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"Hentai!," an enraged, seventeen-year-old Sango shouted, while slapping an also seventeen-year-old Miroku.

"But Sango my beautiful buttercup-"

"Don't "but Sango" me! I warned you! Next time you grope me or do one of your idiot passes at me I'll shove your damn balls down your throat!," Sango said stalking off, inside the school.

"Would you like to see them first to know what exactly you'll be dealing with?," Miroku yelled after her. Sango just flips him off without turning around. Miroku smirks after her. 'She's so adorable when she blushes'.

"Miroku, you really shouldn't provoke her like that. One of these days she might just hold up her numerous promises," seventeen-year-old Inuyasha advised his childhood friend.

"I doubt that Inuyasha. Sango's just playing hard to get."

"For eight years?," Inuyasha asked, incredulously.

"There has to be a reason she hasn't left yet," Miroku answered.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes after his perverted friend. He's known Miroku since the fourth grade and Sango, the second. Sango Fujita is the little sister he never wanted(his family adopted her.) (A/N: Srry no room for Kohaku this fanfic…)) and Miroku Maeda's like his second brother. The three of them got away with everything when they were little. Now, they're 17 and in the middle of their junior of high school at Koko High. Inuyasha was currently dating Kikyou Kimura, the daughter of the principal. Of course that came with some perks like being able to get out of detention ever after you broke a teacher's windshield with a baseball bat…

Inuyasha smirked when he remembered that. He claimed the bat slid out of his hands at gym, but he was actually dared to break the windshield. And being Inuyasha Takahashi, he had to do it. Kikyou begged her father to get him out of detention. Inuyasha was grateful. All he had to do to pay her back was rub her feet… and other places. Kikyou wasn't bad looking either. She was thin, a little too thin for his liking. Nevertheless, being with her meant get-out-of-detention/suspension free cards, a nicest burger on "Burger Wednesdays", and his own parking space in teacher's parking lot. That was a good thing since the student lot was a mile away from the school.

"Inuyasha let's get going. I can't keep my crowd of fan girls waiting, now can I?," Miroku asked.

"Whatever, Miroku."

They entered the hallway, that was now buzzing with students. Miroku disappeared from his side within 10 seconds. Inuyasha looked over and saw the boy whispering in a brunette's ear. Inuyasha smirked when the blushed red and giggled. Continuing on, Inuyasha come to a more deserted hallway and relished in the quiet.

"I just can't believe him!," a frustrated girl's voice said.

"Well, maybe it's his way of showing his feelings," another voice replied. It was another girl. Inuyasha stopped in his tracks. The smell that drifted to his nostrils was heavenly. It was french vanilla and strawberries. He inhaled deeply. The girls' words barely made it to his brain. His legs started moving towards the scent slowly on their own.

"So, are all the guys like that here?," the second girl asked.

"No, thank Kami. I would have already transferred. Most of the guys are pretty cool. I should know I hang out with a lot of them. There's one now," the first girls said.

Inuyasha snapped out of his daze when he heard there was another male present. He looked over to his left and saw Sango with another girl.

"Inuyasha!," Sango yelled, beckoning him closer.

He came over slowly, his heart rate picking up with each step. 'That's her.' The girls was… he couldn't describe her. Her raven hair went mid-back and curled at the end. She had brown eyes. She was about two inches shorter than him and he was 5'9". She was wearing a white fitted t-shirt with jean shorts and a black fedora hat.

"Kagome, this is my best guy friend Inuyasha," Sango said introducing them. He looks at Sango with amusement in his eyes.

"Nice to meet you," she said. Her soft voice reached out to him and he looked back at her.

"Same here. Well, Sango I didn't think you make a friend with someone this beautiful," he said, not looking at Kagome anymore and looking Sango straight in the face. Kagome blushed.

"Shut up, Inuyasha. Sometimes, I wonder why I stomach being around you and Miroku."

"Whatever. So, you just transferred here?," he meant it as a question, but it came out more like a statement.

"Yeah. My last school burned down in a fire. It started in the kitchen," she said moving from in between the hanyou and girl. Kagome began walking down the hall with Inuyasha next to her. Sango stayed quiet and observed in the back.

"Oh, Gomen, Kagome."

Kagome blushed when he said her name. It was full of compassion and concern. 'I just met him.'

Soon, they were back in the main hallway and the crowd was dying down. "I'll sees you two later. Try not to fight," Sango said, waving them off.

"She's happy this morning," Inuyasha said, walking ahead of Kagome. When he reached slightly in front of her, he turned in her path and caught her off guard.

"So, how are you liking the school so far?"

"Well, from what I've seen it's, ummm…" She looked up at his golden/amber eyes. There was amusement dancing in them. She smiles and laughs to herself, not knowing what exactly she found funny. He decided on two things. 1. He likes her laugh and 2 he wants to make her do it again.

"Kagome!" She was about to say something else when someone called her name. For a moment she looked shocked until she responded, "Eri?"

Inuyasha turned to see Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi. They came up to him and Kagome and embraced her. He was upset that Kagome's attention was no longer on him.

"Why didn't you tell us you were transferring here?," Eri asked.

"I didn't know you went here," she replied.

"Come on. We'll take you to the office to get your schedule," Yuka pressed.

"Okay, then. I'll see you later then, Inuyasha," Kagome said walking away from him with her friends. He smirked and gave a small nod in return. He friends practically dragged her down to the end of the hallway. Kagome hand her hand on her hat the whole way. He stayed behind and watched her walk away with his clawed hands in his pockets.

"Inuyasha!," a short brunette snapped her manicured fingers in front of his face. He snapped out of his daze and looked down at her with annoyance in his eyes. It was Kikyou. She folded her arms over her chest and pouted. He now realized how short she was. She was an inch shorter than Kagome. Kikyou was wearing a red tight tank top and black, ruffled mini skirt.

"Yes, Kikyou?"

"What are looking at that's not me?," she asked turning around. She gasped and turned around quickly, "what is she doing here?"


"Her. That girl, Kagome."

"You know her?"

"Of course. We spent a few summers together at cheerleading camp." (A/: did I forget to mention that Kikyou's also the head cheerleader?))

"She's a cheerleader?," Inuyasha asked looking up from Kikyou to Kagome. Kikyou pulled his head back down.

"Don't look! The last thing I need is for her to come here and try to take over my school."

"Why hello, Kikyou. I didn't expect to see you here," Kagome said, now behind Kikyou. Kikyou turned around slowly.

"Hello, Kagome. Yep, I go here. Are you new?"

"Obviously. Well, except to you. Funny how you don't even know if there is a new student in your school," Kagome said, her fake smile in place perfectly.

"Uhh. Well! Why don't I introduce you to my boyfriend Inuyasha. *she pulls his head down on her shoulder* Say hi, Inuyasha."

"We already met," Kagome said, looking somewhat bored.

"Oh, really?," Kikyou asked.

"Yeah. I'm gonna get going now. Nice chatting with you Kikyou," Kagome said petting her on her head and walking away.

Kikyou released Inuyasha's head and ground her teeth together. "She…did not…just pet me."

"I think she did," Inuyasha answered.

Kikyou turned to him and glared. She 'humped' and walked off down the hall, leaving Inuyasha alone. He scratched the back of his head and sighed. 'Girls'.

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