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Six's eyes are closed when Seven looks down, and it reminds Seven too much of the past (blood and tears and nightmares). He clutches the older vampire to his chest, and he tries not to look down again—not at the blood that he can feel running on his clothing, around his feet, down Six's face.

Something like a sob is creeping its way up Seven's throat and he tries desperately not to crush Six in his fear. And he is pathetic, Seven thinks, for running for comfort to a Six who is dying—

No! Some part of him shouts, screaming out against the thought. Six is strong and beautiful and alive. He isn't dying. He isn't dying.

And Seven can hear that stupid, stupid betrayer nearby, saying pleasantries and lies to his friends; he wonders how long it will take for them to realize that he is saying goodbye for good.

Seven hates goodbyes; he has never liked the frailty of them.

Goodbyes are ways for people to abandon you, permission for people to forget you, feelings like no one wants you. Goodbyes are nightmares come to life.

Seven hates goodbyes, and so he buries his face in bloody black hair and wishes that Six would be okay. His side aches and he feels like he can't breathe and Six isn't here to take care of him so he has to take care of Six—

Seven feels like he's suffocating and the sob becomes real. He can't stop once he's started, the moment he begins he is addicted to the tears and—

And when he's crying, he can't smell the smell of Six's blood quite so well—

Six's blood. Seven can't get the smell out of his head and he is going to suffocate because Six isn't here anymore even though he's right there in Seven's arms—

It all crashes down on Seven at once and he hates. He hates the stupid betrayers who pushed them this far; he hates the cowardly vampires who sent them; he hates Aldred, the moronic dhampir who is saying goodbye and not realizing that he's killed Six; he hates them all and everything and he just wants to destroy

And the feelings stretch like a smile across his face and he's still sobbing into that bloody bundle of hair that Six took such good care of. He holds Six a little tighter, and thoughts like revenge and blood begin to stir.

He'll tear out their throats, one-by-one. The goodbye that has been given will make them weak to his attack; he'll destroy their bonds by hacking off the ends until there's nothing left. He'll devour the rest of this disgusting school, drink its children's blood dry. Then Seven will—he'll burn the school down, for being the place where Six died.

A hand touches the back of his head and Seven nearly tears it off in his rage.


Seven is scared to look.

"Seven?" Six is alive.

Six is alive.

Six is alive.

The bloody thoughts slide off of him like water and when he finally gathers the courage to look at Six, it is like salvation.

"Six." Seven murmurs. "Six."

Six smiles with bloody lips. "Breathe, Seven."

"Six," Seven sobs. He isn't sure what to do with his hands except hold Six until he's sure that he's really alive.

Six sits up a little and Seven's hands linger at his back although he doesn't support Six any longer. A pained grimace flits across Six's face—and for a moment, the bloody thoughts drip back into Seven's mind. But the moment passes and Six pinches Seven's cheek abruptly.

Seven clutches his cheek, unsure, and Six laughs. "Concentrate on the important things," Six says, not scolding. "Otherwise you'll get confused." He turns to look at the betrayers, watching them, waiting for the moment where they become hostile again.

But Seven looks at Six, and watches him breathe.