Hello Readers. This is my first attempt at a Puck/Quinn fic. I hope you like it!

*This is how I would have loved for the Puck/Quinn/Beth situation to have ended. It takes place right after their scene with Shelby occurs.

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Chapter 1- It's Always Been You

Shelby had just left leaving Puck and Quinn in an uncomfortable silence, both of them staring at their perfect baby girl thinking that she wasn't the mistake they had once thought she was. Quinn wiped a single tear from the corner of her eye and sighed. She wasn't fit to be a mother, not at sixteen, but what killed her was the fact that Puck wanted to keep the baby, he wanted to keep Beth. He didn't have to tell her outright, Quinn could see it in his eyes, and she wished she felt the same. But how do you take care of something so small and precious if life seemed too demanding and complicated by yourself?


He turned and it was the first time they'd made eye contact since he had said he loved her. His shoulders were rounded and his face displayed a vulnerability Quinn had never seen before. It was sincere and kind, something only Puck was when he was around the one girl that actually made him happy.


"We have to give her up," Quinn said in a half whisper not wanting the baby to hear even if she was behind glass.

Puck couldn't answer her directly. All he did was close his eyes, look down, and nod. After a defeated sigh he looked back to Quinn. "I'm gonna go hold her. Say goodbye."

A hitch caught in Quinn's throat and she felt her eyes welling with regret. She didn't want him to see her cry so she turned around and mumbled that she was going to change clothes.

Puck watched her walk down the hall halfway expecting her to turn back around, but she didn't. He knew she was crying and it broke his heart, but he wasn't going to make her keep the baby, he couldn't. He also knew that his little girl, their little girl deserved the best, and two high school kids just couldn't do it. Swallowing his emotions, he tapped lightly on the glass to get the attention of a nurse.


The hospital room was cold and bare. No flowers, no balloons, and no cards. Quinn looked around and shook her head. This wasn't how the birth of a child is supposed to be she thought. Quinn took off her robe, pulled on a change of clothes and sat on the bed. She looked around the dull room imagining what it would be like when she had another child. She'd have family and friends crowded around the room, flowers would line the windowsill, there would be balloons offering congratulations, and Puck...that's all she really cared about. She could see him in her mind, cradling a small baby in a warm pink blanket and looking at Quinn with adorning eyes. It was Puck who she found comfort in, his strength through it all, and the way he'd stuck by her eased her worried mind. Puck was a guy who'd support her no matter what, and that's all she really needed.

A nurse in purple scrubs entered her room and made her presence known by placing her hand on Quinn's shoulder.

"Miss Fabray, I was informed you would need these."

Looking over her shoulder Quinn smiled, "I'm sorry, what?"

"These are the papers you need to sign." The nurse handed Quinn the adoption papers and quietly left the room.

Quinn stood up from the bed and walked over to the table. She set down the papers and stared not knowing if what she was doing was the right thing for her, the baby, or for Puck. After glancing at the fine print a rush of uncertainty flew threw Quinn's thoughts. All she wanted was a mother and a father that would love her baby to no ends, but as she fiddled with the pen Quinn's hesitation told her everything she already knew. Before signing her name, Quinn left because there was one last thing she needed to do.

The nursery was just around the corner and Quinn stopped when she saw them. Through the glass she could see him in a blue gown as he held the baby close and swayed to some sort of music. Out of eye shot so Puck couldn't see her, Quinn leaned against the wall and watched them. In that instance of simplicity, she knew she loved Noah Puckerman. She knew that he made her happy, she knew that he would always take care of her, and even more is that she could see that he was already a great father.


Humming a Van Morrison song, Puck smiled when he saw his daughter's eyes began to flutter with sleep. Shifting his weight and slightly rocking the tiny baby, Puck spoke in gentle whispers.

"Beth." He smiled at the sound of her name. "You know who I am?" He paused almost waiting for an answer he knew wouldn't come. "I'm your dad"

He waltzed around the nursery thinking about the nights he would have given up to do this, to be with his daughter. His life would have stopped just for her, but now he'd never get the opportunity. He knew that they had never really discussed it, but he wanted to be a family. He wanted to have a little girl. Knowing he didn't have much more time, Puck kissed her cheek softly and sighed.

"You're perfect."

The baby let out a big yawn and it made Puck smile with joy. A small laugh escaped from his lips as tears formed in his eyes. Puck walked back to her spot and placed her carefully back on the bed.

Leaning down, he ran his finger across her eyebrow. "I love you, little girl. Don't you forget it."

"She won't."

Puck turned towards the door and saw Quinn. She too had a blue gown draped over her body just like he did. Puck smiled and held a finger to his lips. In his softest of whispers he spoke.

"She's asleep."

Quinn nodded as she walked closer to them. Looking down at the baby she smiled amusingly at his feat. "You're good at that."

He smirked, "Just a little song, that's all."

She took a deep breath and their eyes met. "I'll have to remember that."

Puck looked at her oddly and furrowed his brow. They kept their stare at one another until Quinn broke away to look at their daughter. The tiny baby had one arm at her side and the other resting just beside her head. Quinn smiled thinking of the many times she had seen Puck sleep. Quinn leaned her head on his firm arm and looked up to him

"She sleeps like you."

He grinned and looked down to his daughter. "I look like that?"

Quinn nodded, "Uh-huh."

Puck turned so that he and Quinn's shoulders were square. "I don't want to leave her."

Inhaling deeply, Quinn ran her hands up his arms and rested them just below his neck. "I know."

"We can do this. We can be a family." Puck could she the glossy sheen coating Quinn's eyes so he smiled at her for comfort. "I love you, Quinn. It's always been you." She sighed as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. Wiping it away, she looked down to regain her composure but felt his hand gently lift her chin. "You're the girl I want. I'm you're guy, and she's ours."

Quinn swallowed the lump in her throat."You aren't afraid we're too young, that we'll be bad parents?"

He shook his head with a sweet grin. "With a rock star dad and smokin' hot mom?"

She shot him a look of disdain because that was not the time for jokes. "Puck, I'm serious."

He glanced down to the baby and then smiled at Quinn. "I think we'll be the best."

"It's not going to be easy," Quinn sighed as she ran a hand over the soft blanket covering the baby. "It's going to be a lot of work."

Puck slid his hand down her shoulder and stopped at the small of her back pulling her close. "Good thing I'm a team player."

Quinn smiled at the decision they were making, she almost couldn't believe it. Quinn shook her head as she stared into his eyes. "Puck and Quinn?" She would have never imagined it in her wildest dreams.

"Puck and Quinn...and Beth," he corrected.

"And Beth," Quinn said with a happy smile.

"Did you hear that, little girl?" Puck leaned down and whispered in the sleeping baby's ear. "You're ours forever."

Turning back to Quinn, Puck leaned down and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. He lifted her feet off the ground for a second before looking down to her. "Thank you."

She shook her head with a smirk. "Thank you."

After an exchange of grins and smiles both of them turned to face their daughter. With their hands wrapped tightly around each other's side, the proud parents marveled at their little girl.

Quinn looked down at the tiny baby and silently thanked her for everything. Throughout the duration of her pregnancy Quinn had changed, and for the better. She was now compassionate, selfless, and for the first time in her life, she was truly in love. Not only with the guy standing next to her, but she loved Beth more than words could describe. Taking her gaze from the baby, Quinn looked up to Puck.

"What do we do now?"

Puck kissed her temple and smiled. "Anything you want."

I was kind of hoping Quinn was going to change her mind and keep the baby. Oh well, I guess that means we'll have a bunch more angst with Quick in season 2. I can't wait until the new season starts up!

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