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Ninja Chibi!

My body felt numb, I couldn't feel anymore.

How could I? When I felt so stupid and miserable?

I trusted them, again, but like before they left me behind. They thought I was weak, they thought that I did nothing for the team and just left me here to toil in my own misery!



But….I wasn't with them; I was the only one out of rookie nine and Team Guy that was left here, in Kohana.

Even Naruto…I felt tears role down my face…even he left me here. After all we've been through together, defeating the Akatsuki, trying to drag Sasuke back, keeping the village from ruin.

It meant nothing, nothing I did meant anything to them! After all my hard work, still no one cared!

I knew I was crying now, I've been crying for the past couple of weeks since they all left; the depression was getting to me, and it made me sick to think that I trusted those people.

How could I have been so blind to what they really saw in me?


Was it really that obvious?

I roled on my stomach, while looking out the window; it was early morning now, and birds were singing away. It had been a morning just like this one, when I heard the news.

My eyes started to mist over as I recalled the events that took place in Lady Tsunade's office a few weeks ago….


I was humming to myself as I walked to the Hokage's office on the second floor. I had been working a little too hard at the hospital, and Tsunade mentioned that I should have a break for a while.

After undergoing a heavy surgery the day before, I decided that a rest would be nice, and I could finally spend some time with Naruto and my other friends.

I smiled as I thought of Naruto and his silly obsession for Ramen and training to become the next Hokage. I shook my head as I laughed a little, he was truly a one of a kind.

As I reached the large door way, I slowly knocked on the door smiling. "Tsunade Shishou! It's Saku! Can I come in?"

There was silence, but then came a low toned reply. "Come in Sakura…."

I frowned a little at that tone, was something wrong?

I opened the doors and put a fake smile on my face, I suddenly felt uneasy, but when I glimpse of her face….I became instantly ridged.

I walked slowly to her desk and tried to get a good look of her. Her blond hair was in it's normal low pig-tail style, and the rest of her body seemed unchanged.

But when my green eyes saw her face my thoughts went blank.

Her brown eyes that were usually so bright with wisdom and mischief were now a dull, muddy looking brown. Big black bags hung under her eyes, and her face was stuck in a solemn expression.

My eyes grew wide and my heart skipped a beat.

What was going on?

What had worried Shishou to the point of looking like this?

I've never seen her like this before…"Sakura….?"

I looked at her as she called out my name.

He eyes avoided mine, but somehow she managed to speak to me. "Have you….heard from anyone from rookie nine?"

I looked at her puzzled, what was she getting at? My gut started to tightened and it got hard to breath; something was really wrong.


By this point she turned her whole head to the side, trying not to make ANY eye contact with me; why was she doing this?


She finally looked at me, and I gasped. Her eyes were filled to the brim with sorrow and regret.

"Sakura….I'm…I'm so…sorry…but they…"

I backed up a bit, stunned by my usually strong Shishou's reaction.

My breath started to come short, I needed to know what was wrong NOW!

"Shishou..WHAT IS IT! Is it…Naruto?Ino?LEE? What's wrong! WHAT IS IT!"

Shishou looked away again, gulping and taking deep breaths as she tried to say what was needed to be said.


I froze, my body went numb…, they…wouldn't…do that…no…it was a… wide eyes I slumped against one of the walls of the office, unable to stand anymore.

"I tried to tell them Sakura! I tried to tell them that you're strong! But they wouldn't listen, I'm so sorry!"

I started to cry as I felt my whole world crash around me, and it wasn't long before I felt my Shishou wrap her arms around my trembling body.

"Sakura…you are strong…you are…they were just too stupid not to realize it….I'm sorry…"

She hugged me tighter and patted my back. "Sakura I still have faith in you, you're like the daughter I never had…" She choked a little before continuing, "You have a strong spirit, and the people of this village sometimes get blinded by their own capabilities and forget others who deserve to be acknowledged besides themselves. Sakura everything will okay… you'll see!"

She stayed with me all that day and most of the night, me mostly bawling, and her just holding on to me.

Throughout that day though only one thought came in my mind.

Why? Why had they all abandoned me?


Tears hit the blanket that was wrapped so tightly around me, and I knew that I was crying again, crying at the thought that they had truly left me behind because they thought I wasn't strong enough.

I almost laughed bitterly, I wanted to show them how WEAK I truly was, and then they would see. They would all see.

Bitter thoughts ran through my head like leaves falling off a tree, one after another would flash in my mind, making the bitterness even more bitter.

"Sakura Haruno, the Hokage wishes to speak with you!"

I looked up to my window, were a ANBU was currently perched, patiently waiting for my reply.

I slowly sat up and stated simply, "I'll be there in a few minutes."

He gave stiff nod and then jumped off my window sill leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Somehow I would show them, and prove my worth if it was the last thing I did on this earth. I would show them.

With that thought in mind, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Taking a quick shower before getting dressing and heading off to the infamous Hokage Tower.

Walking through town was horrible, they all knew I was left behind, and would give me those pitiful looks that made me sick to my stomach.

"Hey…isn't that the Haruno girl that was left behind by all the other rookies?"

"Yeah! I thinks that's her!"

"Poor thing, she was too weak to go with them.

"I know, I would hate to be her right now."

I felt my body started to quake with rage at their words.

What did they know! What right did they have to even speak of the matter!

I reached the tower with rage bubbling in every fiber of my being, I could feel it coursing through my skin like a liquefied time bomb. If anyone said ANYTHING about her and the other rookies, then she would give them a piece of her mind, whether it sensible or not!

I climbed the steps grumbling all the way up, why were people here so annoying and nosy! WHY? It was the biggest pain in the ass!

My thoughts then took 180 turn, as I remembered the reason why Naruto and the rest of the gang had left.

Apparently they had gotten a distress call from Sasuke, who still hadn't come back to the village yet had to gall to ask for help, well apparently there was an unknown Akatsuki member that no one knew about, and he was out for blood.

Naruto agreed, along with all the other douche bags, to help and decided to leave Kohana with all of his dumb ass friends to go find the mother fucker.

Yes, I was extremely pissed, can you tell?

Well, anyway, whether I hated those traitors or not they were off jumping like squirrels through the trees looking for this guy, while I was left wasting away here! OH FUCKING JOY!

I growled and forced my thoughts to go to a happier place, before I fucking killed someone.

Forcing all the possible ways to kill people in the back of my mind, I knocked on the doors of the main office. Hearing a hurried replied I stomped on in, looking angrily at Shishou as I slammed the heavy door.

"Tsunade-Shishou what you have to say better be important since I had to leave my house to be at the mercy of Kohana's public ridicule! So…WHAT IS IT!"

Tsunade pouted and turned away, "You don't have to say it like that Sakura. It couldn't have been that bad. Besides-" She turned to me smiling, "-I know that you've grown into a beautiful, strong young woman; and if people only judge you because you were the only one left behind then their just ignorant. Sakura, you know that."

I sighed a bit, as I started to calm down. Even the bitter thoughts from before leaving me. She was right, I had grown into a beautiful flower and if the others didn't have time to see it, then too bad! It was probable a good thing that I came to talk to Shishou. She makes me feel like my normal self when I'm around her. She was like her second mother.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But with my temper, you know it naturally gets me riled up without me even thinking about it!"

She only chuckled and nodded her head in agreement. "Of course! Because I have the same temper, and if it were ME getting ridiculed right now I think I would literally find Naruto and the others and beat the crap out of them."

I stared at my Shishou as a sweat drop formed over my, now normal sized, forehead. Yeah, if it were Shishou getting ditched instead of me, there would be hell to pay for the rest of rookie nine and Team Guy.

"Ssoooo, Shishou? What was the reason that you had to call me out of my safe cubby hole anyway?"

Tsunade Shishou's face then became serious, oh boy….what now?

"Well, to start with it's about the new mission I'm assigning you."

I nodded, okay, so far so good. But what kind of mission would it be?

"Okay, so what kind of mission is it?"

"It's basically baby-sitting."

I fell to the floor anime style, baby-sitting! SERIOUSLY!

"Baby-sitting? What kind of mission if that!"

"Sakura! This a very important mission! Since, you will be baby-sitting….Madara Uchiha!"

I fell to the floor again! MADARA…uchiha…? What had my life been reduced too! I was baby-sitting a grown man, who not only was slightly insane and wanted to destroy the world, but was also a relative of my first love! MY LIFE WAS NOW A LIVING HELL!

"Sakura! Sakura Calm down! Jus-SIGH! Wait till you see him first alright?"

With big, and somewhat comical, gulp of air I sat up and tried to calm myself. Which was hard since this was a NIGHTMARE!

"You alright? Hey, Saakkuurraa, look at me! You okay?"

I stared at her dumbly and nodded my head sluggishly, I wasn't really to the sane mark yet, but I was close enough to not start yelling and screaming.

With a sly smile, Shishou called out to Shizune-nii-chan to bring in…gulp…HIM.

"Shizune-San! Bring in Uchiha!"

In only seconds a smiling Shizune came in with….a 13 year old?

I stared shocked, my body felt stiff, what was a 13 year old doing in HERE! WHERE WAS MADARA?

"Here he is Tsunade-Sama, Madara Uchiha-San"

My eyes grew, how they could grow anymore I'll never know, with horror as I stared at the lad with the long spiky black hair, and big black eyes.

No….way…that can't-! how!-WHO?- I looked at my teacher in horror, and she laughed slightly at my reaction.

"Sakura, say hello to your new charge, Madara Uchiha."

I looked at the kid again, feeling faint.

He merely stared emotionless at me, as I freaked out. "She is the one I'll be staying with? Are you sure? She looks unstable."

THAT'S IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! And with that everything went black, and I could vaguely remember my head hitting the office floor, and hearing Shizune's trademark 'Iiiieeeeeeeeee!' before giving into the darkness.

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