Firestar and Spottedleaf

This is a story about what might have happened if Spottedleaf had lived.

Spottedleaf: "Firestar? Firestar, where are you?" Spottedleaf ran yowling but no matter where she looked she couldn't find the dark ginger warrior.

Finally, she turned a corner and saw an orange shape move toward her. "Firestar! I found you!" she meowed.

Suddenly she heard a deep growl coming from Firestar. Instantly he turned into a fox. Spottedleaf turned around and ran back into the forest with the fox hot on her heels yowling, "Help! Fox!"

"Spottedleaf? What's wrong?" Spottedleaf woke up to Cinderpaw's voice. Once again Spottedleaf felt pity for her apprentice. Cinderpaw had injured her leg on the Thunderpath and was unable to become a warrior so she was now a medicine cat apprentice. But her accident didn't hurt her mood. She was always ready to learn.

"I'm okay Cinderpaw, just a bad dream." Spottedleaf hoped that she didn't see the fear that was still in her eyes.

"Okay!" Cinderpaw meowed cheerfully, "I'm going to go get some fresh kill." Spottedleaf watched her as she walked out of the den. Sighing she remembered when she was Featherwhisker's apprentice. She was so care-free like Cinderpaw. Now she was weighted down with all of the duties of being a medicine cat.

Suddenly, Spottedleaf heard a yowl coming from outside. Hurrying out of the medicine den, she saw Firestar shaking his paw. "I've got a thorn in my paw," He said wincing in pain. "Let me look at it," Spottedleaf said. As Firestar lifted his paw Spottedleaf saw the pain go away in his eyes. Instead she saw something else. Before she could find out he blinked and it went away. But as she pulled the thorn out of his paw, she couldn't help thinking about that look in his eye.

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