"Ben, take a deep breath. No one will notice" A young man said to himself as he got of the bike. He had been planning this day since he heard of this camp. He needed to get there no matter what.

He looked around with his deep brown eyes, scanning every wall, every bush, and every strip of grass and sighed. "You can do this" He assured himself and began to walk. With him he packed his necessary things, for his mother had sent his clothes a week before he got there. He didn't understand; but all his mother said was "It's a boarding school, sweetie"

"Thank god mom is really opened minded" He smiled as he stood in front of his dorm. He thanked his mother that she had gotten him a solo dorm, just like he asked her. Of course his mother always got what she wanted; she was a very scary person.

He slid the key into his door and slipped inside. He closed the door behind him and sigh. All summer, surrounded by boys, but it was damn worth it. He studied the green walls, the black and blue bed and the black furniture- completely masculine. Nothing to what he was used to. He preferred something more feminine but it would give him away. He turned around to find a 5 foot mirror. He stared at himself.

His hair was shorter than he was use to, it barely touched his ears. His eyebrows were bushier and his clothes covered everything. He felt so wrong.

"Hey!" A male voice called from beside him making him jumped away while screaming like a girl. He looked at door, his heart pumping loudly in his ears while he tried to catch his breath. A young man, about 6 foot tall. Mesmerizing yellow eyes, golden hair and pale skin stared at him with confusion. "You ok man?" The young man asked.

Ben quickly notice what he had done, he quickly stood up and cleared his throat. "Yeah I'm fine" He said.

"Ok?" The young man chuckled. "I'm Edward Cullen . I sleep next to this room, along with my roommate Emmett McCarthy,

"I'm Ben... Ben Swan" Ben said as she shook Edward's hand. As soon as their skin touched the other, sparks twinkled in their blood. Both pulled away, not knowing what had happened.

"It was nice meeting you" Edward said and flash away from the door.

"Great" Ben grumbled as he threw himself in the bed. 30 minutes into campus and he'd almost exposed himself.

"Come on boys! Lake time" A hard harsh male voice rang across all the room.

"Lake?" Ben gulped. He turned around and grabbed his NYPD Sweatshirt and slipped in. "Pull yourself together Ben" He said to himself and proceeded to jog behind everyone. 10 males rounded up in the duck, at least that's how much it seemed to Ben. Not comfortable with this new exercise, he stayed close to the side.

"Alright boys, get in the boat" A male, about 30 years old, with gray hair and black eyes said as he smiled at them. He was already in the water, floating in some kind of boat next to the dock,

"Wooo Let's do this" A brown haired guys roared making the rest laughed. Ben sat in the end of the canoe they were about to use.

"You, my young friend, will guide them" The male said as he smiled at Ben. Ben nodded and looked in front of him just to find Edward Cullen sitting in front of him.

"Great" He hissed under his breath. They rowed their way to the centre of the lake, where there was silence and stillness. "Now that we are in secure place, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Professor Finn and I'm your English teacher" He said. "Let's start with a little bit of Hemingway and then we can pass on to the fun part"


After spending all day at the lake, Ben was relieved to be back. He wasn't use to all the energy men had. He sucked at being a boy.

While he waited for his classmates to take a shower, Ben sat in a small gathering room they had. He sat in the green couch that was centred in the room and placed his Apple laptop in his lap. He read the e-mails from his friends and checked his web page; he never thought he would miss his old life so much. "Hey is that an Apple?" He heard Edward's voice asked him from behind.

Ben turned around just to find Edward half naked, with only a small white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist. His pale, muscled torso dripped with crystal like drops of water making him look like a model from the razor commercials. "Uh...yeah.' He said as he turned his face back to the computer just so no one could see the burning blush in his cheeks.

"Cool. Maybe you could lend it to me sometime" Edward said as he leaned behind Ben's back. As he talked, his warm breath hit the back of his neck, racing chills down his back.

"Uh... sure" Ben said as he cleared his throat. He sprang from his seat and without another word he left to the room.

After waiting sometime, Ben decided that it was time to take a bath.

It was 11:30PM and the hall was murky and quiet. Ben tiptoed to the showers not making a sound. As soon as he got to the showers he placed his clothes beside the sink and stared at himself in the mirror. "How did I come this far" He sighed. Slowly he started pulling up his NYPD sweatshirt, revealing his body.

A pearly while corset was wrapped around his chest, one by one he pulled the strings away. He let the corset fall, revealing his pale breasts. "Ben, what have you gotten yourself into" He exclaimed as he looked at his breasts.

There was no turning back now; she was decided to keep on her goal.