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Summary: - girlbeast feels like a bad child for Mommy who loves her.

The person in the mirror doesn't answer her when she asks who she is. It stares at her with sunken bluegreenwhatthefuckdoesitmatter eyes and grins itself a cracked smile, with blood pooling and teeth broken and a dollop of silver where her tongue pokes through. The manifestation doesn't say a word, and just smiles and smiles and chills her blood where it sits in her veins.

She'll throw a vicious punch to shatter the glass (let it run red with her blood for all she cares as long as her cheeks are rosy and her grin isn't cracked with the blood that burns) and all that happens is her fist cracking and the glass is there and it's always going to be there and she's going to fucking scream if it doesn't break soon.

(Mommy used to make it all unOK because Mommy wasn't there better with smiles that weren't broken)

She hisses a violent sound and claws at the glass until her nails are bloody and counterfoil and she wants to keep it up.

Then a door opens but it doesn't matter because the mirror her is grinning and laughing and crying and ohmyfuckinggodgoaway! and there are men in pretty white suits that hit her with a needle and it's all OK now because the image is gone and Mommy is back with her and she's smiling like a saint and girlbeast feels like a bad child for Mommy who loves her.

Mommy cups her cheek as she asks softly (say it softer Mommy, the monsters can hear you), " Oh Sakura, what happened this time?"

Girlbeast (no name, no home, no name, not a girl, run) smiles a chapped smile like the mirror and gurgles, " Mommy, Mommy, she's baaaaack, the monster is back."

(the one inside her wails)

" Sakura, you are not a monster, you are Sakura!"

Girlbeast smiles, "Maybe."

doesn't make sense I know, send me a message with what you think it means.