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Now We Must Part - part 3

After creating the natural world, including moutains and oceans, rivers and streams, birds and beasts, all kinds of plants, God created mankind, based on His own appearance, and allowed them to take use of everything He had made to live their life. On the following day, God started the highest kind of His world - the purebloods, who were as beautiful as He looked and could live forever with Him. God gave them a lot of powers as well as the right to dominate and devour all other kinds.

Since purebloods carried numerous powers but their bodies weren't strong enough to contain them, they grew a need of blood in their diet. Being immortal and powerful, they became insolent and turned away from God. Meanwhile, mankind workshiped Him respectfully, but a lot of them were drained dry or converted to be ex-human slaves by His beloved creatures. God decided to punish the purebloods and anyone who inherited their blood by burning them under his sunlight, and teaching mankind to fight against them.

A large amount of time later. All of the purebloods since the creation of world had mated and given birth to their next generation. Some of them crossed with humans and produced a lower level of their kind, which would be called the aristocrats. However, Kaname Kuran was still alone. He's the first pureblood God had created, who refused to think about mankind as food and wanted to live among them, he had pacified the conflict between purebloods before and been trying to abate the hunter-vampire war. But he had never mated with anyone. God was very displeased at this fact.

"Kaname, you've been a good son of mine. Co-existence between vampires and humans is also my intention. I'm pleased that you're trying to build a bridge between two kinds. But, you must know reproduction is an important duty."

"Please forgive me, my Lord! I want children to be a result of love rather than maintain a race." The beautiful pureblood was kneeling in front of his master, his right hand on his left shoulder.

"I'm talking about reproduction, not love." God raised a brow from His throne "You're my first work, I gave you more powers than the others. Now I want you to mate and continue your line."

"I would've been thankful if you'd made me human." The pureblood's eyes fixed on Him with no fear "I want to live my life in my own way, without your intervention. If this endless life is only to serve your will, could you please take it back?"

God was amazed at his stubborness. Although this pureblood had a kind heart and usually did good things, he hadn't enough respect to Him and even resisted His command.

"Good, Kaname! Both of us can live for eternity, we'll see when you come back here and beg for my intervention." He stood up from His throne.

God used the pureblood's blood to create another person, who also had similar appearance and powers as the original one. "You're a Kuran and his brother." He told the newborn "I've brought you to life to develop the Kuran line. Got it?"

"Yes, my Lord!" He kissed on His hand.

"Kaname," God turned to him "to punish your disobedience, all of the oldest sons of your line will have to suffer a lonely fate."


Ground was white, all branches laden with snow, it's terribly cold, but the coldness rising from his inside was even more intense. Kaname's standing near a window, haggard, a hand with long, slender fingers resting on the windowsill, hair falling loosely on his back. Zero must be anxiously waiting for him at home. They had agreed to continue their unfinished chess match, it's an airy promise, however, he couldn't open his mouth to tell him what was really scheduled for tonight. No worries, I'll be home soon.

Kaname turned around as the door made a light sound, Rido was right there, smiling delightedly. He was regretful for making that three-times-per-month deal, it should be more often, ten-day time was so slow to his deep longing.

"I've been waiting for you." His seductive smile shone by the heat burning inside him.

"I'm not late." Kaname stood still, expressing no emotions, not bothering of the other vampire's mood which was strongly showing through his amorous look. He only wanted to get it over and leave as fast as possible.

Rido went to his side, their faces became very close, the younger pureblood's eyes intoxicated with lust and infatuation, his fingers slipped into those long hair strands. Kaname turned to another way, giving him full exposition of his neck, he looked skinnier compared to last time. Rido certainly knew the reason, he had boiled over with anger and killed those injured hunters by himself as a vengeance for their assault on the beautiful pureblood. His head inclined a little, lips coming close to the pale skin, and what Kaname felt wasn't a bite as expected, but a kiss. He startled. The younger pureblood had boasted that he wanted his ancestor for fourteen years, but Kaname thought it's only his ridicule to him, knowing he's in love with a male. Rido inhaled a long breath to savour the other's scent, another hand of his inserted in the kimono, looking for a bud.

Kaname stopped him before he could reach his goal "What are you doing?"

"Great great uncle, you're really the most beautiful pureblood ever existed." Rido groaned lustfully "You thought I only aimed at your blood. The truth is I've wanted you since the moment you fell on me on that day."

Kaname pushed him away and walked toward the closed door "I don't care what you say behind my back, but don't play that game in front of me!"

Rido lowered his head to hide his miserable smile. For age had he done eccentric and loose things, people considered him eccentric and loose, no one ever tried to get to know his heart. Perhaps this world had forgotten the fact that he also belonged to the highest race created by God, was also granted an ability to love and desire for love. Rido looked up, his two-colored eyes possibly hindered people to look straight at him, to see him through and became more critical of his deeds. "After many years, you still haven't accepted me. Being your master, have I ever complained about your disrespect or set any trap to trick you or harm you? The only thing I wanted was a chance to get close to you and be with you."

Kaname turned back, there was no trail of time on his face, he forever looked like a 20 year old man, every inch of his body, even a hair end or each of his nail tips, was perfect. As the most satisfied work of God, he was eulogized to be the most beautiful pureblood. Rido inherited a lot of his features, still couldn't help being attracted to the original beauty. In fact, he looked a little older than Kaname, though being much younger. "Didn't you just use Zero to lure me in this agreement? I've accepted to give you my blood three times a month. And that's only my blood you can take."

"It's the last resort for a disavantaged. Otherwise, there's no way you will listen to me. I want to tell you a lot of things, I want to you to stay with me." Rido pleaded. Since that day, he had desperately yearned for attention, but Kaname rejected any kind of contacts, even never laid his eyes on his audacious descendant. Rido only succeeded in having a talk with him after abducting Zero.

"You understand that I'm here just because of him. Why still want to waste your effort?" Kaname flared up. Before falling for a hunter, he had been a brave warrior, an august king who wouldn't allow any threats, defeated any challenges, even resisted God's will to hold his fate in his own hands. Loving Zero was his only weakness, it destroyed him when the hunter passed away in previous life, now it's putting him under the two-eyecolored pureblood's control.

Rido's nasty plan wouldn't work out if Kaname didn't love and care for Zero, still it hurt him hearing those words. He laughed dejectedly "You've never been married in your long life, have you?", leaving the window to face Kaname "Only immortal beings know immortality is an endless torture. Was thirty years with him worth thousands of years waiting? Thirty years for us is like a quick nap. Why don't you give it a try to someone who can stay by your side for eternity?"

Zero Kiryu hadn't lived long in his past life, however, he shared the last thirty years with his pureblood lover, that was their happiest time. Kaname went in slumber after his death, not expecting to wake up, not hoping to see his beloved hunter ever again. But God had a new plan for them, the pureblood was awaken on the same day the hunter's reincarnation was conceived. Kaname decided to wait. If his lover would come back to life after passing away, he would wait, regardless of how long it took each time. "He not staying by my side for eternity isn't important, because I'll always be there for him in each of his lives."

"A lonely fate. You really don't regret it." Rido shook his head, astounded at the older pureblood's content, anger struck him fiercely "But I do. I don't want to be the oldest son, I don't want to bear your sin!", then reelingly changed into a feeling of loss "The oldest son will be alone all his life. No matter how hard I tried, my sister chose my brother." His hands reached out to hold Kaname but stopped in the air. If he could dominate him by force, he wouldn't have had to wait until now. His look sank in depression "You don't have a right to refuse me. You owe me, Kaname!"

"Being alone or not is your own decision." Kaname expanded their distance to show his vexation. "You've never treasured your chances. Hiou had waited for you a thousand year, but you canceled the engagement by slandering her to be insane. Shiki even has a son with you, and you technically drove her insane. What sin are they bearing or they were just unfortunate to meet you in their lives?"

Vampires had a strong immune system with an ability to heal themselves quickly and effectively. They never got any diseases, and blood was the only medicine they needed for serious injuries. However, they were very sensitive to mental excitements, especially purebloods. Normally, that feature helped them have a sharp mind and react swiftly to the circumstances, but they would easily go crazy or tend to destroy themselves if getting emotional shocks. Kaname had once lost his meaning of living after his lover's death. In case the shock couldn't totally ruin their normality, its impact on the nervous system would lead them to despair, negative thoughts and actions.

"When Juri was born, she's very tiny. I held her in my arms." Rido vaguely looked at his empty hands which were holding up as if carrying a baby. He didn't care for what Kaname had said, as he had never loved those women, his heart only belonged to his sister. "You'll never understand that feeling! Since then, I decided she'd be my wife. I brought the best things to her, I stopped her from commiting mistakes, I guided her to the right things. But she chose Haruka over me!"

"That's why you didn't let her live happily." Kaname shuddered thinking about those awful murders "You killed her baby, her husband and even herself." Ironically, there were only two of them left in their family. God wanted to maintain the strongest vampire line, Kaname knew he couldn't do that. He had found his true love, but his love was also a male. Even if he sacrificed his own life to have a child with Zero, their baby wouldn't be a pureblood. The only hope was on Rido's shoulder, that's one of the reasons Kaname hadn't ordered other vampires to join hands to kill Rido. Unable to fight him directly didn't mean he couldn't set up a plan for it. Unfortunately, the two-eyecolored pureblood didn't have a clear mind anymore.

"I didn't kill Juri, she wanted to follow Haruka." Rido shook his head grievingly "At lengths, I couldn't escape the sin you gave me! Do you understand why I had a son with a noble?" A satisfied smile loomed on his face "My oldest son is Senri Shiki, he isn't a Kuran, he's merely a noble, I saved him! The person my son loves will love him back and make him happy." His voice suddenly sounded like a good father in his own abnormal way. "You think I wanted to hurt Juri by killing her child? No. Because he's also an oldest son, I spared him a lonely fate!" He was truculent, extremely contented and proud, his smile turned unfathomable "At first, I only planned to end his cursed life, but then I had another idea. Since we were kids, we weren't allowed to go in that underground mausoleum, because it's a sacred place, where our ancestor was resting." Intensely looking at Kaname, he repeated what his parents said "Our ancestor was the most beautiful and powerful pureblood in this world, we owe him for all fames and glories we have. I owe you or you owe me?"

"Did you ask your nephew before ending his life? Did you ask Hiou and Shiki if they agreed with your decisions? You've always decided everything on your own, not concerned about what the others thought. You don't know how to love." Rido would ignore his words, but Kaname had to say. He should have taught him those things thousands of years before. When Rido was born, his parents didn't love him due to his strange eye colors, which was an omen of the child being evil and would cause catastrophic, unforgivable things in the future. Kaname didn't pay attention to him, because his lover was suffering an incurable disease. A few years later, Zero died, he also collapsed. Rido had never been loved and taught properly.

When Kaname woke up, Rido had already done an unforgivable thing. In their new condition, the older pureblood had to keep a distance between them to protect himself as well as prevent his descendent from commiting another inexcusable crime. Rido was right, Kaname did owe him for neglecting his resposibilities as a senior. "Love isn't possession. Juri told me you forced her to want what you want and hate what you hate, whereas Haruka let her be herself and experience as many things as she wished. If you're willing to listen to the others and treat them as an equal, you'll find love one day."

"I wanted to take your blood and powers as compensation, but changed my mind when you fell onto me. Please love me! I'll do whatever you say." Rido grabbed Kaname's shoulders, begging for attention, concern, acceptance. He had been too solitary, desperately wanted to have someone love him.

"Rido, my heart belongs to Zero." The words were sharp and clear.

"But he's only a kid now, and has forgotten everything. He may fall for a girl and leave you alone." Rido wasn't threatening, it's a high possibility. The hunter had a wife and kids in his past life too.

"As long as he's happy, I don't need to be his lover, I can be a guardian, a friend, or a servant."

Rido stared at Kaname, loosing his hands gradually. He had loved Juri, but in a different way. He wasn't happy seeing her with another man, always wanted to tear them apart. His love went along with possesion, right or wrong, it's his way. He didn't love Kaname, not yet, because they had never been close, never talked. But he wanted him, unlike what he felt for Hiou, Shiki or other women. After Juri, Kaname was the only one fit to be his partner, whom he would value, appreciate and respect. Rido wanted Kaname to love him as if loving Zero, since they matched each other, shared the same fate, the same blood.

"I can't accept it, Kaname! If you refuse me, I'll kill Zero Kiryu." His blue and red eyes glowed an evil determination. It's either himself or nobody, Rido wouldn't let the beautiful pureblood be with another man.

"There's no way I'll allow it." Kaname stressed his words. Both of them knew he wouldn't mind sacrificing anything, commiting any sin to eliminate whatever could endanger his lover. However, Rido was a threat that he couldn't dispose of, because Zero would need his blood. To keep him alive and stop his sabotage, the only way was compromise with him. "But what you're asking me is out of my control. I can't love you."

"Let's be closer first. I want to make love to you." Rido said confidently.

Was it the price Kaname had to pay for abandoning his descendent when he was still young and innocent? Nonesense, it's a trap. His body along with his heart and his soul were for his lover only. Kaname turned around to leave, but…

His refusal would annul their agreement. Then no ones could predict what Rido would do next with a sick mind. Kaname was willing to die for his lover, knowing the hunter would never forget him. But trading his body, Zero wouldn't appreciate it, the hunter would despise him when finding it out. He wouldn't deserve to be his lover again, how could he let Zero have a dirty lover, or hear that his lover had slept with another man. Kaname was scared. But… what if it's the only way to ease Rido's mind and keep their agreement? Or let Zero die in this life and wait for him coming back again?

Kaname disgusted himself for that selfish thought. No, Zero's safety came first, nothing else mattered.

Rido wasn't waiting for an answer. As soon as Kaname loosed his grip on the door handles, he ran to embrace him from behind, knowing his worry for Zero was making him weak and tend to agree to his condition. He wouldn't let Kaname think longer and find a way to resist him. It had been fourteen years, more than enough waiting and longing. Tonight he must have it. Soft hair tangled inbetween his chest and Kaname's back, Rido exhaled slowly. He hadn't had blood for ten days, other blood became tasteless to him and he only thirsted for this pure and delectable blood. One of his hands slipped into the kimono again, finding a nipple, rubbing, pinching it, the beautiful body stiffened in his arms.

Kaname inclined his head, feeling extremely ashamed for letting another man touch him. Rido put a lot of kisses on his shoulder up to his neck and nibbled on his earlope, the other hand drew all hair to one shoulder, then smoothly fell down along the hair length to the part under his stomach. His hand stopped there, not caring the impediment of hair or clothes, he fondled that part gently. Kaname started trembling, wanting to break it, the thought "It's not Zero." screaming in his mind as his body was suffering his descendent's harrassment. Time seemed to be at a standstill, imposingness was fading.

Rido laid Kaname down on the floor, the older pureblood closed his eyes helplessly, his kimono lingered under his shoulders, dishevelled flaps exposing his lower body, the fundoshi (loin-cloth) had been removed, stream of dark hair pushed a bit up under his head and falling down droopingly on the floor, long shining strands spreading all over beautified his pale complexion and softened his figure to the point that would induce lust from any men.

Rido gently lifted a curl of hair which cuddling on a side of his smooth chest, revealing a cherry little bud, he licked it, not getting any objection from Kaname, he started sucking on it, his hand played with the other one for a while, then went down stroking the soft manhood, rubbing, squeezing, pumping it, wanting to show Kaname that he was able to satisfy him, make him happy as well. Strangely, the older pureblood wasn't responding in his hand, Rido crept up to kiss his lips, but Kaname fluttered his eyes open, quickly stopped him "Don't!"

Rido hadn't slept with men before, but as a man himself, he knew very well about a male body and how to turn them on. It's obvious that Kaname wasn't into what they're doing, however, he surely could arouse him if stimulating the right spot, despite of what was occupying his mind. Kaname turned his head to another direction, staring vaguely at nothingness, mocking himself for trying to stop that kiss. What was the meaning of it if he's being taken? Knowing it's useless, still he wanted to save a part of himself for Zero only.

Rido pulled Kaname's leg up to look at his most private place, the shriveled ring tightly closed to hide its cavern of pleasure, but strikingly pink as an invitation to explore, his fingers gently touched on it as if touching on the best place of a natural masterpiece, before thrusting in. Kaname clenched his teeth in pain, since it had been a long time and the intrusion wasn't from Zero, his body was contracting to push the foreign thing out.

"You haven't done it since waking up?" Rido got more excited.

Not counting thousands of years in the coffin, Kaname had come back to life fourteen years, with such beautiful looks, the youth of a twenty year old man, and a high sex drive of a pureblood, all he had done was patiently waiting for his lover. Rido reached as deep as his fingers could, twisting, swirling inside to stretch Kaname while other hand still sliding up and down his flesh. The beautiful pureblood's mind drifted back to the time staying together with Zero thousands of years ago, the hunter had been over twenty with several kids at that time. Being his first man, he had showed him how enjoyable it felt when two lovers becoming one, their arms hung around each other's bodies, their heads close, their kiss sweet, hot and long. Zero knew exactly how to turn him on, his tongue drove deep in the pureblood's mouth, sucking him greedily.

Kaname started panting and heaving, his brows knitted a little, feeling hot breaths brushing on his neck, suddenly fangs pierced his skin. Rido bit him, fingers still buried deep inside. It's a sexually provocative bite, fangs stirring, pressing, tongue sucking, licking, randy venom melted into blood, flowing in his body, one more finger was put in down there, moving in and out.

"Hhhaaa…" Kaname choked, ashamed with his own reaction. Rido understood it was the right spot, the prostate, he kept hitting it again and again while continued enjoying the invaluable blood. Kaname trembled more and more, pleasure was being formed against his will, he gritted his teeth tightly. Zero had never bitten him, as a vampire he wanted it badly, wanted it everytime they were making love, wanted to be taken completely in all ways by the man he loved. Now he's experiencing it with another man, disgustingly, his vile body liked it. He wished to pass out so that such ignoble moment wouldn't be engraved in his memories, yet he's very awake.

Rido licked on the biting holes repeatedly until they were healed and disappeared, then widened his licking area, his fingers playfully twisted around and stroked that sweet spot inside Kaname's body now and then to get him more desperate.

"My fingers are too short, aren't they? You want me to enter you?"

Flush of shame tinged his cheeks, unshed tears shimmered on eyes, sexual constraint in a long time had made Kaname become oversensitive, and Rido was playing a sweet and patient lover, wandering his hot tongue all over his chest, down to his stomach, loosening his obi belt, while pounding his fingers hard and fast. Kiss marks disappeared one after one on pale skin, the cavern was finally stretched, yearning to be filled up by something bigger.

Rido let his own hardness out, pulling Kaname's legs up and apart, bending down, withdrawing his fingers from their debauched place. Kaname knew what's going to be next, he held his hands into fists, sharp nails penetrating his own palms, toes curling up, shameful tears trailing on his face when the younger pureblood stuffed his thickness in. This was happening when they were so close to their reunited time. Zero was thirteen years old already, they had met and the boy did like him, there was hope. Nevertheless, Kaname was ruining their chance, losing his right to be the hunter's partner, to receive his love, to walk by his side. From now on, he could only love Zero in silence, encourage him to look for someone else who was pure and whole.

Long and thick shaft assailed him with energetic thrusts, up to his core, taking away all of his self-esteem, pride, dreams, hope, future. A hand grabbed his semi erection, attempting to harden it, pleasure bustled along his body, rushing to his mind, he refused to hold Rido, and not thrusting back, but undeniable feeling it, beyond his will. Was there any way to stop it? It's not what he wanted, not here, not now, not with anyone else, his heart was aching, disgraceful tears falling. Forgive me, please! Zero would have fondled his face, looked into his eyes, kissed him, making sure his position was quite comfortable, whispering sweet words into his ear. "You're amazing, Kaname! I love you."

"Hhhaa… aahh… aahh... Zero!..."

Rido turned grey when the name escaped his mouth, he turned Kaname's teary face to look straight at him "This is Rido Kuran, who is…" a hard thrust to his marrow "…inside you." He sped up to shake Kaname's whole body in each of his movements, frenetically, cruelly, until spurting deep inside. Arrogant smile was back on his lips. Calling for Zero, thinking of him, it's useless, because he would take Kaname away before that boy grew up. Right now, when Kaname stood up, his fluid would dripped down his thigh to remind who had just taken him.


Kaname threw his clothes on the floor of the bathroom as some rubbish, it had been rumpled by Rido, it's dirty. So dirty. Cold water spraying all over his body, sticky saliva was everywhere. Too much to be cleansed thoroughly. He put more and more shower cream on, scrubbing, scraping his skin off. Water was cold, but it would be the last thing he realized right now, his fingers shoved deep inside to take out the semen, a lot of it. Cry? Didn't you feel very good when he fucked you? Dirty whore! He could defend that it happened because Rido used Zero to threaten him, but there was no excuse for feeling good. He's a wanton vampire, who deceived his lover that only he could arouse his desire, the truth was anyone with a tool could. Take it out, take that sinful liquid all out. His fingers hustling, groping deeply, trying to wipe his adultery evidence off, it's less and less, but despite of how many times he had done, when he pulled out, it's still a little slimy. His body was dirty. Could never erase those traces. Kaname desperately grabbed his cheek, the other hand stuck in his tunnel, scratching, tearing it until the water falling from his body turned red, he didn't feel pain at all, the only thing in his mind was to wash himself completely, in and out.

Zero had been waiting in Kaname's room since Seiren told him he's out. He curled up on the pureblood's large bed, under his blanket, dozing off, and starting out a few times. Light was still on, he must wait until seeing Kaname come back and make sure everything was okay. His beautiful pureblood had barely recovered from those hunters' attack, he might need blood after Rido fed on him. The boy determined that he would offer his own to help Kaname get better. No doubt he's worried for him, but not only because he had done a lot for him, the boy simply wanted to take good care of someone he liked.

Kaname came back at dawn, going straight to the bathroom, not paying attention to his bed.

Twenty minutes, Zero tried to wait patiently, thinking he was taking a shower.

Thirty minutes, it's the longest thirty minute the boy had ever experienced, probably because he's worrying, but his dear pureblood had come back, he should be relieved, tonight he wanted to sleep here, by his side, instead of lying alone in his own bedroom.

One hour, Zero managed to dismiss his anxiety. Although he still couldn't see Kaname, but the pureblood was right behind that door. There shouldn't be any danger, he's home with a lot of bodyguards outside.

One hour and fifteen minutes, Zero found himself knocking on the bathroom door "Kaname-san, are you ok?", an answer would be enough to calm him down. The pureblood wasn't quite well these days, he didn't look well at all tonight. Probably he's in the shower booth and not hearing it, but it had got beyond his patience, Zero swung the door lightly to make a slit, just a peek to make sure everything was fine.

However, the scene before his eyes put him on alert, Kaname was unconscious, leaning his back on the glass wall of the shower booth, his legs lying on the floor, cold water still spraying on. Zero slammed the door open, rushing in to pull him out. Luckily, water had cleaned all blood, his wounds and scratches had also been healed. The boy couldn't carry him to bed, they had to resign themselves to lay on the thick carpet. He ran around to snatch some towels and clothes, then returned, sitting down, carefully placing his dearest's head on his lap. Unfolding a towel, he started with his face, just gently let the towel absorb the water drops on his forehead and cheeks, Kaname stirred a little but didn't wake up. Zero continued drying his neck, chest and arms, feeling happy to do something for him, to be this close, to see his naked body. His skin looked paler than usual, but smooth, Kaname-san has really recovered, he thought.

The towel reached down to his manhood, which was resting limply, yet it strongly drew Zero's attention, making him embarrassed about a sudden thought of touching and pleasuring it. He had showered with Ichiru many times, but this moment felt totally different, not because the pureblood had a grow-up one, Zero thought he wanted it because it was Kaname. He wrapped the towel around and rubbed it dry, then his hand lowered to wipe the next part, sincerely having no 'dark' designs when touching his entrance, but that action startled Kaname, the pureblood winced, mumbling something too low to be audible. Zero held his head up a little, bending to dry his legs, then threw the wet towel away, Kaname still looked like sleeping soundly, the boy took another towel and started drying his hair.

The temperature inside the house wasn't cold, though it's not very comfortable, they could lie there for a while. Zero put both of Kaname's hands on his stomach, covering his naked body with his new kimono, then sitting there, lapping his own hand on the other's, satisfying with their situation. He guessed Kaname fainted from blood loss and cold water, and was proud of being there timely to help, though this was just a tiny thing. He wanted to grow up fast and get stronger, to kill Rido, even had to die with him, to save his beautiful pureblood. For the first time, he had developed a kind of feeling which wasn't like how he felt for parents, sensei or Ichiru. Not only wanted to stay in the same place with Kaname, but also on the same bed, not only holding him tightly in his arms, but also getting much much deeper, he wanted to monopolize Kaname and wouldn't allow anyone else to harbor the same feeling toward him, as well as wanting the pureblood to feel this way to him.

Sun was rising…

Kaname blinked, the first thing he saw was a pair of concerned violet eyes, they were so beautiful that he wished last night had just been a nightmare.

"Kaname-san!" the boy smiled delightedly "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." I'm happy when you look at me affectionately like that. Kaname wanted to raise his hand to touch the boy's face, and realized a thin cover over his body, his head was still resting on his little lover's thigh. Comprehending Zero had brought him out, warmed him up and stayed awake all night, he's absolutely moved, his lover was so caring, thoughtful, never changed.

He sat up, the kimono covering his body slipped down, exposing his naked chest. Zero immediately took that chance to change his sitting position after trying to stay still for a couple of hours. "If you need blood, you can have mine." His voice was soft, but clear and resolute, as a firm decision rather than a whim.

Kaname smiled, no words could described how happy he was feeling. The boy had accepted him as a vampire, even willing to give him his own blood, despite of his horror of being bitten ten days ago. Those heartfelt words were enough for thousands of years in despair, fourteen years of waiting, and everything he had to do. He had stopped reproaching God for making him a vampire, because all loneliness, loss, and pain he had experienced was to come a day they could be together, side by side, face to face, right now, right here. Thank God for bringing Zero back to life, for giving him the powers to protect his love.

"I only need blood tablets." Kaname stroked the boy's hair gently, their eyes met each other, full of concern and appreciation. Zero stirred lightly, rubbing on his thigh. The pureblood followed his hand, realizing the boy must have got numb after having his head rest on for a long time.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm ok… Really."

Kaname helped Zero massage his thigh to resume the blood circulation, thinking the boy should have got a pillow for him instead, wondering if his little lover was being silly or sweet, then laughing at his stupid thought. Sweet? Like wanting him to rest on his lap? The boy was only thirteen years old, too young to think that way.

But what was it? His hands paused as soon as he saw a bulge inbetween his little lover's legs, under his pants.

Zero hadn't wanted Kaname to see it, but the latter insisted in massaging him. He wondered how Kaname would react, get angry or… like it? but didn't expected to be stared at in amazement, as if such thing shouldn't be happening. He didn't want to be treated as a child. It's the first time his liking for someone grew a hard-on, this feeling was definitely not as brothers or friends, he didn't want to be turn down. Age gap was meaningless in their case, because Kaname Kuran was born only a day after the ancestors of mankind, only a few days after life started on this world, he would have age gap problem with anyone. The pureblood seemed to keep his frozen hands there forever, Zero pulled his leg out, suddenly threw his arms around Kaname's neck and kissed him, inexpertly, clumsily occupying his mouth, exploring his hot and moist source. Kaname was bewildered, but soon understood his lover's desire, and started responding to him, teasing him, guiding him, drawing both of them to pleasure.

When Zero could take a break from their ardent kiss, they had already lied down, with him on top of Kaname, his hands entwined in long, dark brown hair, Kaname's holding him, pressing him down to his chest, Zero's knees were on the soft carpet as Kaname had split his legs and bent them up, the kimono acrossing his stomach loosely, hiding nothing. Zero was like in the seventh heaven, his dear pureblood's look was inviting with claret pupils, long and curved lashes, lips covered with saliva, blushed cheeks, hot skin. Kaname had said those three words before holding him to jump out of his burning house. In such situation, that could only mean one kind of love. Their current position confirmed who they were to each other.

Zero used his covetous tongue to touch Kaname's soft lips again, enjoying the incredible feeling of nibbling and sucking them, Kaname got tingled and re-opened his mouth, lips to lips, tongue to tongue, they indulged each other in a deeper kiss. It was much better this time, Zero could feel Kaname's leg hitching to his, the grip on his back was also tightening. When their eyes met again, drunk in passion, giddy with love, the pureblood gave him an intoxicating smile, rocking his hips, rubbing their hardness on each other. Zero got more excited, ducking his face to the other's chest, kiss after kiss, pressing himself down in response. Yes, Zero! I want you, want you badly! Kaname had been waiting and worrying his lover wouldn't love him again, wouldn't want to be together with him. In that case, he didn't know how to convince a male hunter to fall for a male pureblood. Now it's not mistaken that the boy was nurturing such special feeling to him, it would put an end to those lonely nights. In addition, Kaname desperately needed it, more than ever, to forget what had happened last night with Rido, to linger his lover's scent, to carry his juice. It had usually been a happy embarrassment everytime leaving the bed after making love with Zero, feeling it leaking down on his inner thigh. He needed to feel it again.

However, the boy wasn't sure what to do next! All the things so far just taken place by instinct. He had the feeling, the desire for sexual contacts, but never thought or researched carefully about intercourse. He didn't bother about what difference from love between a man and a woman to love between two men either. Anyway two men seemed to make it harder to figure out. His lover was very hard now, and Zero thought he understood how to make him feel better. He held Kaname's erection, starting to rub it as he had done to himself many times before.

The pureblood also stroked Zero's bulge, pulling it out of his pants. Both of their fleshes were aching, urging to be released.

"Zero…" Kaname hurried him unconsciously.

"Kaname, what can I do?" The boy was embarrassed of being inexperienced, but not wanting to ruin their first time.

"Put…" Put it in? You want to soil him with your dirty body? Kaname started, reality struck him hard, his look turned straight and sober, how could he let things go too far, Zero was waiting, all sweaty, holding his member tightly, the boy's also swollen in his hand. Couldn't soil him, he deserved to have someone better. Kaname managed to swallow his pain and shame, if would never do it with Rido again, he might selfishly hide what happened in order to stay with Zero. But it would continue. He didn't have a right to receive his lover's love while cheating behind his back, three times a month. It would break the boy's heart into pieces. Zero was an innocence who drawn into Rido's and Kaname's old scores, he didn't deserve to be treated like that. Must save his life, save his heart.

"Kaname!" the boy realized his lover's softenning.

"It's finished. Get off!" The pureblood said coldly.

"What?" Zero was confused by the change, unsure of what happening.

"Get off of me!" Kaname repeated, and not waiting for his reaction, he moved back, standing up, shaking the kimono before putting it on.

"Why?" Zero still in the same position, managing to learn why the pureblood chose such way to offend his pride. "You think I'm a kid?"

"Yes. But more important is I…" Kaname bit his lower lip "… don't feel for you that way."

"You liar! You told me you love me!" Zero flew in rage. As for him, those words were the most important thing. His parents had passed away, his brother left, in deepest loneliness, the beautiful pureblood had showed up, used his own life to protect him, told him he loved him, given him the only good reason to keep going. If Kaname deceived him, there would be all fights in his future, fight against Shizuka, fight against Rido, fight to pull Ichiru back.

"Love you as a… brother." The pureblood looked at him indifferently.

"I don't need it!" Zero screamed "My brother is much better than you!"

He adjusted his clothes, ready to leave.

"Yagari Touga has come back." Kaname said "He's paying a visit with chairman Cross tonight." That's what Seiren had reported when he got home, of course he looked calm and almighty in front of her, as well as in front of Zero at the moment. Yagari had contacted to announce his visit earlier. Although they were in opposite sides, Kaname was famous as a pacifist, and Yagari wasn't coming for a fight. His and Cross's purpose was clearly about picking Zero up.

"I'll leave with them." Zero said curtly, then disappeared behind the door.

Alone. Again. The beautiful pureblood didn't bother to hold back tears which were falling silently down from his eyes.

-to be continued-

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