Powder Keg

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter Eight

May 2010

When Penelope came out of the bathroom Derek had thrown on some sweats and a t-shirt. He was already downstairs in his kitchen making coffee. She found him there and asked "Um...should I call you later or we'll just see each other when we go back to work in a few days?"

"Play it by ear, I guess. If you feel like calling me then call. If not, don't sweat it."

"Okay." She turned to leave.

"Wait up, one minute, babe. Can I ask you something before you go?"

"I don't think I can handle a big conversation right now, Derek."

"That's kinda too bad cause there's something I gotta know and you're not leaving till I do."

"You're lucky I love it when you're forceful. Ask away, Tarzan."

He didn't smile. "Does Kevin ever scare you?"

"Scare me? That used to be his favorite thing. But I finally broke him of it. He'd sneak up on me and make me jump and then tell me to get over it cause I was too sensitive. I think he thought he was helping me. But he doesn't scare me in any other way. He wouldn't hurt a fly."

"Your nightmare last night. You were crying out for him to stop and not do whatever he was doing. What is it he does that makes you freak out?"

"I told you, we got in a blow out fight. In fact, I dumped him as I walked out the door. So, its no surprise that I was yelling at him in my sleep. Its not like I could have a good dream about that infuriating, immature jackass last night, could I? Two years, Derek! Two years of my life! Some of my best years and I gave them to him. UGH! Just thinking about it makes me so mad! I have to go! UGH! He better be long gone when I get home and all his video games too!" She stormed toward the door.

Derek hurried after her. "Penelope."

"I need air! I swear I can't breathe when I think about what he said to me yesterday! He was so...but then again he was right...UGH!" She burst into tears, just as she was pulling open the door.


There was no way he could let her leave in this state. She could crash her car driving home with her eyes blinded with tears. Besides the only thing he knew how to do when she cried was not turn away or let her walk away, it was to pull her close to him and try to make it better for her again.

Derek turned Penelope around and hugged her. He stroked her hair and pressed her face against his chest. She mumbled into his shirt.

He lifted her face up and asked "Say again?"

"He was right. He said I was an emotional cheater and he was right and now I'm a real cheater, too! I couldn't wait a day to run over here and fuck you. Just like he said I would. He said I wanted you more than him and I got so mad. I went off on him but look...look at what happened last night. Kevin had it right and I hated him for saying the truth. I hated him so much and I came here to prove him right and I did. I've messed up three lives. What's wrong with me, Derek?"

"Shhhhh, nothing's wrong with you. You just need more Hot Stuff time." He scooped her up her feet, pushed closed the front door and carried her to the couch. "Sit. Relax. Talk or don't talk but you're not driving anywhere till you're calm." He sat down in front of her. He started caressing her face with soft strokes of his fingers. He watched as a peacefulness came over her. He resisted the urge to give her sweet slow kisses. Instead he just intimately stared in her eyes as he massaged her scalp for a couple of minutes.

Derek next massaged Penelope's temples and she let out a blissful sigh. She told him "You are so awesome, Angel Fish. God, the women you have dated are all so lucky."

"Nu-uh uh, this is only for you, baby girl. The Penelope Garcia package. No other woman knows about this special treatment."

She joked with him "If I asked you to would you suck my toes?"

He threw back his head and roared with laughter. Then he waggled his head at her "I would suck every part of you repeatedly if it would make you wanna be my girl."


Hearing those words her heart melted.

She bit her bottom lip as she stared into his dark, earnest eyes. Then she started to kiss him. She pulled him on top of her on the couch, wrapping one leg around him, her heel resting on his ass. As they kept kissing she snuck a hand down and into his sweat pants, wrapping her fingers around the dick that she was rapidly starting to feel like only she should ever touch again.

He slid his fingers under her skirt and stroked over her panties. She squirmed and moaned while stroking his dick faster. Soon he was kicking off his sweats, pulling off her panties and sinking deep into her with no condom on.

She cried out in bliss at the feeling of nothing between them. Arching against him they fucked fast and rough. Their kisses turned raw and primal. She couldn't even form words at that point and just let out deep moans as he thrust hard into her until he exploded and filled her with his warm, sticky cum. She held him close to her, feeling more connected than ever now and massaged his ass as he stayed buried deep in her.

He shifted to take his weight off her and she caught his lips in a slow, gentle kiss. "Mmm," she said as they broke apart "I love you, Derek."

He rested his forehead against hers, as he kept panting, "Baby girl, promise me this isn't the last time."

"Every time we make love only makes me love you more."

He smiled against her lips. "That's good to hear. Just think how much you could love me if we did this five times a day."

She chuckled. "I think work might get in the way."

"I'll quit."

They shared a happy kiss. For long minutes they kissed while he was still buried inside of her. He smoothed his hands over her hair as he gripped her head before saying "Seriously though, no more playing around, lets try."

"I think we are way past the trying part," she purred, as she wiggled her hips with him still inside of her. "We're right in the thick of the doing part."

He dragged out her name in a stern tone. "Penelope."

She grew serious. Her skin prickled and her voice broke "You don't really want a big, serious relationship and we couldn't be anything but so how could this work?"

"Woman, I'm crazy in love with you. I want it all if its with you."

"You do?" she asked, her voice filled with amazement and disbelief.

"Such a hard head!" He kissed her quick on the lips and started to slowly move in her again. "Mmm, what does that feel like to you? Do you feel how much I want it all with you? I broke my rule for you. I said I would only stop using condoms when I got hitched." He slowly stroked in her. "Mmmm, so good." Another slow stroke. "Don't worry, baby girl. I get myself checked out all the time and I'm clean. I wouldn't hurt you like that." He stroked slowly again. "Good, good, good." He gave her a sweet kiss. "You forgive me for breaking the rules? Does it feel good, baby girl?"

"Yes! So damn good! Derek Morgan, you're my sexual dream come true."

He smiled at that and kept stroking. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah, baby, so very good, my baby."

She ran her hand up and under the back of his t-shirt, over the firm and strong muscles there. "Ohhhh, Derek! Faster, please! Please, mmmmm!"

"Patience," he dragged out the word as he leaned back some, hitched up her thigh and watched their joined bodies as he pumped into her. "Fuck, that's hot! Show me your tits, girl. Let me see those pretty titties you got."

She unbuttoned her shirt and then pulled down her bra. Her finger circled her nipple. She then sucked that finger before doing it again. Derek thrust into her faster. Her eyes scrunched close and her expression filled with ecstasy.

He ordered "Play with your tits for me. Come on, baby girl. Show me how rough you like it."

She did as he asked, completely caught up in the moment and with no sense of shame, and Derek grabbed the back of the couch to get more leverage and then slammed into her harder.

Her body tightened and she screamed in pleasure. "DEREK! I LOVE YOU! OHHHHH!"

He came then and filled her up with more of his cum before he relaxed against her. "Mmmmm, did you mean it?"

She was panting and didn't answer him. He kissed at her jaw and said "One day I'll know you mean every word when you say how much you love me."

Tears flooded her eyes. "I do mean it! Please don't doubt me."

He kissed under her eyes, tasting her salty tears. "Oh, angel, I'm sorry. Don't cry."

She sniffled. "We can try."

He grinned and looked down at her. "For real?"

She nodded. A teary smile came to her lips. "For real, my love, but you see how emotional it can get so I hope you're ready for a wild ride when you're my undercover lover."


"From Strauss."

He stilled. "Penelope, please never say that woman's name again when we're having sex."

"Or what? You'll spank me?"

Derek chuckled. "No, I'll just go soft and that will be the end of all your fun."

"Doubtful." She wiggled against him.

"Don't try me, woman!"


"Penelope!" Derek smothered her with kisses and soon he had flipped her over and she was riding him. Once they had untapped the cork- when it came to all the sexual tension that always simmered between them- they weren't able to get enough of each other. His recovery time was only a few minutes and she made him hella glad for that because she was always up for round two and three.

Morgan and Garcia ended up giving the term insatiable whole new meaning.