Karaxi Profile:

Name: Karaxi
Nobody of: Kiara
Nickname: Serene Dancer
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye colour: blue green
Hair colour and style: Same as Demyx's in colour, Zexion style bangs, long pony in back
Age: 15
Powers: Water
Limit Break: Ballet of Mercy; creates a vortex around her, causing immense damage to not only her enemies, but to herself.
Weapons: Sharp Lullaby; four disks that are razor sharp at the edges, have Nobody symbol in middle for handle... two points come out from opposite sides of the disks.
Battle Strategies: Thinks of it as a dance, but don't be fooled by her innocent dances... they are very lethal.
Personality: Loves to fight, this young Nobody has a knack for getting into trouble right until the very end...
Weakness: Blood on either her or on someone she cares about.
If someone is being smarter than her, she will give them the title: Smart Ass.

Level: 64
HP: 250
Strength: 180
Magic: 200
Defence: 115
Critical %:15
Critical Bonus: 41