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Summary: The day comes when Merlin decides he needs to tell Arthur who he really is. He needs to tell him about Emrys.

Merlin had never been as nervous as he was that day. Telling Arthur had been the most nerve-wracking thing he had ever experienced.

It'd had been hard telling him that he was a warlock; and not just any old warlock. The most powerful warlock there had ever been. Arthur's face had been a picture. There had been and a moment where he had just looked at him, speechless and emotionless. Then he had demanded proof. Merlin gave it to him, casting a simple spell that made Arthur's sword, which had been leaning against the wardrobe, unsheathe itself and hover in mid-air. Arthur gazed at it and then sank into a chair. Then there had been almost an hour of absolute silence. Merlin felt unable to leave and unable to speak so he just sat opposite Arthur and waited. Finally, Arthur had cleared his throat, avoided Merlin's eyes and said,

"It makes a lot of sense. Everything fits now."

Then, still avoiding Merlin's gaze, he left the room and into the main hall in the castle and stood before his throne. Merlin had followed, feeling as though he should. He stood sheepishly in the corner, wondering what on earth was going on. Arthur cleared his throat and everyone fell silent. He pointed to Merlin in the shadows and said clearly,

"This man is warlock! He is gifted with the power of magic! As the law states..." He turned and locked eyes with Merlin. "Magic is forbidden in Camelot."

A murmurs shot through the hall and Merlin's blood ran cold. He gazed around at the people of the court who were all studying him although he was a stranger. Arthur's eyes hadn't left him, a blank expression on his face.

"Arthur?" Merlin asked, hearing his own voice become suddenly small and unsure.

"Magic is forbidden in Camelot." Arthur repeated. This only seemed to intensify the murmurs in the hall. "Magic is against the law, Merlin." Arthur's tone was flat and his emotion undetectable.

His took several slow steps towards Merlin who found himself rooted to the spot, unable to move away from his friend and king. Everyone in the hall was silent, watching their king and his servant. Arthur stopped a foot away from Merlin who found himself unable to meet his eyes. Arthur was silent for a moment more as he studied his manservant.

"So let's change the law, Merlin."

Merlin's eyes widened in surprise and met Arthur's. The young king turned to his people. "Let's change the law!" He called to them. "Let's change the law for the better and prevent the murder of innocents!"

The people clapped and laughed, relieved that the situation had been diffused. Merlin stood next to Arthur as people gathered around them, clapping, cheering and laughing. Merlin stood by Arthur through that first decision and stayed by him for many more.

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