Chapter 1- In the Beginning

The Elders of the Q Continuum who were a race of immortal godlike beings had the tendency to ignore the affairs of non-Q beings as they themselves lived in an extra dimensional plane of existence far from normal space. Once in awhile a few of them would travel away from their own plane of existence as they had an unique interest in the development and progress of humanity even though they themselves had no need to grow and evolve as they could simply assume any form they wished to along with their omnipotent abilities to manipulate events anywhere and anytime—past present or future.

There was one particular "Q' who had shown an affinity for getting 'involved' with human events in various times and throughout space that had drawn the Elders attention to his antics. His interest in studying inferior beings finally got him assigned to a very long stretch of time as one of the Dark Reapers for the members of a somewhat uninteresting (to many of his kind) group known as earthlings on a planet that resided in the Alpha quadrant.

During that time he became even more fascinated by these lesser beings He became specially interested in those mortal beings who had learned how to develop their inner magical powers as they struggled and sometimes stumbled through their often convoluted lives before dying.


Grumbling to himself about how late his replacement was for the next shift 'Q' who was becoming somewhat impatient waiting while posing as Death, gazed moodily at the three men who were obviously related were attempting to cross the treacherous river. Expecting to end his turn with a 'triple play' as muggles would say Q wondered if they would be fool enough to try and traverse the dangerous waters, either by wading or swimming. He pondered the situation when the three mortal beings calmly waved their wands to magically procure a bridge to cross the raging river water and proceeded to cross without worry.

Feeling a touch out of sorts as it had been a long thousand years, even for him, and giving in to his natural indignant mischief Q decided to don his invisibility cloak which hid his features and appeared on the bridge at the halfway point. Sensing an opportunity to play a prank and prove his mastery over that small inconvenience known as Death he decided to offer the three a 'prize' each for having been clever enough to evade him.

The three men were startled to say the least as suddenly a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood appeared suddenly before them. Stopping suddenly they drew out their wands and held them pointing towards the strange being.

"And who ye be blocking our way." asked the first and oldest wizard suspiciously as his eyes narrowed .

"I be known to you as Thanatos, Angel of Death the Grim Reaper or if you prefer simply Death." said the being in a very hollow spechtural voice as he slowly raised his skeletal finger "I have come among you three brothers to sever the last ties between your souls and body."

The three brothers were shocked to say the least as they were fearful yet also courageous at the same time.

"But." 'Q' who just wanted to finish his tenure as Death continued on blithely ignoring the shocked expressions. "I think I will instead reward you three for your cleverness in preventing me from gathering your souls... this time. What wish would you each like me to grant you?" His empty eye sockets gleamed with an unearthly fire as he waited for the three to answer.

Thinking that this was a rather strange situation but willing to go along with the flow the three brothers decided to humour the strange being and each would make a request for something unusual that they desired according to their own personalities.

The First Brother Antioch Peverell being a combative man who was very boastful and desired power over others asked for a very powerful wand that would always win duels for its Owner. He craved the power to defeat hisone long time enemy.

Death crossed over to where an Elder tree stood and fashioned a wand from one of its branches. He returned and handed it over to the oldest brother whose eyes glittered with an emotion that made Death smirk to himself, for there would be plenty of soul gathering connected to this wand.

Turning to the second brother Cadmus Peverell he found that he too was arrogant as he wanted a form of power but different from his elder brother as he wished for a way to bring back someone special to him who was already in Deaths possession. Gritting back a comment Death looked down at the rocks and stones and picked up a smooth black stone and gave it to the second brother, telling him that it would have the power to bring back the dead. All he had to do was turn the stone three times in his hand while thinking of the dead person he wished to bring back. Of course he didn't say how far back. Naturally the second brother was pleased with his gift .

Lastly he asked the youngest brother Ignotus Peverell what he would like to have and found that the boy had done some fast thinking as he didn't desire power but to live his life with a purpose and to accomplish all that he wished he wanted to live for a very long time so he requested something that would enable him to leave this place without the fear of Death following him.

Q sighed slightly but he had given his word to grant them each a wish so he then reluctantly handed over his precious clock of invisibility to the young man while he explained that it provided everlasting protection to its wearer and did not fade with age as most Invisibility Cloaks often do. and then stood aside to allow the three brothers to continue on their way to their destinations. Watching them disappear from his sight he had this feeling he should try to keep track of the three and see what misadventures would ensue.

Shortly afterwards when his replacement arrived 'Q' explained why he wasn't in possession of his cloak and then filled him in about the three Hallows he had created for the three brothers and afterwards he was on his way to one of the far distant Galaxies known only to very few as it was hidden from view.


Ihope you enjoyed this chapter. I admit my knowledge of the star trek universe is sketchy at best even though i enjoy watching star trek, The Next Generation and Voyager . This story is obvious alternate universe as I attempt to combine both Harry Potter and Voyager/Next Generation.

I had difficulty uploading as unfortunately I m using the tiny notebook which hates me as my desktop has gone on strike and refuses to turn on.