Note- This takes place after episode 5x21 which was titled Exit Wounds.

Powder Keg

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

May 2010

Penelope Garcia was damn lucky she did not cause a fatal car wreck with the way she drove like a demon trying to escape the fiery depths of Hell that afternoon. She sped from away her apartment complex, through the streets of Quantico, and over to her best friend's house. For every second of the ride she was talking to herself aloud, cursing about the man that she had just left behind back at her place. Her blood was boiling by the time she pulled into Derek Morgan's driveway.

If looks could have killed then Penelope's long term boyfriend, Kevin Lynch, would be a dead man right about now. They had gotten into their worst argument ever today.

It wasn't all that new for Kevin to sneak in little snide comments about Derek's spot in Penelope's life. Today he went beyond spiteful jokes said with a chuckle and a smile. While Penelope was away working on a case in Alaska Kevin had time to stew in his own juices over the idea that Penelope had asked Derek to be her roommate at a very small inn that did not have enough rooms for each member of the team to get their own. At first Kevin played it off with jokes, insinuating that Derek was all brawn and no brains, but when Penelope stuck up for her friend Kevin had felt slighted and lashed out.

He finally went there. That place he had avoided for years now.

He stepped on the landmine. Called Penelope out on having deeper feelings for Derek than just friendship. Asked if she ever fantasized about fucking her good buddy. Asked why she never had gotten with him. Basically threw it in her face that she could lust after Derek all she wanted but she was being emotionally unfaithful to Kevin by doing it. He made sure to throw in that she was also completely making a fool out of herself because if Derek had the slightest interest in her then he would have been with her by now.

Almost not believing that her usually easy going, loving boyfriend could turn so mean Penelope had tried to sweet talk him into dropping the subject. But once he had started to let it out it seemed like Kevin couldn't stop himself till he said all he had been holding inside. Him spewing out all his pent up pain was much like a run away train that every second picked up steam. He verbally unloaded on her- fueled by his feelings of insecurity, his pain, and his jealousy-untill she finally couldn't take it anymore. She started screaming back that yes she did want Derek, and yes she did love Derek, and yes she should just leave Kevin for Derek since that's what Kevin seemed to want to make happen considering the way that he was needling her that day.

She lashed out at him right back. All her boyfriend's words felt like they were pulled out of her own head. He got deep inside her mind to where her long forgotten insecurities lay and used them all against her like weapons. Made her feel as ugly and unwanted as she ever had in all her life. Made her feel like a fool who had messed up their whole relationship. Made her want to smack him silly instead of break down and cry.

Penelope hadn't done either though. She called him a "Low down, weasel face, childish, pansy boy," and told him he better make sure that him and every trace of him were out of her place when she got back because she was going to go fuck Derek Morgan. Since Kevin insisted that is what she wanted to do anyway.

In a fit of hurt and rage, she drove like a maniac as fast as she could to Derek's door and when he answered she didn't stop to think if she looked crazy- her face all red, her breathing ragged, her eyes wide and filled with hurt- she pushed him inside and down onto the stairs that were directly behind the door, then straddled him and started to kiss his neck.


This was Derek's reaction after he opened his door and saw a very upset Penelope standing there. "Garcia, what's the matter? Are you—ompf, ow! Baby girl, gentle there. Hey, talk to me." He was forced down onto the stairs. "Uh...Penelope?...Um," by now she was kissing on his neck and then nibbling his ear. He was stiff and confused underneath her but- even though he didn't know what was going on- his body couldn't help but heat up from her oral assault.

His eyes fluttered close. He laid his head back. A soft moan escaped his lips. His fingers first gripped the stairs but as Penelope started to really get into kissing him- licking long strokes over his neck and against his ear and letting out whimpering sounds- Derek raised his hands and caressed her back, then brought his hands up to her hair and buried them there.

In a way this all felt like a dream to him. He knew he was completely exhausted from the long plane ride and the last few days up in Alaska with hardly no rest. During most of this last case his heart and head were worried about Penelope nearly non-stop. Even though Derek was desperately in need of a quiet evening at home and then a good night's rest, he knew he was not so out of it that he was imagining one of his very closest friends licking and sucking on him.

No this was very real. And it felt absolutely amazing to have this gorgeous, curvy woman all over him. Her hands were smoothing down his chest and unbuttoning his shirt while her mouth moved to kiss lower and lower, sucking on his pulse point and drawing a desperate moan out of him. His head was spinning. He needed just one minute of her not touching him so he could gather his thoughts.

"Penelope...sweetheart," he murmured, raising his head to look at her as she was ripping his shirt from his pants after getting the last of the buttons undone. She pushed up his white undershirt and then started to run her sexy, wet tongue over Derek's abs.

His dick went completely hard in an instant and his mind begged him to shut the fuck up and just enjoy this.

Laying his head back again and closing his eyes he started to let out moans that were more intense than usual for him. More breathless, more desperate, more out of control. He wasn't in his right mind in that moment. He wanted to stop her but he also didn't want her to ever stop.

Her nails raked over his chest while his hands slid down her back and squeezed her ass, in response to all the pleasurable sensations she had shooting through him in that moment. Penelope peppered his hot, slightly sweaty skin with kisses and let her tongue go wild on him. She circled his nipple and he cried out in pleasure "Damn, baby girl!"

Penelope made it clear she wanted his undershirt off as she started to tug it up. Derek had to sit up and help her. That's when their eyes met. In hers he saw so many mixed up emotions but most of all they were glittering with a hungry, aching lust that he knew must be mirrored in his own.

Seeing her like this, feeling her like this, everything about this moment classified itself as the fucking sexiest thing to happen to him in all his life. But why was it happening on this day at this particular moment?


Ignoring his obvious but unspoken question about what they were doing she moved her mouth to his jaw and kissed a path against it until she neared his lips. Shifting on him her skirt got in the way and Derek found himself gripping the sides of it and pushing it up to allow her to straddle him better. Her core was wet and warm against him. Their lips were a mere breath apart. Her hands were caressing his face and it seemed she was trying to work up the nerve to kiss him.

He could say something or do something right now to stop all this. It was a split second kind of moment, hanging on a razor's edge, where the balance of his life just may be decided by his next actions. It was impossible to know what would get him the future he wanted. Would they lose every other chance if he gave up this one? Would taking this one ruin all the other chances that might be waiting down the road?

Derek didn't know and he couldn't think straight.

Penelope's mouth brushed against his jaw again. He took hold of her face and brought her mouth to his in a tender, baby breath soft kiss. Then another and another as his mind quieted with worries and instead he was caught up in how amazing it felt to have her soft, sweet, warm lips against his. He burned for her right then. Ached to drive himself into her seductive heat and never stop pumping away. Just bury himself safely in her forever. Be tangled in her arms and legs and hold her nude body tight to his and forget the world existed.

"Derek," she murmured against his mouth.

Her whimper of his name sent fire whipping down his spine and pooling in his rock hard dick. He wrapped his arms around Penelope and deepened their kiss, licking his tongue against the seam of her pretty, red lips till they parted, with a moan, for him and he thrust his tongue into the haven that it had longed to be inside for years.

No coherent thoughts could form in his head now. All he knew was feelings. Her curves against him. Her squirming away on his lap. His dick throbbing and aching to burst free of his pants. He found himself lost in their string of endless kisses- tongues exploring each other's mouths and dancing against each other. He couldn't remember ever having a kiss this good before. Each one melted into the next as she pressed ever tighter against him, her nipples poking her bra and blouse and brushing against his chest. Derek started to unbutton her shirt as they kissed and then slipped it right off her.

His mouth broke away from hers. He was dying to take in the sight of her lace covered breasts. A brief glance into her dark, desire filled brown eyes and then his gaze dropped down to her heaving chest.

"Mmm, baby," he murmured as he bent to kiss at the swells of her gorgeous, ample breasts. "My pretty baby."

She brought a hand onto the back of his head and caressed it as he gently, and sweetly, lavished her breasts with the kind of attention he had fantasized giving her too many times to count. He quickly got her bra off and then Derek kissed away at her delectable tits like a man worshiping at an alter.

My God, she's so lovely, he thought, I'm so lucky.

"Derek, yes. Yes, Derek!" Penelope cried when he started to caress her breasts and lick across her nipples.

"So beautiful."

He didn't know why today was the day he was able to be so close to her. But he knew he wanted this day to never end.