1 Month Later

It has been exactly one month since the ball at my parents castle, I found out I was not going to fall down dancing when being held in Sesshoumaru's strong arms.

Many people asked us when we would be holding our mating ceremony but we told them all we have not yet set a date for it, we are just taking it day by day.

We left two days after that and when we arrived back at the castle I was starting to voment and feel sick so I seen our healer and she informed me that I was 2 weeks pregnant!

Sesshoumaru was so excited when I told him that he wanted to start talking about names. I just laughed at his antics. Then when I informed Rin and Shippo they were ecstatic that they would be having a little brother or sister.

I found out that it only takes 6 months for a demonic baby to be born so as or right now I am 6 weeks pregnant.

I look out of our balcony as I want Rin and Shippo playing in the garden and I smile. I just finished my regular vomiting period I have every morning and have taken a bath.

I turn around and walk in off the balcony into our room. I walk over to my wardrobe and open it up and look over all of my everyday kimono's. I pick out a light orange kimono with green leaves on it.

I walk over and behind the changing screen, I take my robe off and throw it over the screen. I take the kimono and pull it on and tie the oba around my waist.

I walk out from behind the screen and see a envelop laying on our bed that I know was not there this morning. I walk over and pick it up, I set down and open it up.

Dear Kagome,

We have been doing good, I wanted to tell you this in person but I will not be seeing you. Miroku and I just found out we are expecting our first child last week. Now we will both be having our first baby's not far apart. Hope everything is going good. See you soon.



Sango and Miroku moved back to Sango's old village to start repairing it only a week after returning from my parents castle and I have missed them greatly.

I look out the balcony doors and smile, my life is beginning a new.

Hi everyone, Okay I know it was a short one but I am already working on the sequel and plan to have it out soon, maybe within a week. Now I know you all are probably wondering what the title is so I might as well tell you, the title is, Life Begins A New, I know yall will love it. Now we didn't reach my 500 reviews so please give me that last reviews I need to reach that. Till my next story!