This is my first ever Wincest-y fic, so you go!

Sam opened the door to the motel and was met by a very unusual sight. Dean was sat on the floor of the room, his back against the wall, with a very scary expression on his face. It was a cross between anger and heartache, Sam decided.

He put down the bag with the six pack of beer that he had just brought, and walked over to dean, and sat down beside him. As he sat down, dean rested his head on Sam's shoulder, and Sam put an arm round Dean's shoulders, pulling him into the embrace.

'Dean, what's up?' Sam asked after a while.

'Nothing' said Dean, trying to keep at least some of his composure.

'Come on Dean, what's wrong? You look like you've just been told that ghosts really don't exist!'

''s not fair; it should have been us' muttered dean, his face buried in Sam's shoulder.

'What should have been us-oh' realisation hit him. It was 12th June 2010, the second day of the football world cup. And the only game that mattered today- England V USA.

'What was the final score?' he asked, thinking that if dean reacted like this, then the answer wouldn't be a good one.

'Well, we drew, 1-1, but that is not the point! You should have seen their goalkeeper! Green...he was proper sloppy! That goal was amazing, that Clint Dempsey is a genius, and it was a big long range effort. I mean, no offence, but even you could have saved it!

'And that is saying something!' agreed Sam, he hugged dean close, and planted a kiss in dean's hair.

'And we could have had at least two more opportunities!' added dean.

Don't worry; we've still got two more games to play! We can beat 'em all! Including England!'

'Yes we can! Come on, we have the best team ever! We can do it no problems!' said dean,

He leaned in and kissed Sam, letting his frustration of the football loose on Sam's lips. They stood up, taking each other's jackets off.

Sam broke off the kiss.

'I'll show you how we yanks do it properly!' he growled huskily

'Well, I hope you have better hands than Green, because I don't want your balls going into my net unchecked!' shot back Dean.

'Oh come on Dean, I know you do...' said Sam, and without a further word, he pounced on him, and the last word before they succumbed to their lust came from Dean.

'You can put your balls in my net any day!'

Well, there you go! My first ever Wincest Fic! I hope you enjoyed!

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