Captain Hook replied, "I mean, why would I want to take over the world? It takes all the fun out of trying to kill Peter Pan!"

"Hello? You help me take over the world, I'll let you kill Peter Pan, and then bring you back here so you can kill him until you get bored of him!"

"I've heard enough of this sinful discussion!" Frollo snapped, turning on his heels, "This punishment is divine. Surely this is all part of the Lord's mysterious plans. Nevertheless, I will find a way out of this damned hole, and find a way to slaughter those damn gypsies."

"You help me take over the world, I'll let you freakin' go Hitler on those gypsies if you want!"

"Who's he?" Frollo asked.

"Don't worry. You'll see in a few centuries. Anyway, look! This is stupidity! Guys! You all have goals and all, but you can get all of them if you just follow me! Alright! How hard is it! I MEAN, IT'S FREAKING TAKING OVER THE WORLD! Who doesn't want to do that, huh! HUH?" At the sound of his shouting, his flaming hair exploded up amongst him, his entire body consumed in the inferno he created, the tongues of flame spinning around his mass, licking the stone surface he stood on, sending ashes into the air.

As the display settled down, Shan Yu rose to his feet, a smile on his lips. "I see nothing wrong with domination, if it's any consolation to you."

The Horned King rose to his feet as well, a chuckle in his dried out throat. "I was planning on taking over the world myself, and, if aided by equals, I'll reach this goal faster. I see nothing wrong with this path."

"This might be a good way to spend a weekend," Yzma replied, mostly to herself, "Maybe I'll turn Zeus into a roach, then throw him into a box. Then put it in another box. And then another box! And then send it into that river, put a rock in the boxes, and drown it! YEAH! That sounds like a good idea! Hahahahahah—GHACK!" Yzma coughed into her hands, gagging on her own laugh.

Jafar rose to his feet, a grin on his lips as well. No doubt both the Horned King and Shan Yu (though Yzma was questionable) were like minded individuals. Surely they all saw the opportunity before them: kill Hades, overthrow him, and rule the Cosmos themselves. Surely they were all rivals, and yet, compared to the Genie Jafar, they were only second rate, no, third rate, no, lower than that. There was a laugh in his throat that Jafar struggled to suppress, suppressed to have explode from his chest in a cackling roar of laughter.

He suppressed all but a giggle.

"Well, if all of you are going to participate in this madness, I suppose I could donate my time as well," Scar chuckled beside him, glancing over at Hades.

"What do I have to lose?" Ursula laughed, leaving Jafar longing for nothing short than her head to roll. When Jafar overthrew Hades, Ursula would be the first one to be executed, or perhaps launched from a cannon into space!

"Why would I want to dominate the world?" Gaston asked, "I mean, I'll help, seeing as how you'll bring me back to life if you do, but why?"

"Well, uh, chicks DIG overlords," Hades replied, smiling.

"I am in!" Gaston laughed, rising to his feet.

Hades knew how to play his cards.

"Well, I'll tell you whether I'll join you by the roll of the dice! Let's do this, firehead!" Oogie Boogie laughed, "Evens or Odds, flame boy?"


Oogie Boogie laughed as he rolled the dice. They clambered to a halt upon impact on the table, rolling to a halt. The first die was a five, only for the five to turn up as a seven. Hades laughed before there was a loud thud. The table shook, and the five rolled over to six. Oogie Boogie laughed out loud, "Oh! So sorry! Eleven! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"You damn cheater! That was a ten! A TEN!" Hades's entire mass of flames exploded outward, hands extending from the mass of flame, knotting into fingers ready to strangle the life from Oogie's nonexistent throat. Oogie laughed in his hysterics before turning to Hades, either unaware or indifferent in regards to the Death God's unbridled fury.

"So long as you let me do a little gamblin' on the side, I'll bring you to a gateway between all sorts of worlds to take over!" Oogie laughed.

"Yes, I know of it, but you'll show me where it is," Hades laughed, "Reason I brought you here, after all, Oogie. That doorway is essential for my plans."

"I suppose I should lend my aid as well," Jafar replied, rising to his feet, knowing full well that he'd sooner kill everyone here than truly and thoroughly form an alliance with them. The moment the chips were down, and all was in his favor, he would kill them all and rule as supreme ruler. However, to get to that point, he'd need their aid.

"Hmmph! I see nothing to be gained by allying myself with the likes of you," Maleficent snapped, "If you'll excuse me, I'll find my own way out." Maleficent and the Queen navigated through the fissure in the wall.

At this, Gaston turned toward Hades, and asked, curiously, "Do you want me to take 'em?"

"No, they'll never find a way out," Hades laughed, "It's a labyrinth down here! They'll sooner find Jimmy Hoffa's body then—"

"This infernal nightmare is worthy of damnation! Rest assured that the forces of light will send you down into the Pit! I hope you all enjoy Hell!" Frollo snapped, turning his tail on the rest as he approached the fissure in the wall, his black cloak trailing behind him. A moment passed after his shadow disappeared from view entirely before Jafar felt at ease. Jafar was a man of great power, but that frail old man sent nothing but terror through his heart. Not fear terror, but a sort of terror that hit him in the deepest corridor of his heart, a terror of the unknown, a terror that told him that old man could do anything, and he'd never see it coming. There was no morals in that man, and even amongst fiends, a lack of morals was a terrifying concept.

"Weren't you shipping out too, Hook?" Gaston asked, turning toward the Captain, who appeared most agitated.

"Well, you see, I'd rather not be out and about with filth like that old man!" Hook replied, gesturing toward the fissure where Frollo had just slithered away from, "I'll work with you for now, if not only to find that accursed Peter Pan!"

"Oh, good! So, then we're all in agreement?"

"I'd say so," Jafar chuckled, "But I take it you'll be our leader? I have no issue with that. Do you?" As Jafar expected, the others, all of whom no doubt wished to overthrow Hades, nodded in agreement with Jafar. "Good, then who shall be second-in-command? Seeing as how I am an almighty Genie, I suppose I should play that role."

"I have a disagreement there," the Horned King replied, "I have armies and legions of dead monsters willing to aid me. You are alone. I have more to offer here."

"I have armies as well," Shan Yu replied, "Armies that have taken down Empires."

"Hahaha! And all of you act as though you're all so amazing! But you lack the magical finesse that I possess!" Ursula laughed.

"To be perfectly honest I don't care who is second-in-command. Let's just get on with this already," Scar replied, sighing.

"How about we see who can outshoot each other? I'll win that, yes, but it'll be a fair competition!" Gaston replied, his voice deep and proud.

"How about we decide it on a little gamble, eh?" Oogie asked.

"No second in command! How about that?" Hades replied, his hair flaring up for an instant, "Let's just do it already, okay?"

"I don't see why not," Jafar replied, foreseeing the day when he'd rule supreme over al.

That day was nigh.


Thank you for reading! This was a one-shot, but maybe I'll update it if I ever get around to it. ^_^