Hi! This is my first Narnia fan-fiction.

This idea may have been done before, I do not know… but I want to try it out. Just so you know, I have not read any of the books but I must say I love both the movies and hence my fanfic will be 'movieverse'.

So, there are some changes I made in the original plot to make it fit into my idea (hey, it is a fanfiction, right?):

* This takes place after Prince Caspian, and the Pevensie siblings stay in Narnia.
* The last Suspian scene of the movie did not take place. Only Caspian's coronation did.

Ok? All clear till now? Well, then here is the first chapter of my story, hope you like it. Review at the end too…

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Caspian stood in the balcony of the Telmar Palace, staring at the sun which had sunk deep behind the mountains, leaving behind its faint yellowish-orange glow. He loved the sunsets. They seemed so peaceful to him – and heavens knew that he needed all the peace he could after such long meetings in the court!

It was two weeks after the battle against Miraz. King Caspian had taken complete control and as promised, Narnia was now becoming a peaceful home to humans and creatures alike, thanks to the five monarchs.

Aslan had told the five to be determined and work together before he left for the forest. Even though it seemed odd at first, none of them questioned or objected. They knew that the Great Lion had his own time and reasons for coming and leaving, and they respected that.

"After such a long time of rule under the wrong people, it takes time for a nation to truly return to its perfect state. But it can, as long as the subjects are willing and the rulers are right," Aslan had said, "And what better rulers could there be than these five: King Caspian – the savior of Narnia, High King Peter – the magnificent, Queen Susan – the gentle, King Edmund – the Just and Queen Lucy – the Valiant? I believe, Narnia is in good hands now."

Aslan was right.

Though, not everything was entirely in order now, things were under progress as the bravery, logic, gentleness, and justice of the Kings and Queens of Old melded together with the administrative skills of Caspian to bring peace and harmony.

Meetings, delegations, treaties… it was a tiring job, but it was something that the five monarchs did fairly well and with great enthusiasm.

"Tea?" Peter asked, standing some steps behind Caspian, holding two mugs.

"Yes, please." Caspian accepted it gratefully and sipped the hot tea. It soothed down his nerves. He was really tired. "Thank you."

Peter shrugged and then took a sip of his own tea as he stepped beside Caspian to admire the view outside. "I just thought you would want some after the long time of listening to reports in the throne room." Another sip and then, "All of us were tired. I remember Edmund belly-dancing with glee when the court was dismissed." Peter made a face.

Caspian snorted, "Yes, I was there. I'm not sure if it was a pleasant sight, but oh well… as long as King Edmund is happy."

"Mm-hmm" Peter nodded towards the view before them and said, "It is beautiful."

Caspian agreed.

The far away mountains, dark green now due to the fading light and some high peaks shining white due to the snow, was indeed beautiful.

He turned towards Peter to say something but stopped. The high-king was staring far into space, his electric blue eyes unfocused and deep in thought as he absently ran a hand through his brown hair.

Caspian decided to let him roam in his thoughts and turned back to look at the mountains when Peter spoke, "I still cannot believe I'm back in Narnia."

"Well, you are, so you better believe it."

"I missed Narnia so much when we walked out of the wardrobe. I thought about it day and night. And when we returned here I thought it must have been a dream." Peter continued, deep in his thoughts.

And Caspian let him speak. He did not know much about the Kings and Queens of Old, so he listened to Peter, interested.

"But I guess it was not a dream. We really were back. I feared that Aslan would send us back now that the war was over and you were crowned as the king…" Peter trailed off.

"But he didn't."

"Yeah. He didn't." Peter smiled. Thank you, Aslan!

Both kings shared a few moments of friendly silence when they heard footsteps approaching them.

"Here you two are!" Edmund exclaimed, "I've been looking all over for you. Susan had disappeared in the washing chambers saying something about a long, relaxing bath and Lucy is sleeping. So, I went about to find you two and I couldn't find you but then I came here and – and, I want some tea."

With that Edmund went away and returned a few minutes later holding a steaming mug. "So what were you two talking about?"

"King Peter was just telling me how glad he is to be back in Narnia" Caspian told him.

"We all are." Edmund said, "It is good to be back here and be who we truly are. I was honestly tired of getting Pete out of his fights with other boys back in London."

"Come on, Ed," Peter objected, "I just fought them because they asked for it"

"No, you fought them because you couldn't accept the fact that you were a normal person – and not a king – back there."

"You know me better than that, Ed."

"You know," Edmund said thoughtfully, "Come to think of it, I never knew why those fights escalated even though I was always the punch-bag in them."

Peter shrugged, "Different reasons."

"Care to elaborate?"

Peter shrugged again, and Edmund glared at his older brother, clearly not happy with the answers he was getting.

Caspian watched as the two brothers argue. He did not like the route this conversation was taking and decided to interject. "Ahem, can we please talk about something I know about, that is unless you want to talk about these mysterious fights in which case I will take my leave."

"Of course Caspian," Peter said, "We can talk about other things?"

"Unless it is about the meeting and paperwork, in which case I will hit you to make you shut up," Edmund said and then with a mischievous twinkle in his eye added, "Or about my beautiful elder sister in which case Peter here will smash your skull."

Peter blinked.

Caspian felt his cheeks getting red as he stuttered, "P-Pardon?"

"Aww come on, Caspian, it is obvious that you like Su."

"T-that is… how c-can y-you… I mean-n I… w-what–?" Caspian stumbled over the words and then stopped, realizing how silly he must have been looking. Edmund was by now grinning and Peter glaring at him.

"Caspian" Peter began, "I do not know what to make of Ed's words or of your, ah, reaction to them, but I must tell you and I, well, I will make it simple and clear for everyone's sake: Stay away from my sister. I have this tendency of 'smashing skulls' as Ed so rightly said when it comes to Su and Lu."

"Is that a threat, King Peter?"

"Of course not!" Peter smiled, "I would not threat you, King Caspian, never threat you. Even though, we have had our differences in the past, I have come to respect you for all you have done for Narnia. I have began to consider you as a friend. So, consider this an advice?"

Caspian nodded. "Believe me, King Peter, I consider you all – including Queen Susan – my friends. I do not know what King Edmund here is saying, but there is nothing like that."

This was, in fact, the truth. Yes, He was attracted to Queen Susan, but he did not know his true feelings about her. He knew he would have to explore them deep inside his mind and heart to understand what he felt, but he never had the time. Being a king, after all, was a tough job.

Peter stared at him for a few seconds until he finally nodded.

Edmund looked at them with amused eyes. This is… interesting, the Just King thought.

The three boys looked out, now to the darkened skies, where the stars were shining brightly and the moon shone high above, bathing everything in its pale white light.

"You always surprize me, King Peter," Caspian said, breaking the silence. Upon Peter's confusing gaze, he continued, "Every time I think I know who you are, you surprise me by bringing out something else from within yourself. I have seen you become a warrior, a ruler, a brother, a friend, and a king. And now that I thought 'this is it', you surprised me again. Today I saw a fatherly figure in you... Queens Susan and Lucy are more than sisters to you."

"Pete is a great fatherly figure, Caspian." Edmund said, "I would never have admitted it, and if you mention it to anyone I'll deny it: but even though I had my differences with Pete, when dad went away for war, I always found him, his love, his care, his smile in Peter. Not only to me but to Su and Lu as well, Peter was and will always be a dad away from dad!"

Peter smiled. This was the best thing Ed had ever said to him, even though he knew that if asked later, Edmund will really deny it. He never pictured himself in place of their dad but he loved his family more than anything in the world and he would do anything for them.

The three again went into silence, each lost in his own thoughts as they drank his tea.

"I am glad the four of you are here" Caspian said slowly, "I could not have handled everything on my own. Your guidance and support means a lot to me… thank you."

"Don't mention it, Caspian" Edmund replied, "However, you are a great king. You would have done everything well on your own."

"I, somehow, find that hard to believe." Caspian chuckled, "I would have messed up badly."

"You know, you should be more confident of yourself" Peter commented, "Anyhow, we are glad to help you."

"This is a new beginning." Caspian stated.

"Aye. Of Narnia's new age." Peter agreed.

"And of a wonderful friendship." Edmund added looking at both the kings in front of him and holding out his mug.

"Of a wonderful friendship." Caspian added, raising his mug.

Peter smiled, "To a new beginning!"

And with that the three mugs clinked against each other before their respective owners lifted them to their lips and drowned the last remaining sips of tea in them.

There. That is the prologue.

I know nothing much happened, but I wanted to show how things were going on. The story will actually start from the next chapter, which I will post soon… depending on the reviews I get.

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