It didn work. Darl would a killed him. Pa says there ain't never been an unluckier bunch a people on God's good earth. When I tolt him about the little tub a guts inside the bigger tub a guts. Pa jas sat there. Mouth not slack. Mrs. Bundren look at me with pity in them eyes. He picked into my sack. I had to do it. Lafe picked inta my sack. It was full before we reached the secret shade.

There shouldn't be no pity in them eyes. She don't know the Bundrens. It ain't Christian to judge others. I couldnt help it he picked into my sack. Darl would a killed him. Darl knew. Darl knew before he went ta Jackson.

"You Dewey Dell. You Dewey Dell." I watched him walk up the path. Hed become more like hisself since we got back from Jefferson. Hes even carring a fish with him. "Pa said you had a baby in your stomach. You gonna be a fish or a horse?"

I been wonderen if the right Bundren boy went to Jackson. "Neither one, Vardemen. Now why don't ya go get Jewel and Cash from the barn for dinner. And leave that fish here so I can skin it fur supper."

It kicks. Lafe. Lafe. Lafe. It kicks, again. The little tub of guts is kicking. Does that make it a not-tub of guts. A not-Bundren in a Bundren. Am I a Bundren? Does having a not-Bundren in a Bundren make a me a not-Bundren, too? Or am I a part-Bundren. Darl would a known.

Pa and Mrs. Bundren come in from the porch. She aint been hear three weeks and shes already lookin haggard. It wont be long till she's got a tub of guts in her, too. Folks round here dont stay without kids a their own fur long.