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A/N: AU I don't think I can emphasize that enough. This is my first foray into this fandom, most of my knowledge comes from reading ff stories not the actual series. I just find the characters interesting and wanted to play around with them a bit. We'll see how it goes...

I came from nothingness so why was I so fucking scared to go back into it. I had always been in the habit of tempting fate or maybe it was just in the habit of tempting me. Either way, looking down into the waters flowing below me, I know that fate and I have crossed paths once again. I was ready to take my chances and see what was so bad about entering back into the nothingness I had been born from.

I pushed my foot forward, letting my toes dangle on air and my heel stay firmly planted onto the dry earth. It was a metaphor for my life: halfway in and halfway out, half in control and halfway free falling.

I shift my weight so most of it is balanced on my dangling foot. One push forward and I'll be flying down, down, down onto the ground. One pull back and I'll be safe.

Halfway in and halfway out.

I spread my arms away from my body. If only the breeze could lift me up like a bird and I'd never have to worry about falling again. I could fly away from here. I could pretend to be someone else. Everything could be different if only I could fly away. But I can't fly. No one can fly.

This would be the moment anyone else takes in a deep breath to fill their brain with the oxygen it needs to accept the decision its going to make. I won't take the breath. No, Isabella Swan can't be like anyone else living or dead. Isabella Swan has to be unique whether I want to be or not.

The hell with it, I'll take a deep breath anyway. Maybe just once I'll try to fit in. I'm sure jumping off this cliff will make me unique enough.

My body pushes forward before my mind gives its consent and my lungs get their fill of useless air. This isn't an accidental fall. I'm not screaming on the way down. I keep my eyes open, wanting to see everything.

The water gets closer and closer. There's no stopping me now. It's a free fall and I'm no longer in control. My body does what it normally does when danger is close: it fights to survive.

It stretches out and turns my free fall into a controlled dive. My hands part the water and if I were an Olympic diver, I would have just won the Gold. I ease into the water and feel its current flowing against my body. It wants to carry me away, but my body won't let it.

I'm stronger than the current.

This time, I take a breath because once again my body has defeated me. Disgusted, I swim to shore and then pull myself back onto dry land. I look back up to the cliff I just jumped from and then back to the water I landed into.

The fall would have killed anyone else, and if they had been lucky enough to survive it then the water would have taken them under. Simply put, the person would be dead.

But not me, not Isabella Swan. I can't be like anyone else living or dead. I have to be unique whether I want to be or not. I came from nothingness and have no fucking idea how to go back to it.