"Elphie!" Galinda called out.

"What?" Elphaba shouted back in exasperation. The train was slowly rolling forward, and she had her head out the window looking back at her best friend.

"It's just, don't have too much fun in Paris without me, please?"

"Okay!" Elphaba yelled as the train pulled out of the station. Galinda continued to shout things such as, "I'll miss you!" and "Pay attention to the fashions!" Ephaba sat back down in her seat and closed her windows, rolling her eyes. Shiz had just gotten out for the summer, and she was headed for Paris for two months of chaos. If she had her way, she would be staying at Shiz over the summer, but of course, Nessa wanted to go to France, and she couldn't go alone. Of course not, because it's not like any of her 30 thousand friends at Shiz wouldn't have been willing enough to go with her, Elphaba thought bitterly. The only good thing about the situation was that Paris was filled with all sorts of amazing history she could learn about firsthand. Settling back in her seat, Elphaba closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

"Elphaba!" Nessarose said just as Elphie had started to doze off. "I need a pillow." Elphaba sighed internally but pressed the button over her head to call for one of the trains many servants. A Cat came up to their compartment, and a minuet later Nessarose had her head resting on her pillow. "Thank you," Elphaba told the Cat when her sister did not. The Cat smiled at her, and walked away. This is going to be a long trip, Elphie thought to herself.

Luckily, almost miraculously, the rest of the 9-hour ride passed without any disturbances, and Elphaba and Nessa even managed to make it all the way to their hotel suite undisturbed. The people staring, pointing, and jeering at Elphaba did not count as disturbances. In Paris, France, the year was 1881, so there was very little technology, and no magic at all, but Elphaba and her sister were in the most expensive and executive area of Paris there was. By the time Elphaba had unpacked for herself and Nessa, it was time for dinner, and Nessa made sure she knew it.

"Elphaba!" The tragically beautiful whined.

"Nessarose!" The beautifully tragic girl mocked back. She then hung her head. "I'm sorry Nessa, I didn't mean to be rude, it's just been a long day." She sighed. "I'll have your dinner up here in just a second." Elphaba rushed down to the hotel's kitchen, and saw none other than Pfannee, one of Nessa's best friends from Shiz. "Pfannee!" She shouted at the girl, "Over here!" Pfannee turned to see the school's green girl waving her over, and she obliged. "Hello, Elphaba," she said, trying to keep her contempt out of her voice. This was of course her best friend's sister, not to mention the most popular girl in school's best friend. "So, what's up?"

"Such a coincidence we're staying the same hotel, isn't it?" Elphie asked, trying to smile politely. Receiving no answer, she continued, " Nessa's back at out suite, but I'm sure if you went to see her she would be happy to hang out." Pfannee's ears had perked up at Nessa's name.

"Oh, in that case, I'll bring her up some food," Pfannee offered, planning to get rid of the artichoke before her. "In fact, I don't mind taking care of her for you, if you'd like. I'm staying here all summer, and my suite has four bedrooms. She could come stay with me!" Elphaba for a second was unsure of leaving her sister who she was supposed to be taking care of, but then she decided she really didn't care. "You know what?" She said, "You two have fun, go shopping, see the city, she's in suite 23, if you need me, just check the library, okay?" Elphaba handed the younger girl the key to their room, and then turned away and walked in the other direction. Pfannee thought for a second that getting rid of the celery stalk was almost to easy, but ignored the thought and went to find her best friend.