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Four days later...

Dean didn't think he could take anymore waiting. Sam had been unconscious for three days now, and he didn't seem to be waking up anytime soon. Dean had paced the hell out of the floor, and he had actually been tutted at by a rather frail looking woman who had gotten sick of his pacing. He had then tried to read a magazine, but his hands were shaking too much to read the words properly.

He then checked into a motel, washed and changed his clothes, then he organised a bag of clothes and toiletries for Sammy, but he hadn't needed to use it yet.

Dean was still hurting, but all that he had needed was a few stitches in his face and a couple of hours sleep back at the motel. He ached all over and his leg hurt whenever he put pressure on it, but he was more worried about Sam at this present moment in time.

Just as dean was about to bash his head against the hospital wall in frustration, a doctor popped his head round the corridor and smiled at him. 'Mr Winchester? Your brother is waking up, do you want to see him?' he asked in a deep velvety voice.

'Would I?' asked dean, and he practically bounded into Sam's room, when he approached Sam's bed; he could see the extent of his injuries.

It had taken a while to get Sam out the car and into the emergency room. Sam didn't have any strength left to walk himself, and dean had to practically drag him into the hospital.

Sam had a couple of stitches above his temple, and he had a small scar on the bridge of his nose.

Dean knew that his real injuries were located under the covers; his stomach was punctuated with stitches that kept the flesh together.

Dean brought a chair to the bed, and settled it down next to his brother's head.

Sam stirred a little in his bed, his eyelids fluttering. The sight made Dean want to cry. Dean should have protected him better; he should have seen this coming.

He looked down as Sam slowly opened his eyes, blinking the harsh sunlight out of his eyes.

'Sammy? Can you hear me buddy?' he whispered, putting a hand on Sam's shoulder.

Sam blinked a few times, dizzy and groggy, but after a few seconds he had finally located the voice and he settled his eyes on Dean.

'You look awful' he mumbled, making Dean Chuckle.

'Yeah right back at you bro!' he joked. He couldn't really smile though. It hurt his face.

Sam chuckled back, and then sighed. He couldn't breathe very well, and the tight bandages wrapped round his chest didn't do much for them problem either.

'So we...got out?' he said, looking at Dean.

Dean nodded and smiled as much as he could.

'Yup- I said we would, didn't I?' he said.

Sam smiled and nodded. 'You did' and he fell silent.

Dean stared out the window for a few minutes, but he snapped his head back to Sam when he heard his brother say 'thank you Dean'

'Why are you thanking me Sammy?' he asked.

'You got me out- you...kept your promise!' Sam said as if it were obvious, gratitude shining in his eyes.

'Well...yeah, but you don't have to thank me though Sammy' dean replied, slightly uncomfortable, but completely flattered by Sam's thanks.

'Yeah I do, you always save me' added Sam, and dean smiled.

'That's because I keep my promises Sammy'

He turned back to his brother-

'And I always will'