Chapter One

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I was walking along a street in Twilight Town. We, my family, moved there after my brother, Myde, disappeared. It had stung when we couldn't find him. But that was a year ago, when I was 14. I'm 15 now, and I don't care. I don't have feelings or emotions anymore. It started a week ago. That was what I was pondering about while listening to my music when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A black flash, I thought I saw.

"Who ever you are, come on out! I am not afraid!" I yelled into the empty streets. I had said the truth, because I wasn't afraid. Fear is an emotion, which I cannot feel. "I said, come out! I you…" A figure jumped out from behind a building. He was wearing a long, black cloak. His hair was black and had silver in it. And his face had many scars on it, plus an eye patch.

"Hmm." The cloaked man said "Will you come quietly with me, or will there have to be a battle?"

"A battle? I don't think so!" I turned and ran away from him. I wasn't afraid, but I could however remember what fear was like. I thought to myself, if only Myde were here, he would protect me.

I twisted my head, to see if he was chasing me still. He wasn't, so I sat down for a few minutes to catch my breath in case he came back. I spun around again, to see if he was there. He was standing there, as if waiting for me. I stood up and ran in the opposite direction. Unfortunate for me, there was another one standing not even five feet in front of me, which I ran into.

A pair of familiar hands grabbed my shoulders and peeled me off of himself.


"Kiara? You're the one I'm supposed to 'aquire'? How did this happen to you?"

"Wait, you're with them? We thought you were dead, Myde!"

"Alright, listen. We can talk once we get you somewhere safe." He opened a dark oval thing. "In here." I had little time to protest when he shoved me into the oval thing. Within a few seconds, we were surrounded by white everything. "I was supposed to take you to Xemnas, but this is the Grey Area. I just don't like going straight into his office." He explained.

Soon after, the man who was chasing me from before, walked in. "Demyx, you know you were supposed to take her to - " Then he noticed our resemblance. "No wonder she ran from me but didn't fight with you. She's your SISTER! Man, just wait 'till I tell Superior. Oh, wait, now we have TWO lazy-"

"Xiggy! She and I are different in many ways! First off, I am lazy and she is not. And I am usually relaxed about anything, while she gets mad very quickly!"

"Whatever! Let's just go." We followed Xigbar down a hallway and arrived at a white door. He knocked two times before a voice told us to enter. We did so, and found ourselves in a very large office. The man that had told us to enter had on the same cloak, white long hair, yellow eyes and tan skin. "Superior. Here they are."

"Hmm. They do look alike. Is there any resemblance?"

That was when my brother started to rant "Alright! She's my little sister! I never ever told you guys because I wanted to protect her from everyone here, including myself. That was why I never went back. I knew that I would hurt her if I did. Just don't hurt her, she was the only thing that kept me going to help restore Kingdom Hearts. So that I could have a heart again, to feel for her, to make sure that she never felt sad. To keep her safe…" He breathed deeply. Wow, I thought, I meant that much to him? Do I still mean that much to him?

"Well, then, you can show her the ropes around here, Demyx. If you need any help for babysitting, just go ask Axel. I'm sure he'll have a load of tips for you." Then he turned to Xigbar "Does she know hers yet?"

"No. But I have an estimate that she will be similar to Number Nine. Although she is much more quick on her feet than most of us, and that she doesn't like violence. And she is like her brother in that fact that both of them love music and run away as soon as possible."

Xemnas walked over to me "What is your name, dear?"

"Kiara, sir." He thought for a moment, then sat back down.

"From now on, she is to be known as either Nimber Fifteen, Serene Dancer or Karaxi. Dismissed."

We exited the office, and as soon as we were out of it, Xigbar left us, leaving Demyx fully in charge of me. He offered to take me to my room, to explain everything. I agreed to his idea, and soon we were on our way.

On our way there, a man with pink hair walked by us. He noticed me and asked "Demyx, who is this? She the new one?" Then he noticed "And your little sister, no doubt. You two look so much alike. Why didn't you ever mention her to anyone before?"

"Because, Marluxia, I didn't want her to get hurt or hunted down by the Organization."

Marluxia ended up following us to my room, like a puppy. Demyx realized this, and asked him to go away. Marluxia refused, so now I had two guys in my room. I was kind of attracted to Marluxia's pink hair. It was odd, seeing that I can't feel. I sat down on the bed, and my brother soon followed suit. As did Marluxia, but he sat at the other end, facing us. I sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed, Demyx sat behind me and wrapped his arms around me, and Marluxia sat at the foot of the bed.

"Now, time to explain everything." Demyx said. I settled back against my brother's chest, while Marluxia started.

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