There was a knock at the door. "Go to your bedroom", my mum snapped. I knew what was coming; it was what feared little girls the most. The Child Snatchers. This is what every parent had nightmares about, the sinister knock at the door at exactly 9:00 at night. They would take away your beloved child and order them to work in the Academy for Girls. It may seem like an ordinary school where girls do ordinary lessons, but no, they're made to work all day and have little spear time for sleep. They "recruited" girls from the age of ten, when they are "capable" of sewing and working machines properly. They get us ready for this at school. There was another knock at the door, but louder this time. I was still sitting on the stairs, fear taking over my sense of movement. "Quickly", my mother hissed, gesturing me to hide in my bedroom. I could see the faint outline of the two men dressed in black through the door. I ran up quick and hid in my wardrobe.

Through a crack in which I had left the door slightly ajar I could hear that the two men were inside the house, and were asking my mother of me. I heard her say that I had gone to a sleepover at my friend's house some way away. At that moment I had a tickling in my nose. It must be all the musty clothes in the wardrobe. But suddenly: ACHOO!

I had blown the cover story. Soon I heard the two men barging past my mother and racing up the stair to me. Through the crack I could see the men searching high and low for me in my bedroom. But they haven't found me yet. Oh dear, one of the men was edging closer to my hiding place. He opened the door.