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~ 4 Years Later ~

Peter Pevensie, the Magnificent High King of Narnia, stood before the mirror in his room and combed his hair. He was dressed in his finest attire of black.

"Everything is in order."

He turned his head to look towards the source of the voice and smiled.

His beautiful wife stood at the doorway, one hand on the door as she looked at him. She was wearing an elegant floor length dress of royal blue and black which hugged her slim figure tightly. Her hair was tied up in a bun with a few strands loose. (A/N: link to the picture of the dress in profile!)

"Is it now?" he asked.

"Yes," she nodded, moving forward to stand before him. "Susan just keeps on getting better at this. The ballroom looks amazing."

"Good." He paused. "Where were you? I looked around for you for a long time when I returned."

"I was busy," she replied. "I promised Susan that I would help her with the arrangements."

"I see."

"How was your trip to Archenland?" she asked.

"It went well."


Peter took a step forward. "Where is –?"

"With Edmund, of course," Isabel replied before he could finish his question.

The High King blinked. "How did you know what I was going to ask?"

"Years of practice," she smiled, and then placed her hand on his cheek, caressing his face with her fingers. "I missed you."

He placed his hand over hers. "Me too," he sighed. "I have no idea how I survived without you for a month."

"It is a mystery."

Peter chuckled.

"I believe I haven't wished you yet."

"You believe right," The High King replied.

"In that case," Isabel moved forward and pecked his lips with hers, "Happy birthday, Peter."

"Thank you, love."

She blushed.

"It has been four years now, Isabel," Peter chuckled. "And you still blush when I address you as 'love'."

"I cannot help it," she smiled.

"Good," he murmured leaning forward so he could kiss her. "I like it when you blush."

And their lips met. Slowly, Peter wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her back as he pressed himself closer to his wife.

"You look beautiful," Peter said, pulling away lightly to let her breathe.

"Thank you," she replied. "I think we should –"

She was cut off as he brought his lips to hers once again. Peter moved his hands from her back to hold her face. Isabel placed one hand on his chest and planted the other in his hair, trying to pull him away, when someone coughed.

"Caspian!" Peter exclaimed, pulling away from Isabel to glare at the intruder. "Would you stop walking in on me and my wife?"

Caspian looked as embarrassed as ever. "Sorry," he mumbled. "I don't do it on purpose."

"But you do it anyway," Peter said and then added thoughtfully, "Maybe I should put up a board outside my room saying 'Stay away Caspian, I want to be with Isabel alone'."

"Yes, that would be a good idea," Caspian nodded sheepishly.

"Why are you here?" Peter asked, still annoyed at his friend.

"I wanted to talk to you, but seeing that you're angry at me, this won't be the best time."

"Seeing that how you ruin my life, no time would be best," the High King crossed his arms over his chest.

Isabel rolled her eyes. "Don't listen to Peter and just say what you wanted to say, Caspian."

Caspian stood quietly for a moment, rubbing both his hands in what seemed to be nervousness before nodding slowly and walking forward to stand before the High King.

"Y-you do know that I love Susan, right?" he asked.

Peter frowned. "What kind of a question is this?"

"Just answer me."

"… Alright," Peter nodded. "As much as I hate to admit it, you really love my sister."

"And you know that I want nothing but Susan's happiness, right?"

"Caspian, what is the meaning of all this?" Peter asked, confused.

"And that I would never ever hurt her," Caspian continued.

"I think I have an idea of what is going on," Isabel said thoughtfully, staring at Caspian. "Am I right?"

Caspian looked at her and gave a tight nod.

"What is going on?" Peter asked, looking from his wife to his friend.

"Peter," Caspian cleared his throat. "Over these past years, I have watched you and Isabel. You talk, laugh, cry, shout, and love each other so much. You two are like spring and flowers – meant to be together forever in a bond that will bloom forever. And- And when I look at the two of you, I must admit that I feel jealous..."

"What?" Peter asked.

"... And I feel that I should have someone like this too. Of course, I have Susan and I love her more than anything else. And I realize that I want my soul to be bound with hers just like yours is with Isabel's."

Realization shone in Peter's eyes as he understood what his friend was trying to say.

"Peter, I-I…" Caspian paused to take a deep breath. "I want to marry Susan."


Peter stared at Caspian, his face blank.

Caspian looked back at the High King, waiting for some reaction.

Isabel watched the two of them, choosing to remain quiet.

A minute passed.


"Peter," Caspian said, breaking the silence. "I really love her and I want to spent the rest of my life –"

Peter raised a hand and then closed his eyes. "I know. I…" Peter sighed, rubbing his temples with his fingers. "Just give me a moment."

Caspian nodded and then looked at Isabel with worried eyes.

She only smiled at him slightly.

Peter sighed again and opened his eyes. "I knew this day was going to come and even though I was prepared for it, it still comes as a shock to me," he laughed shortly. "Wow. My best friend is telling me that he wants to marry my sister." He paused. "It seemed like yesterday when Susan was this little girl who used to scold me for hiding her books in the house."

"Time flies," Isabel said, "And there is nothing you can do to stop it."

"True." Peter nodded and then looked back at Caspian. "I hope you know what you are asking. Marriage is a huge step, Caspian. It feels good to know that you view Isabel's and my marriage as an ideal bond and you want your life to be like ours but… but it's not that simple."

"What Peter is trying to say is that marriage is not all about love," Isabel placed a hand on her husbands shoulder. "You fight, your cry, your hurt each other too. Peter and I had to go through a lot of trouble and even now there are times when we quarrel."

"But at the end, your love for each other overshadows all those quarrels," Caspian said. "You two understand each other, care for each other and listen to each other. And look how beautiful your relationship is."

"True," Peter smiled at his wife. "I cannot imagine my life without Isabel."

"And I cannot imagine mine without Susan." Caspian spoke quietly.

"If you are sure about this…" Peter trailed off, shaking his head and smiling all the while. "Then you have my blessing."

"I do?" Caspian asked, his eyes wide.

"Of course, given that Susan wants to marry you too," Peter replied, "As her big brother, I wish the two of best of luck for your futu – Whoa!"

Peter stumbled a bit as Caspian hugged him tightly.

"Thank you so much!" Caspian exclaimed.

"You're welcome," Peter laughed. A pause. "Okay. Enough. Stop hugging me. Stop. Caspian!"

"Sorry," Caspian smiled, taking a step back. "But I wasn't expecting you to approve of this idea."

"I knew this was coming so…" the High King shrugged and got serious all of a sudden, "But mind you Caspian, if you ever hurt my little sister –"

"– You'll have me cut into little pieces and feed them to the wild animals and then you'll probably burn my bones and use the fire to cook your meal," Caspian said with a small nod.

Peter blinked. Silence. And then – "I'm glad we understand each other," he said quietly.

"That was creative," Isabel commented.

"Thank you," Caspian replied casually. A pause. "Should I ask Susan?"

"No," Isabel replied.


"Not at all," Isabel said sarcastically. "One day Susan will dream that you want to marry her and then she will come to you and say 'Caspian, let's get married' and then you will end up getting married."

Peter chuckled. "Isabel, I think you're spending too much time with Ed."

Isabel smiled slightly.

"Does this mean I should ask her?" Caspian asked.

"Yes," Isabel replied. "You should. And do it today!"

"What if she says no?"

"She won't."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I know my sister, Caspian," Peter said. "She loves you a lot."

"I know but –"

"You are worrying over something that will not happen."

Caspian nodded. "When should I ask her?"

"How about today?" Isabel asked. "At the ball."

"Sounds perfect." Caspian smiled. "But how?"

"I can help you with that," Isabel offered.

"That would be great," Caspian replied. "I know one thing though: I want to propose her with this." With that, the king pulled out a gold ring with rubies and diamonds on it from his pocket.

"Caspian!" Isabel exclaimed. "It's beautiful."

Caspian smiled. "It was my mother's," he explained. "My father gave it to her the day they got married as a wedding present. And I have always wanted to give this ring to the woman I love. I just hope Susan likes it."

"I'm sure she will."

"I hope so."

Peter slapped Caspian on his arm lightly. "We won't know unless we go and find out, so let's go!"


Peter walked into the well-decorated hall and in an instant he was surrounded by a hubbub of friends, all wishing him a happy birthday and welcoming him back from Archenland. Isabel stood next to him, smiling and greeting the guests, content to stand there and talk.

But he, he was impatient.

And when some of the guests were distracted with the dance that had started, Peter excused himself and walked away, motioning Isabel to come with him.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"There," she replied.

Peter's gaze followed his wife's and then he smiled, walking over to the table laden with the huge cake, behind which sat a beautiful little child with auburn hair and sharp blue eyes – Peter's eyes. (A/N: link to the picture of the baby in my profile. I want comments on this!)

"Irene," Peter greeted, stopping next to the table and looking down at his year-and-a-half old daughter. "Look who's here."

Princess Irene looked up, her chocolate covered face twisting into an adorable smile as she noticed her father. "Dada," she said and then scooped a handful of cake and began eating.

Laughing to himself, Peter took her in his arms. "You could have waited for me to cut it and then your mother would have given you the cake," he said to his daughter.

The little princess of Narnia scooped some more cake in her fist and offered it to her father. Taking a small bite, Peter smiled at Irene, thinking that even though it was squished with her little fingers, no cake had ever tasted so sweet to him than the one he had just eaten – thanks to Irene.

"Oh, Irene!" Isabel exclaimed, using a napkin to wipe her daughter's face and her hands. "You sure do share your father's love for cakes."

Irene mumbled something in gibberish.

"Exactly," Peter nodded, agreeing with his daughter.

"You don't even know what she said," Isabel pointed out.

"I do," Peter replied. "I think I have learnt the language of the children."

Isabel rolled her eyes. "No, Irene!" she said, pulling her daughters hand away. "No more cake for now. Let's wait till your dad cuts it."

Irene made an angry face, clearly not happy with the fact. She looked from her mother to her father, pouting.

"As if Lucy's puppy dog face wasn't enough," Peter muttered and then kissed his daughter on her cheek. "I'll get you some cake as soon as your mommy goes away."

The princess clapped with glee.

"I heard that," Isabel pointed out.

"We'll pretend that she didn't," Peter whispered to his daughter.

"At times like these, you make me feel like some sort of villain!" Isabel said and then smiled at Irene. "Sweetie, how did you end up at this table anyway?"

Irene blinked.

"Where is uncle Edmund?"

The princess looked around. "Eda," she said and then clapped when she saw Edmund standing a few feet away, talking to the guests.

The Just King – now a young man with extraordinary handsome looks and an extraordinarily annoying personality, at least according to Peter, noticed the High King and walked over to them.

"Peter!" Edmund shook his hand, "Happy birthday, my big brother!"

"Thank you," Peter smiled. "You left Irene on the table?"

"She wanted to eat," Edmund shrugged.

"But what if she fell down or something?"

"Peter, relax," Edmund sighed. "I was keeping an eye on her as well."

Unconvinced, Peter shook his head and turned back to his daughter. "I missed you so much, my angel."

Irene blinked as if she understood each and every word, and then rested her head on her father's shoulder, suckling her thumb. Peter kissed her forehead lightly.

"She missed you a lot too," Isabel said.

"And she wasn't the only one," Edmund smirked, his eyes fixed on Isabel, "Isabel missed you a lot too. So you better kiss her to make her feel better right now!"

"You know I won't do that," Peter said.

"Why?" Edmund asked. "The last time I saw you two kiss was when Isabel had lost that chess game all those years ago and that wasn't even a proper kiss."

"Look, we just believe in this thing called decency," Peter said. "And I personally am not a huge supporter of public display of affection."

"Are you indirectly calling Susan and Caspian indecent?" Edmund asked, looking across the hall.

The Gentle Queen stood there, garbed in a floor-length gown of pink color, her hair falling freely down her back, laughing as she talked to her friends. Next to her stood Caspian with his arm wrapped around her waist and his face close to hers, chatting happily with the guests. And even though they were standing before the guests, their closeness remained the same.

"Maybe I am," Peter said as he watched Susan say something to Caspian who kissed her lightly in reply.

"Oh come on," Edmund rolled his eyes. "I think they look good and carefree."

"Well, everyone is different in their ways of expressing their feelings."

"Isabel is your wife."

"Really," Peter replied sarcastically. "I had no idea."

"No, what I mean is that it wouldn't kill you to announce your love for her."

"I don't have to."

"But –"

"Why don't you find yourself a girl and then announce your love for her," Peter asked, "And leave me and my personal life alone?

"A good idea, indeed," Edmund nodded. "But I'm afraid that no one here is good enough for me. I mean a few meetings is one thing but announcing love is another."

"I'm sure someone is made for you and is out there," Isabel said. "You'll just have to look for her."

"I'm happy to be single at the minute," Edmund said, "I don't need a girl to ruin my life."

"No wonder you're single at the minute," Isabel crossed her arms.

Peter chuckled and nodded in agreement.

"I'm not ready to be in a relationship people!" Edmund said, "I'll probably wish upon a star or something when I want to find her."

"That'll be a start."



"Hmm?" Susan removed her head from his shoulder to look at Caspian, whom she was dancing with.

"I… I have to say something to you."


Caspian hesitated. "I don't know how you'll take it."

The Gentle Queen placed a hand on her cheek. "What is it?" she asked.

The King took a deep breath. "I love you."

Susan chuckled. "I love you too, Caspian."

Caspian stopped dancing.

"What –" Susan began but stopped when Caspian shook his head.

"Can I have some silence please?" he said loudly.

The music stopped and guests turned to look at them inquiringly.

"Susan," Caspian began, looking at the curious Gentle Queen. "Ever since the day I laid my eyes on you all those years ago, I knew that you were special. And now after spending so many years with you I have come to consider you as not only as an amazing friend but also as the true love of my life. You bring me happiness and you are my sunshine. You have stood by me in hard times and you were there for me whenever I needed you. And I want to tell you that I want you to be with me forever."

Susan stared deeply into his eyes. Of course she would always be with Caspian forever, then why was he saying all this?

Caspian blinked and looked away slowly, staring at someone behind Susan. Confused, Susan followed his gaze.

Peter stood there, Irene in his arms, smiling at them. Next to him, Edmund was as perplexed as her, and on Peter's other side stood Isabel, who nodded in encouragement, a huge smile on her face.

Frowning, Susan looked back at Caspian. And Caspian looked back at her.

And then Caspian slowly bent down on his knee and pulled out a beautiful ring from his pocket. "Susan Pevensie," he spoke, confidently and clearly, love and dedication in his voice, "Will you please, please marry me?"

And the entire universe froze at that moment – at least it did for Susan and Caspian. She had not expected this. And she stood wide-eyed at Caspian who was on his knees before her.

Caspian watched as she slowly brought her hands to her mouth and then shook her head lightly.

Was this a no?

Caspian began to panic.

Did this mean that Susan didn't want to marry him?

Was he not right for her?

He looked at her and waited for her reply, his heart beating anxiously in his chest.

And then when he thought that she would not give him an answer –

"Yes," the word left her mouth as she extended her hand towards him. "Yes, I will."

Caspian's face broke into a huge smile. Taking her hand, he stood up and slid the ring on her finger. It was then when he realized how loudly everyone in the hall was cheering. He looked around, the grin fixed on his face and then looked back at Susan, who seemed to be glowing.

"I am the happiest man alive!" he exclaimed.

She laughed. "So am I!"

He raised an eyebrow. "You're the happiest man?"

"You know what I mean," she rolled her eyes.

"I do," he replied, kissing her.

Susan blushed as they parted and looked at her ring shyly. "This is a beautiful ring."

"It was my mother's," he told her.

Smiling, she looked away and her eyes locked with Peter's. The High King winked slightly and motioned her to come forward. And as she did, she saw Peter hand over Irene to Isabel and then open his arms wide for her.

"Congratulations!" he said as Susan hugged him.

"Thank you!"

"I can't believe that my sister is engaged as of today," Peter said, pulling back and kissing her brow. "I'm so happy for you."

"Really?" she asked.

Peter nodded and smiled at Caspian who had come to stand next to Susan. "I wish you two an amazing life filled with love and joy."

"Thank you," Susan said, embracing her brother once again. She was so happy. Life was truly perfect.

"There goes another crazy man!" Edmund joked. "Does this mean I get to handle all the lovesick women of Narnia?"

Caspian chuckled. "Best of luck."

"That was so cute, Caspian!" Lucy, beautiful and so grown-up, said walking over to them. "And congratulations!"

"Thank you," Caspian replied, smiling at the Valiant Queen, "But could you please not call me cute in front of everyone?"

"Caspian," Susan said loudly. "You're so cute!"

Caspian narrowed his eyes. "I want the ring back."

"No way, I'm not giving this back to you now."

"You better not."

"There are times when you two make absolutely no sense," Lucy commented.

Susan smiled. "All of this will make sense to you when you'll fall in love."

"Which will not be happening," Peter said. "Just because I gave my permission to Susan does not mean that I will do the same for Lu as well."

"Whatever," Lucy rolled her eyes. "I'm going back to my friends."

"I'll come with you," Edmund volunteered.


"Why don't you introduce me to them?"

"You are not going to court my friends, Ed."

"Who says I want to court them?" Edmund asked. "A dinner or two would do no harm."

"No way!" With that the Valiant Queen turned around and walked away.

"Lu!" Edmund called and then excused himself to go after his little sister.

"Edmund can be such a Casanova at times," Isabel commented while the others nodded their heads in agreement.


Isabel smiled as Peter twirled her around and then pulled her close. The High King and his wife were dancing on the melodious tunes being played by the musicians. Many other couples danced around them, Caspian and Susan being one of them.

"I'm so happy for Susan and Caspian," Isabel commented.

"So am I. Caspian is a good man," Peter said and then added after a pause, "Just don't tell him I said that."

"Don't worry, I won't," Isabel told him. "I know many of your secrets as you know mine."

"True," Peter said. "And if you ever tell anybody about mine, I'll announce that you snore."

Isabel blinked. "I do not snore!"

"You do not," Peter replied. "But everyone would believe me because I'm your husband."

"I'll sleep in front of a million people if I have to, but I will not let the others believe that I snore."

"You can't even sleep when I'm looking at you," Peter pointed out.

"I can and I have done it many times," Isabel said. "I know you like to watch me sleeping and you do it many times, though I must admit that it is creepy."

"You look beautiful when you're sleeping," Peter mumbled. "And I can't help it."

Isabel shook her head.

"Isabel," Peter said.


"I love you."

Isabel looked into his deep blue eyes. "I love you too, Peter."

And then, much to the amazement of everyone in the hall – especially the Just King, the High King bent down and placed his lips atop his wife's, kissing her gently, lightly.

"What happened to 'I personally am not a huge supporter of public display of affection'?" Isabel asked when he pulled away after a few seconds.

Peter looked around awkwardly at the guests and then chuckled lightly. "Couldn't help it," he replied sheepishly.

Isabel was about to reply when she felt something – or someone – tug at her dress. Looking down, she saw Irene staring at her, her arms wide open in a silent request to pick her up. Smiling, the queen picked up her daughter, who quickly started pointing out the lights to her.

"She has a thing for lights," Peter observed.

"She does," Isabel agreed and then sighed happily, "Things could never get any better."

"Who knows, they might."

Isabel nodded. "Shouldn't we move off the dance floor now?"

"But we're dancing," Peter pointed out.

"No we're not."

The High King placed one of his hands on his wife's waist and the other on her back in such a way that it encircled both his wife and daughter. "Yes we are," he said as Isabel took a step closer to him. "We're dancing like one royal, loving and good-looking family."

"Some things never change," Isabel said, shaking her head lightly. "Like your overly modest attitude."

"It is a universal truth, so what is so wrong in admitting that I am handsome?" Peter asked.

"Nothing," Isabel rolled her eyes.

They moved to the music for a while, smiling and nodding as Irene talked in her own tongue about the different lights, foods, 'uncle Eda', 'Lu and Su', and just pointed at Caspian (she couldn't say his name yet) to them.

"This is the best ending ever," Peter spoke up, pulling Isabel closer to him and kissing Irene's little fingers.

"No Peter," Isabel said softly. "You're wrong."

He looked at her questioningly.

"This is the best beginning ever," she said.

"The best," he nodded in agreement, and placed his head atop Isabel's as they enjoyed another song that was playing.

There you go. THE END.

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