Oh my gosh! I just had to make a crossover of John Tucker Must Die lolz. That movie was hilarious and I started thinking Tucker Foley. This is going to be good and I mean REALLY GOOD! I'm not sure how many people are gonna read this, but I hope it's enough for people to enjoy. Review please!

Everyone always finds their place in school. I mean sure on your first day of school, things get tight and you're in the moment of finding a place or a clique you belong in. You rather belong in a clique or you're just one of those kids that is stuck with one best friend. Either way, you end up finding a place eventually. Even if you're not part of a clique, you still belong somewhere.

Me, I'm one of those people who just has one best friend. We did everything together, or used to. Things changed in middle school. You see, Tucker Foley has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. When middle school came, he started joining a clique, the popular clique called the jocks. We started not hanging around much since. Instead, I'm stuck as...

"Hey, it's Tucker's homework buddy!"

Well, you get the idea. I'm now Tucker's homework buddy. I do his homework or help him with it, whatever you name it. Tutoring, helping, doing, or other names. I'm the homework buddy. That's what everyone knows me as.

Anyway, enough about me, this story is about my friend I was talking to you about, Tucker Foley. Now let's start with his friends. There's Dash the quarterback, Kwan the running-back, Josh the tennis captain, and well... that's about it. Now time for the girlfriend, or I should say girlfriends. Tucker is currently dating three girls. There is Star the cheerleader, Valerie the girl's basketball captain, and Jazz my sister.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why in the world would I let my sister date a player who is cheating on her behind her back? Well guess what, Jazz believes she can handle dating her brother's best friend and that I shouldn't make a big deal about that. You know, I tried telling her it was a bad idea, but does she listen? I DON'T THINK SO! So here I am watching Tucker kiss three girls and dating them in one day. A lot of Tucker's friends think it's neat, but I think it's sick.

I have already made my point in telling about Tucker and his stuff, now I shall start his story. You see, when you date more than one girl or guy, they are bound to find out. That, is what this story is about. When three of Tucker's girfriendls discovered their boyfriend was dating the three of them at once. They wanted to kill him. Guess what, I wanted to kill him too. Ironic, isn't it? Not when your sister is involved! We all wanted to kill Tucker Foley for the cheating, for being the worst friend in history, for using my sister, for everything.

"Tucker," says Valerie.

"Foley," says Sam.

"Must," says Star.

"Die," says Jazz.

"hasta la vista, Jackass," I, Danny Fenton, say with a grinning smirk.