Outnumbered arrives in walford!

a/n hi this is my second story I am so exited this story is about the amazingly funny family from outnumbered coming to walford in this new story! I hope u enjoy it!

'NO! NO U ARE NOT GETTING ME TO LEAVE! I AM STAYING RIGHT HERE!' said karen sitting on the stairs of her home wich has just been sold to a nice man that had a pregnant wife who as due to give birth to a baby girl in 3 months.

'Karen ! Get down from there we have to go the new owners will be here in a second to start decorating! '

'No I am not moving!' she said folding her arms

Slowly pete walked into the room holding his head.

'Right what's going on I have a massive headache!' he said standing next to sue .

'Your daughter here is refusing to leave this house! Look I have got to go get Ben and make sure he is packed. Have fun!' sue said walking into the kitchen.

'So karen I am sorry but we have to leave! We have already sold this house to that nice couple!' Pete said sitting next to her

'What the couple with the pregnant woman?' she asked

'Yes they were nice weren't they!' he said

'When I am older I don't want to be pregnant because then you would have to be really fat and walk around knowing people are looking at your tummy!' she replied

'Err ok … so will you come with us?' he asked trying to change the subject.

'No!' she said

'But we have brought a lovely house in walford!'

'Walford you said we were moving to London I have never seen that on a map of London before!' she said

'That's because you have never seen a map of London before' he said turning towards her

'Ok right well … I am still not going!' she said running up the stairs.

'So Ben all packed ?' sue said walking over to him.

'Almost where should I put this?' he asked picking up the giant elephant head from the corner.

'I thought we agreed we weren't gonna take that!' sue said.

'If this isn't coming then I am not leaving!' he replied.

'Well … ok fine but only because we need to be out by 10!' she said angry that he had won again.

Running out of the kitchen with the head in his hands ben shouted 'cool I'll put it in the car'

Angrily pete stormed back into the kitchen looking back at ben running off with the head.

'I thought we weren't taken that?' he asked sue

'Yer change of plan so any luck with karen?' sue asked.

'No ! ' he said sitting at the kitchen table.

Jake walked in from the front room and said ' u know she does have a point you know I am gonna have to leave all my mates and …'

'All the pretty girls? Well there will be pretty girls in walford wont there pete' sue said.

'What err yer course now get your brother and get In the car!' he answered

'Fine ' Jake said walking out the room 'ben come on'

'Now lets go get karen 'pete said standing up.

They both walked out of the kitchen and crept up the stairs . They slowly opened Karen's bedroom door and pete grabbed her . Sue got Karen's suitcase and they both walked down the steps listening to karen shouting 'get off! Put me down I am a Libra and we don't like to be carried!'

They got out to the car sue put the suit case in the boot and pete quickly put karen in the car and they both jumped in.

'Jake lock the door quick!' pete said

Jake poped the lock on the door down and pete quickly started driving.

'Thank god for that!' he said.

'Hey that was so not fair it was 3 against 1!' karen shouted folding her arms.

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