Any of you remember the fan fiction 'Rachel's Diary'? Well I wrote it…just changed my penname.

I decided that I wanted to write a little something for KND again…because I've improved a lot, and I miss this fandom.



"How on Earth can you be getting married to Nigel?" Asked an exasperated Rachel. They were preteens, Rachel was 12 years old at the moment so Lizzie couldn't be any older than that- and she was getting married?

"Jealous? We're getting married because I said so. He's gonna buy me a ring and everything!" Lizzie exclaimed. Rachel resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"That's great for you, Lizzie, but why on Earth are you telling this to me? Honestly it's none of my business."

"But Angie said that you and Nigel like each other! So I'm just telling you this so that you'll back off!" Lizzie said. "Nigel is mine!"

Rachel stiffened at the mention of her brothers friend. Or, as he called her, his nuisance.

"Nigel is not like a book. You can't own him." Rachel said.

"Oh yea? Once we're married that won't be true!"

"You cant officially get married, Lizzie. You're too young." Rachel tried to explain. "But I assure you, I won't try to get between you two. Okay?"

Lizzie crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head, as her two braids moved with it. Rachel groaned.

"Lizzie, please. I have work to do. Nigel and my relationship is purely about our jobs as Kids Next Door operatives. So why don't you go home." Lizzie turned around sharply, shaking her head.

"Why does Nigie always spend his time with the Kinds Next Door? With YOU?" Lizzie shouted. Rachel gasped a little bit at her yelling. "I hate this! Nigel is always turning me down because of the Kids Next Door! When I wanted to join, he told me I couldn't! and I-I…" She broke into sobs. Rachel stood up and trudged towards her, and patted her shoulder.

"Lizzie, I'm sure he doesn't want you to join the Kids Next Door because you'll get hurt. The adults have a vendetta against Nigel, and if you joined they'd use you against him." Rachel comforted. Lizzie sniffed.

"B-But you're in the K-Kids Next Door…"

Rachel smiled at Lizzie, as she lead the girl to the door of her office.

"Lizzie, I'm the supreme commander of the Kids Next Door. He can't protect me, I protect myself. Besides, the adults vendetta against me is worse then the one they have against Nigel. Goodbye, Lizzie."

With that, Rachel shut the door and Lizzie stared at it. She gasped. So Nigel was protecting her? But Nigel needs a strong girl to stand by his side…Rachel was the strongest girl Lizzie knew. Lizzie felt a tug in her heart. She loved Nigel. He was hers. And to prove that she could be strong, she'd keep his love, no matter what it cost her. Or how low it made her stoop.

So, she decided to enlist the help of the only person she knew who hated the idea of Nigel and Rachel becoming a couple as much as she did.

"Whaaaaaaat?" The brunette Kids Next Door operative asked her supreme commander. "Lizzie was here?" Rachel nodded.

"And do you know what she said, Angie?"

Angie stiffened. "Ehh, that she likes to dance?"

"No, Angie. She said that you told her that I like Nigel." Angie twitched. Just like Rachel to be straight to the point. Stern, strict, and fair. A good leader. It really stunk to be under her interrogation light.

"OF COURSE I TOLD HER!" Angie burst. "I mean, really. EVERYONE knows that you two ar-"

"Angie, there can be nothing between Nigel and I. Except for the Kids Next Door." Angie fell silent, her foot which had made its way onto Rachel's desk slowly fell down and she took her seat again. Rachel gazed into Angie's eyes and Angie squirmed.

"Lizzie is his girlfriend. He loves her. And I do not want to cause him any problems. Even if there is love, it's unrequited. And there's no way he loves me." Rachel whispered. Angie reached forward and patted Rachel's hand, her squeamish face gone when Rachel decided to practically confess to her.

"Love works in mysterious ways, Number 362. And I can guarantee you that he cares a lot about you." Angie winked. Rachel couldn't help but laugh a little.

"And, number Eleventy nine, Lizzie said something…else." Rachel said nervously. Angie tilted her head. "Something…about a wedding. She said she's marrying Nigel."

Angie gasped and stood from her chair.

"How on Earth! No! No! Angie cupid does NOT approve!" Angie exclaimed. Rachel stood, hurriedly shhing Angie. Angie crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well, what did you expect my reaction to be!" Angie said. "How dare she- in that case, we'll just have to make sure Nigel chooses you!" Angie said. "Come, my dear friend and supreme commander, Angie will help you."

Rachel let a half smile cross her lips at this. She felt a little bad, since she promised Lizzie she'd do nothing to interfere…but she couldn't go out without a bang. If Nigel really loved Lizzie, then he would wind up turning Rachel down in the end, anyway.

"But Angie, I don't want this to go against Nigel's will or anything." Rachel whispered. Angie clapped her hands.

"Oh, that is most certainly not a problem! Rachel, just leave it to me." Angie said. Rachel gave her newfound accomplice a nod.

"Not against Nigel's will. If he shows that he cares more about Lizzie than me, then the plan is off." Rachel said. "Are you hearing me? Number Eleventy nine? Angie!" Rachel said. Angie gave Rachel a wave, and moved out into the hallway. Rachel sighed, but smiled despite herself. With Angie's help, she could most certainly win Nigel over…


"And that's why I need your help." Lizzie finished. "Nigel will…well…I think he wants a strong girl to be with him…and in order to prove I'm strong and worthy of his love, I want to fight for him! You know who I'm fighting against…and I need your help to win Nigel over."

"So, you're basically asking me to turn against my sister?"

"NO! I mean, you don't like Nigel, right? And if I lose, he'll wind up falling for your sister." Lizzie explained. Harvey froze in his place and slowly turned, raising his eyebrows.

"How do you know?" Harvey asked. He was contemplating. He hated Nigel…he loved his sister…he didn't want his sister to end up with Nigel, for sure, he'd rather she ended up with a cool guy like Patton or someone he admired.

"I know because I've seen her. She's pretty. And strong. And everything Nigel wants in a girl." Lizzie said. "and I need to compete with that."

Harvey sighed, crossed his arms, and tapped his foot impatiently.

"I do hate Nigel!" He said, as if trying to convince himself. He turned to Lizzie and gave a curt nod. "Fine! I will help you! Only for my sister though."

Lizzie screamed of joy and hugged Harvey.

"DON'T TOUCH ME! DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH ME!" He shouted. "THAT is my DEMAND for helping you!" Lizzie removed herself form him and sighed.

"You've got some serious people issues." She said. Harvey was twitching, brushing himself off. "Is that any way to talk to the person you need help from!" He spat. Lizzie looked to the side, and then at Harvey.

"Harvey, what's the best method to win a man's heart?" She asked.

"Call me number 363. And uh, I dunno." He said.

"You're a man, aren't you? You should know!" Harvey shook his head.

"Ew, no way. I dunno. Make yourself look pretty?" He offered. Lizzie nodded. "Genius idea, Number 363!"

Harvey nodded and scratched the back of his head. He felt bad about turning against his sister. He let out a sigh. "It's for your own good, Rachel." he murmured. "Nigel doesn't deserve you. And I will make sure than he never gets you."

Nigel Uno moved along the sidewalk, glancing in jewelry stores.

"'Buy me a ring,' she says. 'it'll make me happy' she says." Nigel muttered. Why did Elizabeth want a ring? She seemed really busy, in a hurry….really guilty? He couldn't tell. He examined the rings. They were all so expensive…and she demanded a real one, too. He let out a sigh.

"Rachel!" Someone exclaimed. Nigel shot around. It was a older teen boy, who was searching for a girl with the name Rachel. He sighed. It was a common name after all. Why had he turned? Was he expecting to see Rachel? He smiled to himself a bit, and behind the sunglasses, his eyes examined a blue and white ring. It would look good on Rachel…

Wait, he was looking for a ring for Lizzie, not Rachel! If he got Rachel a ring, it would be weird. He moved inside the store and bought the ring he intended to give to Lizzie. It was cheap enough. It was the same one he thought would look good on Rachel. Well, maybe it would look good on Lizzie, too. He nodded to the woman behind the counter and took his merchandise, heading back to his home.

He sneezed.

He had the undeniable feeling something horribly bad was going to happen to him. Something horribly, horribly bad.

A woman in a fortune telling booth called out to Nigel. Nigel followed her voice and glanced at her. He offered a quarter. He felt a little anxious. If he got a good fortune, he had nothing to worry about.

"Ahh, young boy….I see a disaster awaiting you…" Nigel paled. "You can only pick one…and the other will surely be hurt…"

Nigel hastily pulled his hand away.

"What's this about? Well, I-I'm late, anyway." He ran off. The woman shrugged. "Okay. That's about 20 cents not used." She added it to her profits.

Nigel sighed.

That ominous feeling returned.


Ohh, yea. I hope this isn't too similar to Rachel's Diary. It shouldn't be.

Two teams pitted against each other!

Rachel & Angie try to help Rachel win Nigel!

Lizzie & Harvey try to pit Lizzie with Nigel!

I like this idea…so I'll probably actually finish this chappy fic. I'll start on chapter 3 but until I hit 3 reviews I will not update. Haha. I8^3