Chapter 52- Contact

"You do realise that with that dark wizard controlling the Ministry that there will be laws made putting wizards in the sole control of the goblins and I refuse to acknowledge any wizard as my master." Griphook spat."As the Dark Lord becomes ever more powerful those of us who are not of your race will be enslaved and amongst the wand-carriers will be brave enough to protest the injustices?"

"Believe me I know where you are coming from. But there are many magical beings who are united in resisting him. " Draconus answered, "But to prevent those laws from being fully enacted I am requesting that you assist me in breaking into Lestranges vault."

"Are. You. Insane?" Griphook glowered at the young blond wizard, "Sure death for all participants shall follow the break-in."

"Nothing is ever sure but death and taxes but the only thing I am interested in is Helga Hufflepuffs Cup."

A wary, distrustful, and doubtful look crossed Griphooks face. "The warning is clear as posted upon the doors of Gringotts and it seems that I must refresh your memory.

"Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there."

Griphook finished reciting the poem and grinned— more of a grimace with sharp pointed teeth showing.

Draconus chuckled, "Believe me that the how and why will be a complete mystery."

"You are so sure?" Griphook growled, "Why of all the treasures that are stored in this vault you wish for me to open are you only interested in retrieving Helga Hufflepuffs Cup?" He then changed his tactics, " Anyway it has been missing for many years." He said shrewdly.

"I know for certain that it is there and I will also tell you that it has been turned into a horcrux by the dark wizard known as Volde..."

"DON"T SAY HIS NAME!" roared the Goblin despite his exhaustion. "But a horcurx? Are you even sure of the facts?" Shock adorned his face at the idea.

"I wasn't going to say his name, He is just a mouldy wart on history's behind." Draconus shook his head at the Goblins mistrustful look. "Honest."

"You are a wand-wielder. Honesty isn't always practised by your lot. Anyway you talk as if there was a chance for your plan to succeed."

"Yes I am sure it will be successful Griphook... don't be shocked, and remember that there will be no one who will know of your involvement." Draconus said as he noticed the Goblins look. "It will be arranged in such a way that only those actually involved will know. Just trust that only you, I and my compatriots will know what we are doing."

"Including my superiors? They would definitely insist upon informing the owner of the vault that there had been a break-in and being that the vault belongs to one of 'his' followers..." Griphook said with distase.

"There are protections in place that will prevent theft. In fact there is that far down- a dragon that will incinerate anyone who tries to outwit the safeguards of Gringotts. Anyway I don't see how you can prevent knowledge of this insanity from becoming common knowledge."

"Oh I am sure that there will be talk considering the dragon won't be there when the discovery that a vault had been entered without setting off alarms." Draconus answered back with an assurance that baffled the Goblin. "We will all be long gone by then."

"I shall come with you...But if there is any pilfering other than the cup.." The Goblins threat hung in the air.''I am very curious as to how you plan to pull this absurd scheme off."

Draconus chuckled, "There won't be. But come with me and meet the others who will be a part of this heist." Draconus indicted the opened door of the cell. "Lets get out of these cramped quarters shall we?"

"You are a strange one young Malfoy." Griphook's eyes narrowed as he carefully stood up, "Are you so sure that things will go the way you have planned?"

"Actually...It isn't my plan but that of an omnipresent being that I have a rather unusual connection to." answered Draconus. "I call him Q."

""Q? You are insane, Wand wielder." answered Griphook with a grimace that had sharp teeth showing. "But upon my honour as a Goblin of Gringotts, I will offer my assistance in this endeavour... So long as what you have revealed is the truth."

"Fair enough." Draconus answered as they both left the cell and walked up the stairs and opened the door to the drawing room where Lucius and Narcissa were discussing the past events as they looked over the depressing news contained in the latest Daily Prophet.

"Draconus! Why have you defied the Dark Lords orders and brought the Goblin up from the cell?" questioned Lucius as he noticed them and glanced about the drawing room fearfully as if the Dark Lord would suddenly pop out from some hiding place.

"Griphook is going to be needed to open a certain vault when the time is ready." answered Draconus calmly as he reached up to take some floo powder from a jar above the fireplace. "Anyway I doubt Voldemutt will venture back here after being subjected to all those crazy body parts. Even if he did I doubt he would be very concerned for a Goblin no matter how intelligent and useful he is."

Shocked by the boys apparent disregard for the dark wizard whose name was anathema to his people and all decent folk, and the casual way he spoke to his father- Griphook looked back and forth at the blond teenager and the elder Malfoys with typical goblin suspicion, also bewilderment as he – being a goblin- sensed there was a power at work not like any other he had seen or felt before. He knew that Ollivander- the elderly wandmaker had vanished a few days earlier from his cell a few days earlier. He had been very weak to be sure but Griphook didn't really think the elder wizard had died. An echo of voices talking played in his memory—The wandmaker and another voice that matched the wizard known as Snape- who had been with this boy when the promise of safety had been given. In the situation he had been placed a little more light, clean water and decent food was much appreciated even if it was from a wand wielder.

''Come along Lucius. The less we know the better." Narcissa took her husband by the elbow and gently pulled him away. "Keep safe Draconus. May your endeavours bring us all the peace that has eluded us for so long." She said cryptically as she and Lucius left the room.

"You want to travel by floo?" Griphook eyed the powder and fireplace. "The system will most likely be monitored."

"Normally yes but this is not ordinary floo powder. Connect to 12 Grimmauld Place" Draconus grinned at Griphook as a measure of the pale dust swirled upward and floated by itself onto the fire that turned an eerie blue black. "Now we will be going. I hope the others have made their way safely."

Griphook found himself in the fire which whisked him away to 12 Grimmauld Place as Draconous followed him shortly after. Both found themselves landing in the old Black Homestead that was considered the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

"My father had put every security measure known to wizardkind on this place and besides being unplottable It has also been endowed with protections by Dumbledore." Sirius was bragging to Mad-Eye when a strange fog appeared in the fireplace and two figures emerged unscathed.

"Really Sirius?- if that is so, do my eyes deceive me but is that a Goblin coming through the floo!" barked Mad-Eye as he drew out his wand and pointed it toward the two figures emerging from the floo. " And there's that Malfoy boy! Though after seeing him at the Burrow I should have known he would find his way here."

I see them too Mad-Eye. Your eyes are still as sharp as ever, but how did ... I mean the floo is warded against all intruders." sputtered Sirius as the floo closed off after the Goblin and Draconus came through.

Sensing the slight change of subject in the ongoing debate,- Harry looked up from some parchments he had been going over with Ron and Hermione then over at the fireplace and noted who was standing there. He jumped up off the sofa he had been sitting on and called out- "That Goblin is Griphook Sirius. I remember him as he is the one who helped me when I first came to Diagon Alley and drew money out from Gringotts." Harry said as he took a good look at the small being dusting himself off. "Hello Griphook. How are you after travelling through the secured wards with Draconus?"

"It is most unusual! He used the strangest floo powder I've ever laid eyes upon." growled Griphook as he spared a glance to Harry. "He also seems to be under the impression that he and your lot can break into Gringotts and retrieve ... an item without alerting the guardian Dragon."

"Um, did I not mention that we were going to also be freeing the dragon?" Draconus said innocently as Albus Dumbledore re-entered the room behind Ron and Hermione. He turned calmly and said, "Hello Headmaster... Did you enjoy your impromptu vacation?"

"Why yes I did. Fascinating vessel. And the most unusual muggles and creatures I have ever laid my eyes upon." answered Albus. "I could have stayed there. But then my curiosity as to how things were transpiring here in the Wizarding world decided me. I just had to come back to Earth on Voyager. From what I gather they are presently hovering over us in wizarding space where the muggle thing-a-ma-jigs can't locate them. Really amazing the ways those muggles have to compensate for their lack of magic."

Draconus couldn't help but laugh at Albus's innocent statement as did Sirius, Hermione and Harry to the confusion of Griphook and Mad-Eye.

Mad-Eye muttered a few epithets under his breath as he realised that the youngsters where planning to do the impossible. He looked over at Dumbledore who was smiling benignly while munching on some very strong smelling lemon drops. "Albus did you know about this plan?"

"Yes Alastor I had an idea that there would be some plans being enacted. I suspect it will be a project which involves more than you have ever seen." answered Albus. "But now that Voyager is here I am sure our young conspirators will avail themselves of her aid."

"Huh? How do we do that?" Ron asked as he looked toward the blond Slytherin who was smirking back at him. "Draconus?"

Draconus grinned as he turned on and tapped the communicator that was still located on his shirt under his cloak. "Voyager this is Ensign Draconus Malfoy. Please respond."

"Draconus... good to finally hear from you." A familiar voice came over, then changed itself into a gravelly tone, "This is your Grandfather Draco."

The bewildered looks upon Ron and Hermione's faces and confusion upon Griphook and Mad-Eyes were priceless but Draconus kept a straight face

"Funny Gramps, now where is the Transporter chief. Also I wish to speak to Captain Janeway. I have an idea but need her permission to utilise the transporter."

"Do you want to come back on board? I can transport you up easily. Your father is rather anxious as is your great great grandfather... who you have never met yet." answered Draco. "But as you know that we have to follow Star Fleet protocol in regards to the timeline. Though I suspect that particular protocol has been utterly ignored considering the Q's involvement."

A stunned look sent by Griphook and Mad-eye toward the blond was amusing to the other teens but knowing that the voice belonged to the Draco Malfoy that actually belonged to the twentieth century- they kept their silence as they listened to the disembodied voice that was speaking to the blond teen. Plenty of time to find out what had been going on with him after he finally returned to Terra-Firma.

"Not like the Q ever worried much about Star Fleets protocol." Draconus grinned as he spoke to the voice. "I would love to beam back up to see Dad and my great great grandfather but at the moment I don't need to come back on board just yet"

"Then keep your com-badge open so we can keep monitoring you." another voice overrode that of Draco's. "We do not wish to leave you stranded in the past." It was the voice of his father, Lieutenant Arturas Malfoy. "We will wait for your transmission. Be careful my son."

"Yes sir, I shall be very careful. Please inform Captain Janeway that I will be in contact. I along with my friends may need help with a small project that will ensure that the Q's plan to end the war sooner than it would have will work."

Meanwhile Dumbledore approached the pensive looking Goblin and stuck up a conversation.

"Griphook I had wondered why you haven't been brought on board the starship Voyager, along with Mr Ollivander and Miss Burbage by the Q but now I understand." Dumbledore said conversationally. "I do hope you get the chance to do so as I have had."

"And why would I wish to involve myself with muggles. You wand-wielder are more than enough for me to stomach." muttered Griphook, feeling a bit unnerved as he eyed the group of wizards.

"You may find being among them very refreshing. Seeing what the future holds for all beings whether muggle or magical, even to meeting beings from other planets who will work and live among us is really eye-opening." Answered Dumbledore. "Not one of the crew seemed to be surprised at seeing unusual creatures or different beings that vaguely resembled them."

"There was much talk about you vanishing from Hogwarts. Much like Snape and young Malfoy did earlier in the year. You say you where transferred to a... star ship you called it? Where they taken there also?"

Drumbledore nodded.

But about what you are saying- it is not how things are... now anyways." Griphook did his best to organise his jumbled thoughts. "You are referring to some future which will only come to pass..." Griphook looked over at Draconus and then back up to Dumbledore. "That boy.. . His scent is similar to Draco Malfoy but there is a very unusual addition which..." Griphook paused in his speech as something else occurred to him.

"He doesn't really belong here does he? What time turner could have power enough to bring him back here and interact with what is his past. There are laws against such happenings."

"He did not use a time turner Griphook." answered Dumbledore. "There are powers beyond your and my understanding that are at work here. I advise you to just enjoy the ride."

"Enjoy. The. Ride you say. I am a representative of the bank and he has requested my help while he and his friends break into Gringotts and remove an item for one of the vaults. He mentioned somebody called... Q. Odd sort of name." grumbled Griphook. "Maybe I should have stayed a prisoner. Though I must honour the debt. Malfoy and this Snape fellow did make sure we had light and was fed and watered properly."


There was a lull while Voyager and its crew waited for the moment they would be needed. While many of the youngsters chose to gather together in the Holodeck for one last game- Maraga along with Draco accompanied Neelix to the arboretum with plans on gathering seeds from the Elfish Fairy which had flourished under the care and guidance of the Talaxian.

Many different memories flooded Maraga's mind as she gazed at the strange fern with shades of silver and gold star shapes linked altogether by the veins running through its purplish green leaf. Both old and new, pleasant and foreboding. The planet was gone but her people where safely gathered together on a brand new planet, Her grandfathers decision to come to this unfamiliar planet, her friends both new and old. Her own future was not like she had been expecting it would be when she was younger... No- it was much more than she had ever dreamed and hoped for before she met this young Earthling.

Once Dulcis was safely ensconced within the Holoprogram the older youngsters had activated, the tiny dragon Ignis Diligo had flown over to the doctors office to check on the special eggs that he instinctively knew had tiny hatchings forming within them. Starfoot was 'helping' the Doctor look after the eggs as well as the two magical patients who where somewhat bewildered by the Elf's strange outfit and mannerisms.

"We must not forget to fertilise the Nemus ut Repello Malum trees and wrap their roots to protect them during transport." Neelix instructed Draco on how to care for the unusual trees that where destined to be planted in the orchards by Malfoy Manor. A tree which would be the producer of wandwood that rejected the dark. Who would have ever imagined the possibility. But Draco knew that it was true and that when Mr Ollivander recovered -the wandmaker would be excited about creating the new wands.

Captain Janeway and Maragas' Grandfather were sipping some raktojino in the Captains ready room while Commander Chakotay and Security Chief Tuvok kept an eye on the ship operations.

"Captain with everything that has happened to prevent your getting home in your own time that is, Do you ever have any regrets about being part of Starfleet?" asked Vincere. "I mean I doubt that you and your crew had ever intended to stay away from your home planet as long as you have. And then to have your own voyage interrupted by Q to save magical beings from a planetary system that you have never seen or heard of." Vincere continued as he gazed at the planet of Earth that could be seen through the window . "You arrived home but yet you aren't. Not really."

"There was no difference between youth and age when it came to innocent curiosity ' thought Captain Janeway who smiled then answered. "I must admit the trip has been a challenge in itself. But I would not give any of it up. I have found that all beings have their own form of magic. Some more obvious than others. I also admit that I do enjoy the chances to meet and befriend anyone of all species of beings."

We're all on long journeys, looking for allies. In many ways, we're like... cousins. "

"Cousins?" Vincere turned away from the view.

"Yes, there is Voyager alone with a small crew of many nations facing the unknown. We have become our own unit... a family. Much like you and your peoples are doing back on Novus Venificus Magus. I know that in time your new planet will become a hub of activity where many will live in peace and prosperity."

"You already knew of our new planet before we did?" Vincere asked in astonishment.

"Only that Novus Venificus Magus flourishes very well in our time and even though it is well warded there are ships from many trusted peoples and planets that carry goods and visitors to and away from there. The Cardilians and Basaliskans are constant visitors and help keep the magical community safe."

"Will you be able to return there? Your own time I mean." Vincere asked as he tried to comprehend such a future.

"I certainly hope so." Captain Janeway answered, "With hope everyone on Voyager will make it back safely to our own time and earth but I am sure our lives have been enriched by the adventures and people we have met while travelling among the stars."

"I see... It's not really the destination that matters. It's the journey to get there." Vincere said softly—nodding thoughtfully. "I understand. But even though I stop here on this Earth I know my journey hasn't ended."

"It never does if one is lucky enough." Captain Janeway agreed.