'Dean, can we please just find somewhere to hole up for the night? How can you see through this rain?' Sam Winchester begged as he shot an incredulous look at his older brother in the driving seat, who was, at this moment in time, leaning forward in his seat so much that his nose touched the windscreen, squinting through the thick blanket of rain that was attacking the Impala.

'yeah, I guess your right, I can't see a damn thing!' said dean, giving his brother the trademark dean Winchester grin.

Sam growled in frustration as he tried to get comfy in his seat. 'I think I saw a motel on the map earlier' he said, turning into the back seats to fish out the map of Indiana that he had insisted that they buy. They didn't usually go to Indiana very often, so they needed all the help that they could get'

'Oh Sammy we don't need a map! It's just me and...Ooh a hitchhiker!' said Dean, bouncing in his seat like a five year old. Sam gave his brother a horrified look, 'your not seriously considering picking him up...are you?' he looked through dean's window and surveyed the hitchhiker. It was a man, about Sam's height, although he looked a little older. He had jeans and a faded black leather jacket on, which made him look like a kind of weirdo rocker. He had his thumb out and beamed at the car, fully expecting a ride.

'Why not?' asked dean.

'Cos we don't know who he is' said Sam.

'Aw come on Sammy! What harm could he be, you hitchhiked!'

'I'll have you know that I didn't hitchhike. I walked, about 4 miles actually.' Said Sam, matter of factly.'

'Yeah whatever, we'll see where he wants to go, then you can make the decision, ok?' said dean, a bit annoyed with Sam's fretting. Sam nodded; at least he had the final say.

Dean pulled up next to the soaked guy, and wound down his window.

'Aw thanks mate, I've been out here for hours!' gasped the man with a strong southern accent. He beamed at Sam and dean, only the latter smiled back.

'That's alright, where to?' asked dean.

The man shrugged, 'I'm not fussy, I just wanna be in a warm car for a change you know? Just let me off in the next town?' the guy asked.

Dean turned in his seat and looked at Sam. Sam looked at dean. He couldn't do any harm he thought, and then gave Dean a curt nod, with a sinking feeling that he was going to regret it.

Dean turned back to the guy in the rain. 'Okay, sure thing...' he said, whilst asking for a name with his eyes.

'Danny. My names Danny fell.' Said Danny, shaking dean's hand and nodding his head at Sam, who nodded back politely.

'That's great Danny...Sammy will open the door for you, won't you?' he asked, again swivelling in his seat to grin at Sam.

'Sure' said Sam stiffly, and he braced himself for the onslaught of wind and rain as he opened his door and ran out to open the back door for Danny.

'Cheers mate!' said Danny, and he hopped into the back of the Impala, stretching out his legs and sighing.

'Thanks for this guys!' he said to the brothers, who both nodded back.

'No problems' said dean.

Neither of the boys noticed Danny give the boys a dark, almost menacing look before the Impala rode off into the rainy, windy dark night.

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