Just a short little story placed around the gang's graduation from Shiz.

On a sidenote I decide to take down the secound and third chapters of Everynight because honestly I where I was going with it makes it a weaker story then just the oneshot. Disclaimer: I own nothing(but, oh i wish i did)

They took turns being strong after she had left.

Glinda would dress them up and take them to an event, Crope on one arm and Tibbet on the other. Fiyero would weave great stories while they sat on the green and ate, Boq would bring a smile to their faces with his homemade tarts while they studied. Crope and Tibbet would make everything inappropriate while feigning innocence, and sometimes Nessa would laugh.

Sometimes Elphaba's presence on the campus was palpable. One expected to see her bent over a book -at the library or hand raised in a lecture hall. But visions merely came and went.

The morning of graduation was as it should be. Shiz was a bustle with proud parents and happy grads. Sunny and warm, sickeningly pleasant.

The ceremony passed quickly, and one by one the students received their diplomas.

They sat scattered throughout the masses, separated by alphabetics.

After, they happened upon a quite place and decided to sit together for the night , talk and drink.

They sat there for the longest time, even after the laughter had died down and the liquor was all but gone. They sat there because though no one was willing to say so, this was the last time they'd all be together. Inevitably they'd see one of the group out and about and meet them with a hug, cold at the least, because the days of feeling would be long behind them.

Glinda wondered if she would ever stop feeling like a child. Fiyero wondered if anyone would ever tell stories about him, Boq wondered what the education he so sorely wanted ever really did for him. Crope and Tibbet wondered how they could make themselves want more out of life, and sometimes Nessa would wonder simply, why.

When they finally stood, the sun was making an appearance.

Glinda however, stayed for a bit longer staring pointlessly into the horizon because she couldn't help but feel she was leaving something very important behind.

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