Sailor Scouts Captured by Dead Moon Circus

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Queen Nehellenia of the Dead Moon Circus looked at the images of the Sailor Scouts. She saw them both in their civilian forms and in their fighting forms. Though she despised them, she was impressed.

Before she cut off the Amazon Trio she learned of their identities and of the one who held Pegasus, the golden light. Her first thought naturally was to destroy them before they could destroy her, but then she had a second thought. What if she could bring them to her side? If she could then they would be a powerful force for the Dead Moon Circus.

Queen Nehellenia didn't have to think long about it. It was decided the second she thought of it.

"Zirconia you have been summoned" she said to the mirror on which she was imprisoned in. He quickly arrived.

"How may I help you my queen?" he asked, ready to obey.

She replied, "I want you to bring the Sailor Scouts to me alive"

Zirconia was shocked "Alive but my queen…" he was going to continue until she cut him off.

"Do not question me! Bring them here alive!".

Dutifully he said "as you wish" and left to carry out those orders.

At the Hikawa Shrine, the scouts and the cats began talking about the Dead Moon Circus and if they would come back.

"Do you really think the Trio was only the beginning or have they just given up?" Ami asked.

"I doubt it, they're probably just waiting to strike again when we are at our weakest," Lita replied.

"Just how many are there anyway?" asked Serena.

"That cannot be ascertained, but it could be in the thousands of millions," said Luna, the mysterious black cat.

And poor Rini just thought to herself. "What will happen to Pegasus."

Then the ground suddenly started shaking as Mina screamed. "What's going on here?" Then lemures started breaking through the shrine doors and forced the scouts out. They find themselves face to face with the ultra lord of mean, Zirconia, who they are meeting for the first time.

Serena, being the leader and meatball head that she was, addressed him first. "Just who are you anyway?"

Zirconia responded in kind. "I am Zirconia, the ringmaster of the Dead Moon circus and you have been selected to be a part of it".

Ami, the normally timid and shy scout spoke to Zirconia in defiance. "Like we'll ever join your sick freakshow"

Zirconia laughed. "I'm afraid that wasn't a request my dear" Waving his staff in the air he made a enchantment "Ooozara Maalla Kakka Paoppapa".

The other scouts stared at him as if he were nuts, but they eventually saw what the weirdo was doing. The spell he casted caused the energy drain out of all of them until they were unconscious. Pleased at the results, Zirconia took them back to the tent.

Back at the tent, the scouts and the cats were brought in for processing to prevent them from interfering. All of the sleeping scouts were put into mirrors which began altering their clothes and their minds. When it is completed it will convert them to the Dead Moon Circus.

Meanwhile, the kittens were resisting their captors control as they did many things to try and annoy them. Finally however, they restrained and mechanical devices were put on them. When the captor activated the device their minds blanked out for 5 minutes and they were suddenly changed into joey outfits and boxing gloves.

As for the scouts, Sailor Mercury was the first to give up as her sailor suit changed into a blue bathing type-leotard. Her shoes were replaced with blue high heels and her forehead bore the mark of the Dead Moon circus. It wouldn't be long now until the others shared her fate.

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